Post Malone

"Playboy Bunny"

Ah, voices cold, my damn teeth turned gold too (Gold too)
Malone is on some other sh*t but player, that's some old news (That's some old news)
Roll through and told you that I just bought some dope shoes (Motherf*cker)
My sh*t screw, my b*tch new, haters standing like statues (Statues)
b*tch, I'm tryna get that 2Pac money
You can't count it 'cause it's too hot money
You f*ckers repping and I'm laughing 'cause it's too damn funny (Ha)
Got a playboy bunny and she tryna take these boxers from me
A Cuban and some Sean Don (Some Sean Don)
Can't afford the sh*t that I'm on (Motherf*cker)
A motherf*cking rap phenomenon (Rap phenomenon)
All my checks, don't forget to add the motherf*cking commas on
Expensive vices, payin' too much for liquor (Liquor)
You'd have to put 'em down if my raps were any sicker (Sicker)
You'd have to put me down if my swag was any slicker (Slicker)
Park my sh*t on top of your sh*t, check the bumper sticker

I need a dime, a drink and, a couple dime b*tches
A dime, a drink and, a couple dime b*tches
A dime, a drink and—
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