Childish Major


Every Winter is a war, everyone gets cold hearted
Why blame her? All the pain she felt of course her soul departed
Left alone with her bad side, sad cries
Mom doesn’t her mother her, Dad tells her bad lies
Divorce— forced her to live in a cocoon
You know the gorgeous girl is the one that always gets assumed
To be promiscuous, in a dress so princess
Rumors by her peers leaves her brain so in stress
She places her mind in the sky, gets lifted, though
Without influence under tree, she’s still gifted
Cold turkey, quits an addiction
Knows she’s worthy quits her self infliction
Packs up, passport, passed time, past forward
Fades to black— next thing you see is her sword
She sliced up the guy who was courting her like a lawyer
He lied just as much, she deaded him
Never saw her again

She’s an assassin killing you with a passion
Softly in Hill fashion
Rebel, Refugee
Peace ain’t a factor
When it comes to finding her minds peace
Blast that piece then its peace
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