Jermaine Dupri

"Promise (Carl Mo Club Mix)"

[Chorus: Jagged Edge]
Nothing is promised to me and you
So why will we let this thing go
Baby, I promise that I'll stay true
Don't let nobody say it ain't so
And baby, I promise
That I will never leave
And everything will be alright, I
I promise these things to you
Girl, just believe
I promise

[Verse 1: B. Casey]
Said I know that things just ain't been right
Forever is such a very long time
We never even had a fight
Don't let no one change your mind
'Cause they don't know how much I care
They don't know the things we share unless they're here, babe
But since they're not
How can they say that I'm not true, oh, oh, oh

[Pre-Chorus: Jagged Edge & (B. Casey)]
If you need a love, I got the love that you need
(Said I got a love)
Ain't no way they can take that from me
(They can't take that from me)
And I pray to God that one day they will see
(They'll see that I'm all that you need, oh oh)
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