Always Twisted lyrics


Trey Songz

[Verse 1]
Always twisted
When I leave the club
Body full of liquor
Playin' with ya girl
And since I'm Trey
You know she lovin' me
Tell her I love her back
And when she done with me
You can have her back (Ready?)
Songz let 'em know 'bout the day
August 4th, 'Ready' on the way
Black tint on the whip
While the driver drivin'
Hottest motherf*cker in the world inside it
And while you the world residin'
I'm on another planet
Haters internet spam him
They can't stand him
Trey say "Damn them"
Tell 'em leave the turkey burger cause I'm 'bout to ham them
Tremaine spit flames
Can somebody bring the fans in
Better yet the hoes in
Tell em leave their clothes in the bin at the front door
What I gotta front for
Flow so graphic
Put the beat in plastic
Wrap it
Throw it in the dirt
Dig it up
All you n*ggas dirt
Give it up
Big whip, big wheels
When I pop like Jurassic
Skinny girls and chicks with thick asses
See green like the masters
Tiger when I bite her
Stick my wood up inside her
She ignite my fire
Treat me like a pacifier
Hope she don't burn through the rubber like the tires
When I'm mashin' in the Chevy
Like I'm drivin' it for hire
(Whoaaa, and she know)
[Verse 2]
I'm always twisted
When I leave the club
Body full of liquid
Pockets full of dubs
Headin' to the telly or to another club
Tell me is you ready
You want me to beat it up
Beat it up, beat it up
Baby is you keepin' up?
Got the money, got the fame
But to me that ain't enough
Ain't the type to complain
I just beat a n*gga up
You n*ggas get out my lane
Watch my feet and eat my dust
They always b*tchin'
When I'm in the club
Cause all they b*tches
Wanna give it up
VIP cause she like what she sees
And the bottles on me
So the bottles are free for her
She wanna see me with her
I wanna see me, her and her friend
Doin' it again and again and again
Shorty gonna spin
Quick, don't let it slip
When you keep the di*k in
Oh, you know, you know I'm so nasty
And I won't gon' let your fat ass walk pass me
I wanna rub your body down like you ashy
Call a n*gga Lassie
Do anything you ask me
Shorty give that mega brain, mega brain
So insane
Long as you don't paper plane
Government tax me
I'm done with this sh*t
You can go run with this sh*t
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