Problem Child Intro* lyrics


Dee Watkins

Damn BT
First, I walked in lookin' like I hit a lick, huh
Lemme tell you how I walked in (Ha ha) today

[Verse 1]
Uh, I walked in with my chains, Ion feelin' rich today
A n*gga better not look wrong, I might just steal your bae
I pulled up to my gramma's house like, "What you cook today?"
I'm 'bout to put some money on my n*gga's books today (Go)
If she ain't tryna f*ck, she better not even look this way
Got some n*ggas playin' ball, got some n*ggas cookin' Jäger
I don't f*ck with n*ggas hardly, I been stayin' out the way (Been stayin' out)
If a n*gga try to rob me, let that Draco eat his face (Bah! Brrah!)
Ayy, ayy, f*ck it up

[Verse 2]
n*ggas know it's gang in this b*tch and you can't f*ck wit' us (No)
No, you can't pop out wit' me, n*gga, no you ain't tough enough (No)
I say, "2+2", I poured a four up in my double cup
Ayy, ayy, my lil' b*tch a Barbie, she gorgeous
Uh, she even look cute when wе be arguin'
Who the f*ck keep blowin' up my phone whilе I'm recordin'? (Brrr)
She know I ain't sh*t, but she gon' f*ck with me regardless

Okay, I'm fresh as can be (Woo), got hoes by the three (Woo)
Got racks in the seat (Woo), who f*ckin' with Dee? (Okay)
n*gga want him a feature, but I can't do it for free (Can't do it for-)
If you ain't talkin' 'bout money, then you ain't talkin' to me (You ain't talkin' to)
[Verse 3]
Uh, start off my day wit' a butt to the face
Put my clip in the Drake', then go post on the K (Let's go)
In my hood, b*tch, I'm straight
I got gang, I got face
I see 12, jump the gate
Hit the cut, get away (Go)
Three (Three, three, three)

Aw, hell
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