"REFLEXiONS feat. Sammirui"


Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah

Destined on my route like I’m JID
They think I’m stupid
They say I’m a foolish young kid
He can’t do it
Pursuing this is so ludicrous
I’mma prove it
I’m about to zoom in the whip
Better move it
Shooting for the moon ‘til I hit
I’mma do this
Sometimes, I be losing my wits
I might lose it
Pupil with the juvenile skill
Better use it
Student with the musical gifts
The acoustics

Could’ve spent a hundred dollars for your time
But I spent thirty-five to come see you
Still got your autograph, ballers cap signed
At least I know you’re alive, this the real you
The feelings surreal inside of my mind
Is this a dream, was I in Dreamville?
When you went off on the beat, it was wild
Killing it, vibes, the meet and greet booth (booth, booth)
You learn from the best and I give you respect
It was a treat to see JID, through the rearview
Looking back, it was a f*cking great time
To see a soon-to-be G.O.A.T. in my hood
Poppin’ off, spraying, going off, Super Saiyan
I know that you got in the hearts of the crowd
The East Atlanta Playboi, not much to say
But you took off the chains off a slave
Caught up in doubt

[Part II: Interlude]
Doubt, doubt, doubt
Slave to my pain
And I can’t find my way out
Nah, nah
Hit me up, hit me up
Hit me, alright, yeah
Hit me up, hit me up
Hit me up

[Sung Vocals]

Yeah, yeah, yeah

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