Pat the Bunny

"Below Good and Evil"

Life's a joke that you don't get 'til you're dead
But the Punchline isn't funny even then
So I put my faith in nothing and haven't been let down yet
Smiling alone, in the rain soaking wet

Love's a made for TV movie that's lame method acting
But my audition sucked so I wasn't casted!
Instead I watch the 'friends' re-run and call it social life!
My most meaningful personal relationship happens 8 o'clock, NBC, every Thursday night

But I don't care about that now, 'cause I'm f*cking drunk! (f*cking drunk!)
I don't care about life, I'm happy f*cking up! (f*cking up!)
I don't care about you now, 'cause I hate everyone! (Everyone!)
Don't need no justification, just gimme the f*cking gun!

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