Walt Disney Records

"Fix Anything"

[Verse 1: Elena]
A new school can be scary at first
With unfamiliar places
New rules, new teachers
And lots of unknown faces
But school is just a new world of problems
Puzzles for you to solve
So you don't have to worry
There's nothing you can't resolve

[Verse 2: Elena]
When you've got a challenge ahead
Your face starts to light up
You break it down
And work it out
Clean every mess right up
'Cause finding the best way to fix things
There's nothing that you love more
Solving impossible problems is what you live for

[Chorus: Elena]
There's no knot you can't untwist
No detail is ever missed
Like a clock that ticks
An idea just clicks
Isa, you can fix anything, anything
You can fix anything
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