Walt Disney Records

"Play It Your Way"

[Verse 1: Elena]
You're trying so hard to prove
You can master all of his moves
But his game just won't work for you
Find your own groove

Play like a brave Royal Guard
Fight strong and then hit it hard
Your skills will take you so far
And you'll be a superstar

[Chorus: Elena]
You've got to get your own moves
Work your own groove
Make your own name
Find your own game
And play play play
Play it your way

Just take your own swing
Do your own thing
Make your own choice
Find your own voice
And play play play
Play it your way

[Spoken: Elena, Gabe
I can barely control the ball. How am I supposed to make up moves?
You're a great Royal Guard. So think about olaball the same way you think about being a guard. Pretend this ball is a princess. She's in danger and the hoop is the place. You have to make to sure the princess gets to the palace safely
That's a lot to pretend
Here comes the princess. Protect the princess Gabe
There you go!
Protect the princess, that's my first move!
I love it! What else you got?
Castle canon! Dragon slayer! About face! Battle Blast!

[Verse 2: Gabe]
Now my game is firing up
Gonna win that Silver Cup
Then hear the roaring of the crowd
And finally make my father proud

[Chorus: Gabe]
If I just get my own moves
Work my own groove
Make my own name
Find my own game
And play play play
Play it my way

I'll take my own swing
Do my own thing
Make my own choice
Find my own voice
And play play play
Play it my way
Play it my way
My way

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