Walt Disney Records

"You Can Be a Dancer (Holiday Version)"

[Verse 1: Summer, Summer & Fozzie]
Move your hips
Kermit, you just gotta believe
That there's a dancing frog inside you
And he wants to ease out onto the dance floor
Step right foot and then your left
Doesn't matter if your toesies are webbed
If you're believing in yourself
With a little help from your friends

[Chorus: All Muppet Babies, Fozzie]
You can be a dancer
All right! (All right!)
You can be a dancer
And dance all night

[Spoken: Summer, Gonzo, Kermit]
Follow our lead Kermit
Five, six, seven eight
Five, sex, seven, woah!

*Instrumental: Waltz of the Flowers - Tchaikovsky*

Oh, Kermie, you're waltzing on my toes
Oh I'm sorry
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