Post Malone

"Ric Flair"

[Verse 1]
Ooh, [?]
Pull up in that Rolls Royce spillin' champa-agne
You know I [?]
You know I [?] and you know my name
Keep stealin', wheelin', dealin'
Sawed off a gun, why you [?] for us?
You know I [?], and then we [?]
You know [?], that's why I wanna [?]

Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
And we stylin', profilin', we wildin', yeah
And we noticed you not all reveling, ayy
And we stylin', profilin', lil' mama, I'm gon' wildin', ayy, ayy
And we stylin', profilin', we, yeah
And we styilin', profilin', keep stealin' and healin'
Know I went for, know I went for
Let me know [?], please don't let me go [?]
You know I [?] a f*ck, got your b*tch screamin', Ric Flair
Got your b*tch screamin' "woo", Ric Flair
'Cause your b*tch screamin' "woo", Ric Flair
[?] bands
Run 'em up, run 'em up, run 'em up, bands
Let's have a look, iced out, ooh, baby
Run that way, four-four, baby, baby, do it
Go 'head listen up, [?] and that baby do it
Run up on 'em, it's a [?], listen, baby do it
When I pull out my garage, ooh, get into it
You already know it's [?] to it
Hit you in the back, [?] do it
Hit you with a check, [?] do it

Now I, [?], yeah

[Verse 3]
Now I chop the top off that Bentley, yeah
Now they chop the top off that Benz, yeah
[?] no, b*tch, Rollie on [?] fist
And I'm not a pacifist, they know I'm the prophecy
My homies ain't pacifist, they pull up and spray sh*t
This ain't no baby sh*t, this ain't no baby sh*t
Now I chop the top off that Bentley, yeah
[?] top, they ain't failin'
Iced out Patek, don't need no Mille
Woo, I just might just pull up in Bentley
Got a couple boys in my belly
Sippin' out the four in the telly
[?] b*tch in the Tech
Oh, nice, [?]

Ayy, ayy
Hold up, ain't takin' no baby with me
Droppin' the top, ain't no baby with me
Rollin' around, ain't no b*tch on the fade
All the bullsh*t you talkin', ayy
All that bullsh*t you been talkin' all day
I pull [?]

[Verse 4]
I just might [?] in that pus*y
I'ma pull up to that [?]
Yeah, Rollie's [?]
My Rollie [?] b*tch, ain't no man
When I pull out the garage
[?] chop the tops
[?] b*tch, chop the top
[?], yeah
Ain't that [?]
Her pus*y got me in a [?]
[?] fourty in my [?]
[?] fourty in my drop-top
When I cut that pus*y, then I [?]
Then I took the five and check the [?]
Then I took the limousine to the [?]
Then I [?] make it drop, woo

(That's fire)

[Verse 5]
Say you [?] when you ridin' with me
Say you [?] it's the ride of my life
Said I'll take you in the 'Rari and I [?]
If you wanna get the Audi, then we [?], baby
Then we ride out tonight
Ooh, then we ride out tonight
Then I pull up in the [?], they might cop it tonight
Then I pull out the garage, I chop the top off the ride
When you see me in the streets, you know I'm stylin', profilin'
When you see me [?], you know I'm stylin', profilin'
One minute I'm up, I'ma ride on the Addies
I'ma take ya, lil' girl, take a ride to the islands
I might still kiss two 'cause we winnin' no money
So no money up fallin', if it not fall

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