Dead Man Walking* lyrics


J Hus

(Just previewed, full track not released)

I don't like that n*gga and it's blatant
It weren't me that poked him, it was Satan
All my n*ggas African, Jamaican, Dominican
Where about to give man a beating
Vampire, man ah go there and eat him
Like usna, I leave him leaking
Why you speaking? Why you talking?
Uju Militér, I'm a dead man walking
You know what I'm on
You know where I'm from
That's my son, but we had an abortion
They know me I'm a bonsam carrier
I got a PhD in Obia
I don't like him, it's obvious
I don't trust him, he's a officer
I'm with the gangsters and the mafia
Do a gun sign for the camera
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