"f*ck em up (Rocco.dts disstrack)"

[Intro: Pierre Pourne and Xanny Devito]

(Africans of the West)
f*ck Rocco
Full Homo by the way

Give me dat ass brother

[Verse 1: Pierre Pourne and (Insesto Shroomin)]

Yo, Shut the f*ck up guys
Moan Type Blue-Eyed sore ex
Yuh f*ck Rocco
Abject Hate Tasteful Garden Insurance Thoughtful
Boorish Cold Favor (Ayye)
Charred "B" Elegant Money Hypnotize Flash
Proposed quizzical asset sight paired feeble dime
Zach, Stop
Cynical Board edge doll allow glistening fancy surround screenboard
Reflective hypnotic functional
Yeah f*ck Rocco, f*ck, f*ck
f*ck Rocco, f*ck, Rocco
Spooky, full homo by the way
Foamy coastal limit imprint not solid crown patch (Brrrr)
Acid Salivate moan (ayye)
Give me dat ass
Hate Tasteful Garden Thoughtful Boorish cold favor Charred "B"
f*ck Rocco, Give me dat ass brother
Ooh yeah that's a long di*k brother

[Verse 2: Pierre Pourne and (Insesto Shroomin, Stray Teeth, and Xanny Devito)]

Old education him departure any arranging one prevail
Their end whole might began her
Behave the comfort (Brrrrah)
Another 15 E Partially, Git Brrrrrrrah
Partially had his themselves ask piano forte (Fat Boy Chicago Out)
Increasing so mister delay at since place of full miles
(Stray Teeth, f*ck them Brothers)

[Verse 3: Pierre Pourne and (Insesto Shroomin and Stray Teeth)]

Bringing so societal feh feliciety supply Mr.September (Ayye)
Suspicion far hand, f*ck Rocco
Choose perfectly
Covered as an examine so regularly (yuh)
Yet he astonish friendship imparkably NO
Window admire matter f*ck Rocco (Gravy)
Deliver yea sportsman zelousey arranging franklins
Estimable as git Brrrrrrrr
Man and already
Oh my f*ck, what does this say, f*ck Rocco
Musical shyness yet sixteen yet blushes
Tired its the did figured wondered your int to gave life began, f*ck Rocco
Favorable dissimilar resolution lead for at had
At play much time for Lennie
Moonlight of situation
Rocco f*cks smalls children
Calling, looking and aquire up to me in removal
Park fat she nor does play deal our

[Outro: Xanny Devito, Stray Teeth, Titty Smalls. Pierre Pourne, FatBoyChicago, Insesto Shroomin]

Africans of the west
f*ck Rocco
Give me dat ass brother
I just licked a di*k
Lick lick (coooughh)
f*ck Rocco
Lets get naked in the shower brother
Oh my ass

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