"Masters of Chant (Euroversion)"

Our hearts beating as one
We stand united
One sound, one love
One song to the mighty

Each note harmonised
Glory from on high
One hope, one path
Written through the sky

We're the masters of chant
We are brothers in arms
For we don't give up
Till time has come
Will you guide us god
We are singing as one
We are masters of chant

When the moon turns to dust
In the mist and the cold
You’ll hear a song calling
Like a kiss from a rose
Like a diamond in blood
Like a light in the dark
We are masters of chant

I am the sound I am the promise
And I will never fear the darkness
I join the light
For when they see us ride to glory
And if we end or start the story
We will rise

We’re the masters of chant
Like a face in the crowd
When nothing else matters
We're standing proud
And our voice will command
With the power of sound

We are masters of chant
Will you bring us to life
Take us out of the cold
We’ll find our way home
In fields of gold
In a world without end
Through skies and sand

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