Walt Disney Records

"The Gift of Night"

Although I must say, it's the least you can do since I am about to give you the greatest gift of all - the gift of eternal night

[Verse 1]
I've been waiting so long to return
To this land of mine
I've been trapped in the spirit world
Forced to bide my time
But I've returned to rescue everyone
From the blistering heat of the terrible sun

No more glare getting in your eye
No more sunburns to make you cry
You are going to have it made
When you live in eternal shade

You'll see twilight can't be beat
Just watch out when you cross the street
It will be dusky delight
When I give you the gift of night
The gift of night

[Verse 2]
You can walk on the beach all day
Your ice cream won't even melt away
No hot sand to scorch your feet
You are in for the coolest treat
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