Lil Rob


[Chorus: Nasty]
Shoot it 'fore he run, now
Shoot it 'fore he run, now" - [JR Walker and the All Stars]

[Lil Rob]
[Verse 1]
They get it poppin' and I come in blastin'
Like a shotgun, it's not the first time I shot one
Hit the stage like a twelve gauge
It's blowin' out the barrel like a bow and arrow
Lil Rob, oh my
They say "He's dead," but he's so alive
And that's no jive
Put my tones into the microphone over the saxophones
And he hittin' somethin' crazy
Turn up the bass and bump it, baby
And keep it blastin', everlastin'
With the volume, way passin'
Keep 'em duckin' and dodgin'
Who the f*ck are they callin', callin' the cops in
Don't you know
There ain't no stoppin' my
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