"GRIP 3:16"

Its your life, my friend (Life, my friend)
Can you see arou-

[Verse 1: Grip]
Yeah, Probeoscidea, yeah the route that we chose is similar, but my flow is sillier
Plus I hit the ground running so hard, if you tried this you'd probably explode your fibula
I’m just tryna maneuver the world, its cold, its sinister
I'm not sure if a Bible ensures your survival
Thats what I told the minister, I control the temperature
See, rap is mi casa, so don't f*ck with the thermostat
Go and earn a sack, and you probably can prosper
I told n*ggas I’m Bernie Mac, came too far to be turning back
n*ggas spar like a tournament, n*gga you bettеr learn to rap
How I'm barrin'll leave you with scars, its pеrmanent
If its problems, its nothin', lets straighten it out
Would've thought I was permanent
n*gga beefing you might as well stay in the house
'Cause its strapped like a tourniquet, wonder what river you'll turn up in
Maybe I'll burry a n*gga alive ’cause I wanna play in the dirt again
I lost my innocence when I was five, and ever since then its been turbulent
Your life, I determine it, Terminator with the beam
Burn the hater if he scheme, permeater of the cream
Preme, turn the tables for the team
Kick the doors down, they don’t let in the savages
Ravaging, get your cabinets
I'm the catalyst, the antagonist
Kickin’ asses, and splittin' your cabbages
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