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"The Princess Dance"

Some princesses dance enchantingly
And some dance for fun, as you will see
But every princess knows
Dancing is more than just beautiful clothes

You must have grace, you must have pride
That comes from somewhere deep inside
Now that you're a princess, too
It's time that you learn a few

Let's dance with the waltz. A dance every princess should learn. One two three, one two three, dance along with me

I'm Belle, some say, a natural dancer
Waltzing is my dancing answer
I taught the waltz to the Beast
And we danced each Sunday, at least

Waltz two three, one two three, one two three, that's it! Don't forget to hold your skirt up. Nice!

With partners who have furry feet
It's hard to dance a hurried beat
But my Prince learned so well, you can see
Our wedding dance went beautifully

I'm Ariel!

I know how to do the swim after
All the water I've been in
The swim comes naturally
When you live under the sea

Pretend you're swimming, like me! In the sea. Move your arms and and wiggle your flippers!

Just pretend you're swimming, too
You can bob and weave like I can do
And though you swim on land
You know you'll always get a hand

I'm Cinderella, I learned dancing
All alone with just my broom
Dancing made my lonely room
A palace just for a while

Sweep your broom, sweep your broom, sweep it all around the room

While pretending, I was spending
Magic nights out at the ball
All the things that made me sad
Seemed not so bad after all

Now they say I'm quite the dancer
Watch me sweep across the floor
And ever since I've met the Prince
That's all I sweep anymore

[Snow White]
I'm Snow White. Let's skip!

I just love to skip and dance
In circles all day long
My friends skip, too and while they do
They love to sing this sing

He he ho, he he he ho
He he he ho, he ha ha ha
He he ho, he he he ho
He he he ho, ha ha

Let's clap now. Skip and clap!

I just love to skip and dance
With all my friends, you see
But one friend danced and ripped his pants
Embarrassed as can be

He he ho, he he he ho
He he he ho, he ha ha ha
He he ho, he he he ho
He he he ho, ha ha

I'm Princess Aurora. When I dance I get very dreamy. Almost sleepy

The Prince said I'm a Sleeping Beauty
He said, I'm lovely all the time
But when I'm sleepy I dance slowly
But my dancing's still sublime

Ah, I'm getting very sleepy and so are you

Dancing slowly then more slowly
'Til I'm lying on the ground
In a while I fall asleep
The music stops, there's not a sound

Wake up. Wake up. Get up, get up. It's Belle, the spell has been broken. Let's waltz again

Look, you've learned some princess dances
I'm so proud you've taken chances
So much style and so much grace
Your confidence shows on your face

With every new step that you do
You become more a princess, too
You become a more wonderful you

Come back some time, we'll dance again!

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