"Plastic! w/ Amari [Prod. Elxnce & Kiryano]"

Pretty girl made of plastic
Money elastic like mr fantastic
Smoking dragon breath
Falling straight to death
Ain't got no friend posted by myself
See me in town driving in the benz
Thinking of the days you spent in my bed
Know we ain't talkin when you wanted to be friends
You just wanted to make amends
It still hurts when your in my head
Cannot take back all the things i said
Your my little princess i was just insect
N if i had a wishlist it would be you i would be wishin
Amaris part
Pretty girl made out of plastic
I thought that our love was magic
When we split it was really f*cking tragic
Told you “don’t do anything drastic”

You broke my heart again
Now i’m alone and i don’t have a friend
How much money did you want me to spend
You said that you loved me but it was just pretend

I’m really better off dead
Somehow i’d rather just cry instead
Do you remember the times in my bed?
Now i’m hanging off a needle from the end of the thread

Why do we always disagree
I loved you were my baby
My yacht is sailing all over the sea
Now you never ever really talk to me

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