Childish Major

"Shallow Dimes"

Shallow dimes
Run closed eyes
Away with you, yeah
Sell me lies, yeah
Chasing lows for highs
Trading highs for lows

[Verse 1]
Shallow, where you go? (Hey)
She a shark, baby shark
Friend vamonos, let her go
Aye, knock me over, dominos
FaceTime to call her, she denied the call in
Is she out or all in? Don't care enought to argue
She just post another pic
Said "This where the road ends"
She just wanna count ends

Knock no hustle, no, no
They ask me "How you swim in those waters?"
She's still somebody's daughter
Never had a 9 to 5 but she pushin' a Benz, yeah
It's a hard pill to swallow
But she's all about her dollars
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