J Hus

"It’s Crazy (Snippet)"

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The devil in me, demon in me
I had six but I let go of three
Told my bredrin "Let go off me"
He's said "Calm down, there's no need"
Me, I take everything personally
When I hopped out it was 30-degrees, it's crazy
'Cah we gotta' bun a donny in front of Louise
But secretly, I should've bun him immediately, seriously
Find out where this eediat be, them man don't want meet with me, it's crazy
Gotta' spread them bеlls out evenly, furiously, deviously, wе had a mad altercation previously
But why you wanna' see the evil me when I wanna' live my life peacefully?
It's like I've been feeling real evil recently
Not recently, but forever
Ayo' my bredrin, pass me the leather
You know that we love applying the pressure
It's crazy
You don't know me, you don't know yourself
Put the machine on the shelf
Only time can tell when we'll fill him with bells
And his bredrin? We'll drill him aswell
Bring him to hell, I've seen him drop, that's when he fell
I'm on your arse, I'm on your tail
I wanna' send him to Jupiter
It wasn't me, it was Lucifer
I don't care if I'm a superstar
All them man I'm gonna crucify
I believe that you can fly when I put this bonsam in your eye
Crept up on him on the sly
f*ck the law, I don't abide
I wanna make him perish, vampire feeling peckish
I ain't even cold, I'm naked
Hellfire's where he's headed
It's crazy
I wanna' send a message, let them know that I'm not playing
I wanna' beef the world, I wanna feed them bells, your name don't ring a bell
Come like Stringer Bell
Nah, more like Omar
Put a tooth in his molar, tell him it's over
Murder gives me a boner
I'm so fire, solar
The pagans stink they carry an odour
Blam the young G and blam the older
Go to that country and take it over
World keeps spinning
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