Nat King Cole

"You Don’t Know"

Smile, though your heart is aching
Smile, even though it's breaking
When there are clouds
In the sky, you'll get by
If you smile to your fear and sorrow-
Hmhm, Ay
Don't run
There's no point
All these people thinking that they know me
They don't really know sh*t though
f*ck you

b*tch you don't know me, nah!
b*tch you don't know me, nah!
b*tch you don't know me, nah!
b*tch you don't know me, nah!
You don't know me!

[Verse 1/Neo207]
Let me get this sh*t straight off my damn mind (okay)
Ain't nobody got to be the one to go find (Okay)
My f*cks to give, my left nut is twisted (haha)
Ms is really thinkin' that she hit a gold mine,(NO WAY)sh*t
Don't mind me if I seem to mean I mean I seem to be between the sheen and Socrates
Oftenly I have a haunted dream
Killing people caught up in the middle of a nasty scene
Feelin' formidable f*ckin' freaks for the minimal when I'm drillin' a b*tch know I gotta think of the principle when I'm into the middle of a little predicament im'ma end up killin' a motherf*cker for lookin' subliminal gotta keep it a hunnit though
Got me runnin' to money rolls
Got me duckin' an f*ckin' hoes (and that's it, yeah)
I think I'm losing my f*ckin' hope
I'm at the end of the hanging rope
I need a better way to cope (that's why!)
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