Send dat drop lyrics



[Verse 1: Bandanna$ain't, Slump6s]
And my double cup, I can't stop (Yeah)
Rats gon' call the op' (Yeah)
I'm tryna make his momma cry
Tell that boy, "Send that drop" (Yeah)
Draco's in the spot (Yeah)
Codeine in my soda, b*tch, don't know when I'ma stop (Yeah)
And these broke boy, mad as f*ck
He don't got guap, but I got alot (Yeah)
I ain't mean to f*ck yo thot (Yeah)
Took my pills, I got alot
And my twin just got the drop
Finna hit a opp with a red ass dot (Yeah)
Bandanna in love with the drank
b*tch I'm in Houston, sippin' on Wock' (Yeah)
Ain't really got say too much
n*gga talk down, and his ass get shot
Huh, sh*t get hot, huh, huh, sh*t get hot (Hot as f*ck)
You could catch me in the stu' or on that block (Yeah)
I was just on red today (Yeah), I'm sippin' snot (Yeah)
pus*y n*ggas actin' like somethin' they not (Yeah, yeah, yеah)

[Verse 2: Slump6s]
Yeah, hey
I paid too much for thesе Chrome hearts boots, when I walk in, I ain't takin' them off, f*ck
I told my twin, "Make a play", if he throwin' the pack, then b*tch I'm Randy Moss, let do it
Gang pour a four in the lemonade, hop on the flight then b*tch [?]
Stealin' swag, but he doin' it wrong
Put a bag in them Louie Vuiton
So many [?], b*tch, I ain't a father, I'm just a n*gga who influenced them all
So many racks on the damn money counter, it's fallin' on my pocket, b*tch I'm a boss
So many drugs comin' over the counter, poppin' all them, 'til a young n*gga gone
Took my lil' KD inside of the blunt, now a n*gga Asian like [?], b*tch
I just went and took the roof off
25 hundred, made that sh*t back off of the rip (Woo)
Ballin' hard, y'all n*ggas JUCO
Body for body, everybody drop in this b*tch
My lil' brother totin' on them .762's
Shoot at his Mike Amiri's, leave him bottomless fit
Had to cut that lil' ho', I was tired of the b*tch
2020 SRT, I'm out of this sh*t (Boom, boom)
Brother throw the pass like he QB, he throw it and I'm receiver, like he doubted this sh*t
Everytime I pop out, I gotta flex on these n*ggas, remember n*ggas use to doubted this sh*t
[?], diamonds and sh*t
Stand up on my neck, feel a lake
b*tch we could catch, if you find out, you try me and sh*t
I ain't sign no money, f*ck a break
[Verse 3: OsamaSon]
Yeah, bih'
You already know we gon' post up (Bee)
I had the drank, but don't post none
Bet these n*ggas know where I post up
[?] got a switch, get closer
Pour up lean, b*tch, drink [?]
Hit that lil' ho', whip her, toast her
Bullets feel like you hit toaster
[?], bih' just rolled up
[?], know I pulled up
I got-, pfft, pfft, pfft, post up
I been countin' up [?]
[?], flex 'cause yo b*tch just on
I wake up, count up, have whole lotta sex
And yo dream b*tch on my neck
C-C-Cut him with MAG, or I cut him with TEC
C-C-Cut him with [?]
Freaky ass b*tches on my leg
I had a plug, that get the meth
[?], perc's on deck
I was like, "Pull up, just give head, you ain't even gotta use yo legs"
We gon' beat yo block, oh yeah
Ma-Made that lil' black truck go fast (Skrrt, skrrt)
I'm on that lean, I'm gettin' fat
I pour way more than my dad
We got way to many MAG's
My team known for the toe tag
Me and slime go back for back
To much hoes, [?]
That's me [?]
Way to up, way to [?]
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