Lemon Pepper Freestyle lyrics


Dee Watkins

[Intro: Voiceover]
I been tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin'
To get you under my pressure
I been tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin'
To get you under my pressure

[Verse 1]
Look, my dawg told me he was broke, I said, "I know the feeling."
"'Cause two years ago, sh*t, I was in the same position."
I had to cut my hustle on, and cut off my feelin's
And thank God, n*gga, I ain't been broke in a minute
My b*tch trippin' I just hope she don't get outta line
I'm to busy spendin' money, I ain't spendin' time
I just bought another watch, I call that spinnin' time
I heard them n*ggas want my spot, they better get in line
Look, ah, I ain't feelin' it
All that hatin' sh*t be boostin' my adrenaline
I told my ex that she dead, ain't no rеkindlin' it
I ain't finna chase a b*tch cause I ain't got the еnergy
Took so many L's thank the Lord I get to win again
Still thanking God even though I'm finna sin again
Told my dawg to chill, he got out and tryna spin again
n*ggas rather see me broke than see me countin' Benjamins
I don't know wassup with these n*ggas
sh*t, creep, that's why it's hard for me to f*ck with these n*ggas
Tryna keep my head on, I been duckin' the system
The only girls I ever loved was my momma and sister
Facts, I lost Nica at 21 and I can't get ‘em back
I let that money make itself I just been sittin' back
I can't be out here wastin' time, 'cause I can't get it back
So you ain't talkin 'bout no money, let me hit you back
[Interlude: Dee Watkins & Voiceover]
I been tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin'
To get you under my pressure
Let's go back in
I been tryin', tryin', tryin', tryin'
Oh, you feel how I'm feelin', you know what I'm sayin'
It's all I ever wanted
To get you under my pressure

[Verse 2]
They say that money changed me, that money saved me
'Cause being broke, I swear that sh*t'll drive you crazy
Black and white coupe, how the f*ck could I be racist?
Supercharged engine, but I still don't feel like racin'
n*ggas say you want my spot, then tell ‘em come and take it
Never been a hater, I pray all my n*ggas make it
Gotta make sure all my people straight like some braces
I never regretted the struggle I just embraced it
Ah, bad ass jit ah, bad ass jit ah
Why the f*ck you going in that fast ass whip
Ah, all in Puerto Rico with a bad ass b*tch
Go the hardest that you can don't have fast sh*t
I rather catch Coronavirus than go broke again
I tried to keep it to myself, but I can't hold it in
Couple people say I fell off I'm finna blow again
She said she don't smoke weed no more I tell her roll it then
Ah, I don't want nothing but the best for you
But all that hatin' you doing gon' be the dead to you
They ain't wanna give you a chance sh*t I was there for you
I don't give a f*ck right or wrong bro I'ma step with you
I hope you feel the same, just keep your head on your shoulders and stay in your lane
I look my momma in her eyes I can feel her pain
'Cause I feel the same
I'm on the same thing
Lil Dee
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