Brenda Lee

"At The Moonlight"

[Verse 1]
Ah backseat back road drive-in movie shows
You got your daddy's car tonight
Eight straight hours of old monster movies at the moonlight
Every kind of single feature has a different kind of
Creature and Brenda's begging you to stay
Hell we might as well
'Cause we haven't seen the other two anyway

Have you ever kissed your baby in the moonlight
All around the shoulders feeling alright
Hugging and a kissing on me almost all night long
Fogging up the window till you can’t see out
We're learning what loving's all about
The actions in the backseat out of sight
Have you ever kissed your baby in the moonlight

[Verse 2]
You reach for a cold beer the car slips out of gear
We started rolling away
Tangled up to much to do much of anything anyway
Just hit a Cadillac a man storming toward the back
Screaming there'll be hell to pay
There's no explanation for this kind of situation
I proceeded to say anyway
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