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"Boxman’s Song"

Boxman: (Spoken): What have I been doing with my life?
I forgot how much I missed just...building things...
How much I missed my work

(Sung): This...assembly line, once full of of my invention
How empty now, in dire need of my attention
These levers and pulleys, all coated with dust
My robotic children, all covered with rust
Darrell: Hi Daddy! (screams)

Boxman: I've wasted my days, on those Lakewood twerps
It’s time for Lord Boxman, to get back to... work!
Back to blueprints and lasers, and building henchmen
Back to forging and welding, and building again

How I see now how clearly, the things that I've missed
All I ever wanted, all I ever wanted
All I ever needed was this!
(Spoken): Ha ha ha ha ha! Yes! My machines! Oh! My hard hat! (mumbles)
(Sung): So much time spent on silly fixations
Now I can focus on my true creation...

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