spat up and broken
spit me up
let me out
help me out
just help a friend out
crawling and crying
been dying
in-font of you.
problems are mines u change them to yours
i ignore you
left you
snap-chat story's filled with me
let me be please.

i needed help u abandoned me
i needed your love
how u handing me your problems
when i have to many of my own
stoned from my thoughts
higher then my high-score of girls i
miss lead
miss treated
miss represented
my whole life till the point i dont understand what persona to use
in front of u
i stand
seeing the problems i ignored
ur wrist dripping with the blood
caused from the words i said to u
i should of listened but i will never be forgiven
i have given all hope up all of my friends
have miss read the whole situation
ive violated
my vacation ended
three-days to long
three-days this song, took to write all the problems came to my mind
i had to cry before i took the pen to paper i replayed her the song i made for her
dedication and hard work never made her more
she urged to speek
couldn’t bring herself to give-in
to the pain i sang for her
spoke for her love you love her

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