Bugs lyrics


Olivver the Kid

"Bugs," version two

[Verse 1]
I wouldn't change anything
About you, you, oh, yeah
I would change most everything
About me if I could, could

It’s not always what you want
Sometimes it's what you need
And that's a lesson for me
These nights, you’re in my dream
That's a blessing for me
So I just sleep

[Verse 2]
I wrote this song so many times
In the wrong key, key, oh, yeah
But tuning it opened me
The right timing to set you free
To let this be

It's not always what I want
It's what I need
A painful lesson for me
I'll be there in your dreams
If you'll have me
'Cause I just sleep
'Cause I just sleep to see you again

But I never made you cry ’cause we dead inside
Think I like that one
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