Trey Songz

"Crew Remix"

[Intro: Trey Songz]
She see money all around me
Oh, but of course
Hm, f*ck you thought n*gga
sh*t, yeah

[Chorus: Trey Songz]
She see money all around me
I look like I’m the man, yeah
But I was down and out just last week
Tell me where have you been?
You came out of hiding girl
Girl don’t act like I’m your man, yeah
You don’t hold no rank, hold no rank
Don’t hold no rank, don't hold no rank, don't hold no rank, don't hold no rank, don't hold no rank

[Verse 1: Trey Songz]
You see money all around, yeah
Hundreds all around
I take dollar, euro, pounds
f*ck a hug, or dap, or pound
Got that loud that’s so astounding
Dripping, wrist is frozen fountain
Splash drip how she sound
You can’t swim then you gone drown
And I know the circus ain’t in town
Then why these goofy n*ggas clownin’?
My new b*tch call her pookie
She like new Jack, Teddy Riley
She so pretty, love her face
But she mistake it for a heart
Always tell me not to break it
Achy breaky, shout out to Miley
Ooh, she on her Billy Ray Cyrus
She said beat the pus*y up like she promoting violence
All this money on me she think I’m the man
And when I look in the mirror
Dawn I see what she saying
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