Walt Disney Records

"Ready to Rule"

[Verse 1: King Francisco]
There once was a king who lost his new crown
He franticially searched for it all over town
Alas he did not hear the shouts as he sped
Of everyone saying it was right on his head

[Chorus: King Francisco]
Oh, he thought he was ready to rule
But he still had some learning to do
If you listen up more than you speak
You will soon gain the wisdom you seek
So there's no need to rush
Keep your cool
And one day you'll be ready to rule

[Verse 2: Elena]
I fully intend to take your good advice
But the years I spent watching my dad should suffice
To teach me the things I need to have down
Like how to know when I am wearing a crown

[Chorus: Elena]
Oh, I know that I'm ready to rule
Though you think I have learning to do
So I'll have to come up with a way
I can prove it to you on this day
Then you will see when I'm through
That I am already ready to rule
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