​Stay (cover) lyrics


Post Malone

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[Verse 1]
It's true that all that you know is all that you are
You said that it's all that you want and more
f*ck off and pour another drink
And tell me what you think
You know that I'm too drunk to talk right now
You put your cigarette out on my face
So beautiful, please, woman

Don't break your back for me
I'll put you out of your misery

Tell me that it's all okay (Tell me that it's all okay)
I've been waitin' on this all damn day (Waitin' on this all damn day)
Call me in the mornin', tell me how last night went
I'm here, but don't count on me to—

[Verse 2]
Stay a little longer if you convince me
And tell me all the things that you have against me
Told what I thought, waiting until you text me
[?], you probably met me
I hate when we get like this...
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