Walt Disney Records

"Hand in Hand"

[Verse 1: Elena]
You tie a string around a thing it will unravel
It's so fragile
It's way too thin to lift a heavy load alone
But wrap it tight around this other and another and another
They pull together and they get the job done

[Verse 2: Elena]
You stand up tall but still you struggle not to stumble
Take a tumble
With no one there
Who's gonna help you to perform
So you just have to find a shoulder you can lean on
Make you feel strong
And together, you can weather any storm

[Chorus: Elena]
Side by side
Your friends are always there to guide you
Arm in arm
They'll lift you up and fortify you
Friend to friend
There's nothing you can't do together
When you're hand in hand
A heavy load feels like a feather
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