Walt Disney Records

"Make Them Proud"

[Verse 1]
These were Mami's favorite
Hope she looks dow and savors it
To bake with her was always so much fun
For Papi fresh-cut marigolds
A bowl of cherries nice and cold
If he were here we'd fight for the last one

It's been so long since I've seen them
Since we sang favorite songs
Or just talked through the night
When they called me their Elenita
I would know in my heart
I would know I was their shining light

I hope I make them proud
As a daughter
As a ruler
Hope I make them proud
And be all they would have wanted me to be

[Verse 2]
I've often yearned for their advice
On where to go and stop and think twice
It's hard to know when you're just seventeen
I'll soon be tested
Don't know how
Wish they could guide me here and now
To help me get through this and become Queen
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