Quiet Company


Open up the cloud, let the flood come down and wash the earth. Carry all the dust and the dirt and the ash of what we were. And the wolves only come at night, but darlin’, you and I, we were made for the light. Open up the clouds, let the flood come down on me

And I’ll say with all the confidence I have, if your feet are getting tired I can take you on my back, and we will carry one another as we march into the sun, saying darlin’ I will never get enough of your kindness, of your laughter, of your love

I can hear the trees as they bend in the breeze and they call our names. Calling us forth, we were born from the earth in a golden age. And I walked all across this land looking for a love I could understand, looking for a price that a soul could pay and a blessed plot of land where our bodies lay with a stone put above our heads, it'll mark our place

Say that we will always be this way: always moving, always shaking, always building, always breaking. I'm gonna love you ‘til the grave: I’ll make songs of all the things we said, build a monument in the place we met, teach the cynics what it means to be in love

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