Brian Michael McCormick


Required video viewing before reading: You Tube video “National Security Alert,”
It contains undeniable proof 9/11 was a CIA conspiracy
In the video’s last half-hour, a co-conspirator confesses on camera
View Related Website: Pilots for 9/11 Truth

A Rap / Hip-Hop Opera Filmed in Five Acts

HYPOCRALYPSE (Sign Up da ‘Wood)

Brian Michael McCormick

For MCA, 2Pac
Citizenfour, Ed Snowden, Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, Kevin Jarre, Coluche
And Terry Hyatt from the Queens Children’s Shelter

(Hip-Hopera film script written December 25, 2014 – February 14, 2015)


(Copyright, 2015, Brian Michael McCormick. All Rights Reserved in all media.)


(Rap/Hip-Hopera Lyrics by Brian Michael McCormick, on Genius website name BrianMcCormick)


“Well, when the President does it
“That means it’s not illegal.”

“Nixon Admits to David Frost
“On Watergate: I was Illegal Eagle”


Every President since has double-crossed
Why we had a hunchback for a boss
Read the red-headlines today
Don’t know what-the-F-word they say -
North Korea-SONY fender-bender
A never-ender
“Bush Sr. Hypno’d John ‘Warlock’ Hinckley
“Sirhan-Sirhan Squeaky-Frommed Huntley-Brinkley”
Now we’re stuck wit’ McCartney crinkley


Hope they let Katie outta Colonel Klinkly
Girl tunnel out through a colonoscopic wormhole
Like Stephen King caught in a Mexicali sauce mole
Now that we a FEMA-Masonic State, we all in Stalag Oswald


Irgun Masons JDL Mossad
Not on No-Fly torture-terror list
Just Arab Muslims Nuns an’ they “marionettes,”
Xmas firestorms out of Santa’s Ana
Mud-slide quake robo-reported
Beverly Pills got it distorted
“Brad buys Malta for his Alter’
“Takes a pop at Ratso”
Equal to NK leak
“Oprah’s a fatso!”

“Where Is Crash McKlintock?”

Op Ed piece The New York Titty
Two-page spread bangin’ Mayor sh*tty
K J-un gon’ nun-chuk yo
“Academy Snubs Leo Da Cap, Bro”
Too bad it’s not a .38 snub blow
River Phoenix, Heath Ledger go
Jack N shrugs, “I warned ‘im!”
Shoulda armed ‘im

Sign up da ‘Wood
Sign up da ‘Wood
Natalie did not survive that flood

Woody Allen say, “Soon-Yi
Surrender,” mutha-f-in’ offender-up-ends her
Gets a three-picture-deal at SKG
“Studio Supports ‘Governor Gropenfuehrer ’”
Man they SK G’S
Schicklgruber’s our nine-inch ruler
The “Carpet Eater” crunches Sony numbers
No it’s Cos’ in trouble
One-to-Three at Tahatchapee
OJ murders Jew and a woman
“The glove didn’t fit”
Then admits it - go fig’
Landis manslaughters Viet children
Gets off with a wrist-slap acquit, craven
Jean Harris murders, out in five-to-seven
N.O.W. busts her out by illegal pardon
Stealberg’s good with “ET” obese chilled-dren
“Sperm-breath” five-year-old Drew in Steal’s kitchen
Geffen left SKG that must SK fo’ po’ Satan
“Do you renounce the works of Steven?”
“I do.”

David Gettin’ on in age, Davidian’s Branch
Takes grads from Eton in full plumage
Boy half-century younger began a gawker
Now he’s the G’s gentleman stalker
That fellow drinks Tchai-kovsky
Nutcracker Sweet. Poor abused Tar-kovsky
In “Intercruller” (“TARR” it’s racist undercover)
Must cost a pretty penny when he
Squiggies Lenny his effendi
Pee-pole movin’ in
Pee-pole movin’ out
Why be-Cos’ of the color of they kin
Or they re-lig-in
We all Willy Loman on da totem
We all Lindsay Lohan on da scrotum
Paris Hilton Freidman Milton Greenspan Stilton
It all “Double Trouble” mockumentary
You want it, cost ya double-century
C’mon, models, REBEL!

Sign up da ‘Wood
Sign up da ‘Wood
They cowards and they cowens

PBS, Brollywood
Cable does Peckerwood
Like Agent Sully would
They cowards and they cowens

Sean’s Clooney Penn bit off some anga
Wished Kim ‘borted by Margaret Sanger
“Notably absent” from the wingding wedding
Leo da Cap Bro an’ Brangelina
Cuz’ that poppa Ratso got dinged
An’ not at 7-‘Leven Judge Reinhold Altadena
Or Simp’s Heimer wit’ Tony Carpet Cleaner
But by Mr. an’ Mrs. Myth

Speak of da Devil’s
Demon House Speaker
I gotta Boehner
For Kim Kardashian
Girl’s got a Glorious Leader
Double platinum
Gonna double flatten ‘em
I’m Guardian of da Piece
One man K-J-un “fish”-fry tease
Kim Kim-Jongs-‘em till she’s Kim-hip-grippin’
That girl need a dog-tail snippin’

Jong’s Fear of Flyin’ still a peter seller
Bit role at the bottom of the Indian Ocean cellar
Flight recorder Dr. Strangelove’s dynamite performance
Why’s it a black box why not white or at least Geronimo
Flight MH-370 shot down by Guantanamo
“It was Wi-Fi-jacked and comin’ in too low”
Or was it off Garcia, Diego
It’s Sunny as von Bulow
Guy see ya, Die, ego
Ukrainians shoot down MH-Flight17
New York Times blamed it on Crimeans
“Bullsh*t piles up so fast
“You needed wings to stay above it”
Like that fly caught by Lyle Lovett
In “The Player,” Hollywood, love it or shove it

Islam AK-47’s assault and peppered
Satirical poobahs at Charlie Hebdo
“I’ll have da Sauce Houlebecq à bouc to go,”
I got a rocket-propelled fanfarronade
For all the moron moutardes
At the Harvard Malpoon
Chief Thief Alfred E. Rayman
Serves two “Peters” Brueghel’d style Cayman
“Big Fish Eat Little Fish” cooked up in deep dish
(Last five words spelt in near-reverse)
Served with white whine Phlegm-mish
“p*ssing at the Moon” he feelin’ mighty peckish
Fo’ Brussel sprouts An’twerps
Alla dem bruthas Breughel Brueghel
Painted “Shipwreck Next To Castle”
I’m da “blood-red paint house painter” Dhimmi Kimmel
St. Thomas Sawyer follows Huck Finn’s candle
To da Castle to slay stuck pig Eric Grendel
“Wipe yo’ feet don’ you track white blood into my Hell!”
Shouts his mutha like some G-effin’ mohel
House paintin’ inna curious color Elmer Green
“Fishermen and their Catch by a Ruined Tower”
“Triumph of Death” “The Fall of the Rebel Angels”
“Ibis on a Swoop to F-k da Ship’s Poop”
Like Mung Birds from lands of Gordongecko
Je suis (a Viet) ‘‘Charlie,’’ Hebdo
Michael Hastings Magazine, ed., fashionista Kardasho
Served up on PETA bread at da Abacadab Bro over on Melrose
SNL’s Jim Bowney good at da low blow
T-shirt say “Je swish Abdo.”

The Satanic Purses delivered in a thousand hearses
Billion-print-run at a million biles-per-hour
(There will be a Submission fee for the Khartoum Contest)
Tribeca Trifecta star Phecda Monsieur Houlebecq
“Lemony-Ticket” a Fee-Masonic Scott Rudin Production
“Kosher Prices to Rise fo’ Extreme Bio-Unction”
“Politicians Rushed to Photo Op Junction”
Sarkozy shakes Hollande’s presidential hand
H. grinning ear-to-ear
Like da premier of “Palais Royale”
Film Diana starred in as Olive Oyl
Who told da gunmen when Hebdo editors meeting
Seems Masonic seems “le marketing,”
In Hebrew Freemasonic Atbash code
January 7 (1/7 or in Europe 7/1) is an ode
To 71-O-A and in Reverse Atbash Z-Th
Combining into AZOTh, Universal Solvent
In alchemy the Goat’s eye or blood
Charb an’ Cabu goat satirists sacrificed
An’ 1/7 refers to 3 : 17 Book of Genesis
Circ*mcision, metzitzeh b’peh

Sucking blood from infant’s wound
“Laugh-In” Maltese Bippy goons
Spilling blood-for-ink, cartoonists swooned
In Freemasonic Code of Number Conversion
7/1 = 71 = 63, in numerology 666 the Beast
“The Profit Has Been Avenged”
The star-planet moving to the East
“ISIS Still Expanding in Spite of US Victories”
Freedom of Speech
Means Freedom to Peach
Fo’ Minister of Info’
Faux Minister of Infaux
Not Mohammed, naw
E. Rayman playin’ Allah
At MohamMAD Magazine
Ed., Dieudonné M’bala M’bala
Jean-Marie Le Pen his child’s godfather
Reglement de Comte de Bouderbala

Look it up chump
Second verse same as perverse:
Ghislaine (allegedly) sold clits to nitwits
Like Kardash a-ledge-lee
They dash car crash car at Leona Helmsley
Whut next Reza Mohammad Shah Pahlavi
In bed wit’ eleven underage Antares
Stars shine late in Buenos Aires
O’ wuz Dershowitz seen wearin’ lit tits?
Twirlin’ mortarboard tassels
Whatta buncha –
I mean, P. J. O’Porkrinds
Having a twin Guinness on Isaac Butts Bar
There he sees on the Isaac Butt Swivel-Bridge
Dershowitz teeterin’ on allege
“Jump!” shout da Feds
“Allegedly” from da ledge he leaps
Dersh’ topping his pizza wit’ a Dershosplash
Maxwell to world, “That’s show biz, Kash!”
Bob Maxwell taken out wit’ a shotta joy-juice
“’Board his yacht on international Andrew
Passed da Twelve Smile Limit lost at sea wit’ crew
Jacked Mossad fo’ PROMIS software backdoor trapdoor
Couldn’t run on werdnA, they got ‘im wit’ a hypo
Man that sh*t’s from V. S. Naipaul!

Name droppin’ hostage swappin’
Rap somethin’ catchy
Notorious Big Amitahb Bachchan
Itchied a Scratchy
Pope Leo Die Cap an’ his Brother Bishop Pecci
Both buggers trigger temblors finger-lickin’-techy
Like Ruskin Rose LaTouche’d by Lyndon LaRuche
Twin grotesquery I say it then it’s in yo’ bouche –
Whassup wit’ dat Kurt in da Hat?
I’m writin’ a memoir, Separated at Kurt
Me ‘n’ Kurt Andersen somehow born Brians-Siamesed
By Kurtian means into early retirement I’m eased
I got da feelin’ I been sleazed
Meanwhile He-Kate be Queenin’
Triplets never gon’ be gleanin’
“Kurt Noses his Preen Gland “anting”
His book cover photo a Dorian Grey
On You Tube boy looks like “Beverly Hillbillies” Miss Jane
Without da “J”
Kurt’s tail curtailed like Kash’s âne

In a Zero Sum society politicians
Study “L’affaire de Metro Charonne,”
“Battle of Algiers’’ “Punishment Park” “Potemkin’’
“Zabriskie Point” “The Passenger” “Vanished”
Ancient Incans sacrificed humans
To their god Condor, Operation Condor
60,000 “disappeared,” Bottled City of Kandahar
Not just the Shining Path guerillas
Students, leftist leaders, union organizers
Pas de problem, c’est en-dehors
Freemasons killed Chris Marlowe
An’ stole his style an’ career
Shakespeare as da front man
Lord Henry Neville as da haunt man
“Da Kate whut ate da Canary
Islands, but JSTOR still trumps Cass
“Canary Eats Kurt”
He’s a literary lyin’
Huck that

“Hara-Kiri Shut Down by da French State
“Over a “De Gaulle is Dead” Caricature
“44 Bow Street years later
“Charlie Hebdo slammed by Islamic dictature
“Fo’ Mohammed Hara-Kiri-cature”
“Charlie Hebdomadaire
“Charlie He do my dare
“Bonny Prince Charlie at his
Ebb do ma derrière

We livin’ through Hypocralypse
Arabs justifiably p*ssed
“U.S. Deliberately Missed”
Children hit weddings blammed
Bulgarian Chinese Embassy slammed
Cartoons vicious attacks, man
No Hate Speech muzzle
Fo’ all white males at Hebdo hustle
It’s a Kalashnikovian Kardashnakovian jam
Praise da’ Marmite jar
An’ pass da admonition
“Arabs Kebobed
“In a Paris Banlieue”
Counter-Strike by Friends of Fascist Front Nationale
Against “les meluns” but not too rational
“It’s been a blasphemy”
Becomes “it’s been a blast fo’ me,”
Freedom of Spit, I am not Charlie

Why wasn’t da whole damn French state arrested
As terrorists when Mitterand’s boys bombed
Greenpeace Rainbow Warrior
Wit’ a tricky quickly tickin’ apparatus?
One man killed name of Pereira
So France could test da Bomb in open-air Pacific
Yet Mitterand died after a famous “Last Supper”
Served in bed by Dr. Jean-Pierre Tarot
An endangered Ortolan singin’ ruptured
Cooked Mouffetard-style rue Pot de fer
Like a South Sea lost pilot Google search
The Little Prince committed suicide
While Mitterand gets scuppered, his hide
Not a Brit Periah
Not F.M. apron fo’ Alain Bauer
33 Degree man of da hour
Not a Socialist Messiah
Not a terrorist “Me Sigher”
Who killed Native Son Richard Wright?
Got a shot of rauwolfia serpentina
Left like da Israelites and Brown, Tina
Forced outta da ‘Wood by Ronnie Chasen’s wit in a
Blonde v. Blonde cat fight Purina
Later Ronnie shot by MI-6 hyenas
Gov’s run by Alessandra Czarina
Not Il Duce but Mussolini’s daughter
1.2 million on NSA surveillance list
What are we, Miss USA?
Or terrorists’ chemical constituents valence list?
Welcome to da Non-existent States of America
NSA lotta bullsh*t, but No Flies List

Methinks Le Pen is mightier than her drawers
Backwards inside-out “drawers” nearly spells “re: sword”
“They went on to their just rewards”
Pulled Le Pen out of le rocher
“New Rochelle Arthur Fisher King seeks Holy Grail”
Arab Islam Freemasonic Fail
Red Crusader cross on sniper Kyle’s tail
GALAHAD backwards spells DAHAL A G
In Sanskrit then Hebrew DEEP DISH New-Person/Ox Pride/Lift Up
King Arthur’s Galahad a deep dish idiot
In deep sh*t pyx then lifted up
Sony sacri-fallen ritual
Trial of da Pyx
Master of da Mint
Pocket precious Mittal
Who’d da dude kettle
In dat Tabernacle fettle
Gracula religiosa
Salvador Allende Tony Franciosa’d
“Dracula Jets to Phuket Thailand
“Mick Jagger Caught in Asia Mynah”
Hepburn “worth a battleship”
Yet Bill Holden got his tubes muddled
Opposed to family in a world of cannibals
Read it in Alec Guiness Book of Scandals
George Soros an in-denial Hoofnagel
Read da red-headlines in Tony Curtis beach sandals:
“Peggy Guggenheim Invented the Hoof Bagel”
“Jimmy Stewart Wins Croix de Guerre
“For Not Understanding Heidegger”
“Carstairs Calls Americans ‘Morons’
“Takes a Sleeping Potion”
Sleeps in The Lewiston Daily Sun
During the Depression
Rests on da Snooze-itchuary page beside Peg Entwhistle
Girl jumped from that H in da Hollywood sign trestle
Into inky blackness, pages like an open pestle
Day of the Locust by West, Nathaniel
Whassup wit’ dat talkin’ grackle
Poet inna golden cage
Hollywood’s “Golden Age”
A lie in Balzac’s “Golden Eye”
Mitterand’s Last Supper
Steamed an Ortolan
Songbird endangered
Free-ma-song-ic ritual
Worship of Sumerian god Dinigir
All in Ortolan, rather maudlin
Pereira cooked on Rainbow Warrior
“New Zealand’s First Act of Terrorism!”
By a French Socialist President
Peg called da police wit’ her Endwhistle
Her swansong, fell from da trestle
Bomb went off as planned
Rainbow Warrior sank unmanned

Hedge Fund

Hillary caught on tape wit’ a big guffaw
“…that’s when I lost my faith in lie detectors!”
She got her Chester client off on Child Rape charges
We livin’ in da Hypocralypse
So much fo’ da “feminist”
Heard it from her own thin lips
Queen G-whenever got her license to Isis
Joggin’ on Nastasia Kinsky Serpentine
Crown da Queen wit’ her own olden quotes
“There are powers at work in England
“We know nothing of…”
“This is the dawning of the Age of Hipocrisy
“Age of Hipocrisy
“Hip-Oprah-see –
“The Queen purred down the line
When I gave her the news” – James Cameron
Steamed Salmond an’ furious Sturgeon a Scottish dish
Da failure of Scotland’s push fo’ independence
Scotsmen in da fen dance
Tossed in by Anglo-Saxons
Ministre de Travail Robert Boulin
Found rigor mortis’d
In a pond in da pose of Little Bear
President of France Giscard d’Estaing
Discard aux étangs
French fo’ “ponds” home of James Bonds
Deepwater Horizon April two-oh
Hitler’s birthday and my own, uh-oh
Worst oil leak ever, killed eleven
O’Blair suspects Sultan Cistern’s “Auspicious Incident.”

Read da red-headlines today, oh boy:
“Royals Gift Carnivore Plant To
“Helen Mirren for Her ‘The Queen’ Performance”
Duchess of Lamebridge
Dull chess of A-list Alice
Off with her head put it in a chalice
Splash in Sauce Houlebecq
Nothing seems what it is
Nothin’ is what it seems
Not even da Solstice beams
Precession of that Equine Ox
To da slaughter born
Poor young Galahad
Poor gal Bill had
Merlin? Frank Morgan, Tina la Fey’s post-partum
“We need apothecary’s RX perfluorocarbon!”
Last words of Merlin, grips da forearm
“Search for a golden preen gland
“In EpStein-on-da-Thames
“Have sex with Asian mynahs
“Polonius will stop Polonium
“Prince Andrew will feel in da pink
“Fisher King be illin’
“Throw in da kitchen sink!”
‘Specially Prince “Wilhem”
Missed that fateful Hindenburg
Hebdo cartoon meetin’
“I guess that saved my life,”
It was chance not Fate
Guess not Kate
(Arrived too late
As did Margaret
Both cried out
With a pout
“Why, don’t I rate
As a target?”)
Fisher King
Drank blood-red Werdna
Backwards spell cast by Knarf Nagrom
Really Frank Morgan
Born Wuppermann, Zola of Gorgon
Gatekeeper of Oz, Horus of indifferent “coloreds,”
Killed like Irish-American comedian Fred Allen
(Born Sullivan, Died St. Patrick’s Day)
John Kennedy Toole for his parody
Of New Orleans Freemasonry
And poor, funny writer Flann O’Brien
(Gassed away on April Fools Day)
What a coinc’
Missed by an inch
Frank Morgan’s last film, “Key to the City”
Oz Gatekeeper poisoned by witch Masons
For whom “Òz” means “OZ = Punishment”
Anutha Freemasonic ironic gate creaks open
For scared Peg Entwhistle, friend of Glinda
Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man
Died on that room’s cutting floor
Sliced not by director Ethyl Merlin
By ‘Wood guys girlin’
Gonfalons unfurlin’
Befo’ da royal funerals
Sun refused to come up from London
Fo’ da ritual Black Sabbath Greenwich brunch
On December Twenty-one
King Arthur’s birthday, girl expunged
The Impotence of Being Ernest
Hemingwayed in Key West furnace
He said da FBI hounded him
(Hoover’s FBI, Federal Butt Inhale)
Gun in his mouth
Single shot, sent south
I gotta hunch back at da monks’ shack
Notre Dame chimera billy-goat about to lunge
The Great Wall of Saudi Arabia a PrisonPlanet grunge
Dat black occult sun Ibn Khaldoun’d
Daggered by Senator Scoundrel Calhoun
Obsidian sun’s ray troweled into Paul Robeson
Sank, a seagulled scow Deepwater Horizon
Solar Prince George TeleTubby
Appears in da British Petroleum sky
For some “top brick” an’ her chimney sweep
A royal hubby West End play not a peep
James Hewitt down but never for da money
Aye, there’s da rubby-dub-Dubliny
Three ducks in a oil-slick robbery
The Protestant Ascendancy
Who will stop da brain
After Global Arming’s torrential reign
Baptismal water blessed by Sharon, Ariel
Fortunato for us not-holes, oil always spirals
L’Wren wit’
Live an’
“La Haine"! Le Pen


Full-fathom-five my blather lies
Those were pearls that were my jibes
Like a Low Mar Squid left by eventide
Up to his collar at Deptford’s change of sides
Collapsed, that bridge in Chaucer’s Reeve’s Tale
By the slim weight of Heath bereft of ale
Sent down, and we’re still paying
The fat rub-cheeked black dye-crowned publican
Isaac Butt Home Rule Famine turned from Orangeman
Dye made of squid’s ink from Tristram Shandy Ireland
Widow Bull’s pub grub quidditch after a neap moon paen
Poor Marlowe, too, marooned by prayerless Spy
And twelve moons twice over, Kyd’s Spanish Tragedy
Put on, put off, life’s invite at last in infant’s humid grasp -
Our last breath reduced to rude analogy
In a vinegary obit’ estuary

And so I erred again into life
Like an actress born unto the stage
Without a script or reading page
White as a ski slope’s end of an age
The long wordless tumble into red Vanisha grave
My kingdom was quick divided among my fry
James M. at SNL given status as Chief Sea Leech
Mike L., Horseshoe Crab of Grease, Algae, Acid Beach
And what of Maximum Pross, what’s he to toot?
He must give his Mira on the wall the boot
Gamel too must have his way, camel seahorse
With switched sons in a sea ‘roo’s too soon rued pouch
Laugh-drunk and far off course
His shame slid out without a nurse
And gunsel-smooth sadder Kurt
His hustler image thirty years out from his last flirt
With Gemini-born King Mark, divided my royal mind
T’wixt “Brothers” evil whilst I languish here in a land
Quite too medieval

Am I become Ambassador to Paris? speak of the Neville left to wine
And mutton, else, what?, - passing gas without embarrass
What Queen in the House of Etheridge would fain leave her genius
With an hidalgo come to, at mejor, nada, nothingo
Sarco-vagus, he has some nerve, misty e-cigarettes “zee” view
Fascist Le Pens whose cold ink pool marines the dew
And their Elvish King a simple Flemish ass?

Puck-Arielle, fetch me Sandy Caliban
Spy’s Gregg “Seth” Killday, the “Celia Brady” peach
And your “herbed” companions from Long Island
Quahog and Patchogue and Ronkonkama
Do not forget Asserie Azoth chefs cordon bleu
Wolfgang, Duxbeak, Kinky Trailer Guitar, and have a care
Ratzass be there with his friend Michael Caine
Alert Nasty, Brutish and also Tall and Short
To our predicament, have Ole and Axel call on Abort Talk
“Stalin in high-heels,” and all those inducted
Into the Odor of Meritorious Tatler
By Merle Auberon’s Blondissimus Doomkriegfrau
The Blonde Iraqi (just a teensy brown)
Editor of VF plays Cher for Maples Marla
Then Cher for Ronnie Chasen both of “Burlesque”
(The blonde “lead”ing the blonde)
She let her membership in humanity lapse

While I, Prospero, left on a traffic island, Berlin Alexanderplatz’d
Her excuse, “After the Gulf War crisis, brunette trumps blonde,”
Has Tina come to this? Burnt P. J. O’Cork for Annie Bleepowitz
Though they’re thick as dweebs
Gemini Femini Frumpy Liebowitz
Or that Diana autodafebiography
(Lie detectors fail to confederate her fantasy)
What a mess Rudolf Hess “The American Friend”
MacArthur planned to invade turf Canadian
So the Brits to sleep they pretended
While England Slept the U.S. crept
Into King Henry the Fowler’s fine bird nets
And we must invite Robert Gottlieb
Who killed John Kennedy
Toole, instead promoted Adope Heller
Toole brinked to suicide, Bob a di-putz fella
Assimilated simulated see ya later Uri Geller
Another two feet on the thinning ledge
“Too much of this so its blurring that”
Power tie blue-striped shirt
“Too much of sh*t so its blurring shat”
Poor Bob missed the fleur-de-lis on JKT’s post
The number 3, Bob didn’t see it’s the G
The 33 Degree, preferred Heller’s 22 skid-doo
And Ian Jack of Granta’s NZ Freemasonic coup

When one has The Book of Codes, one sees
What’s next, dear Puck, a statue of your putti-shaking-pee
From a ledge, drunk Puck teetering over a howling Houston Street?
Or some unsteady poet cleaning windshields
With a TV critic’s scribblings in the Times
On a TV movie based on a Chester Himes
At the same time p*ssing poteen from the wolf’s tooth
At Donovan’s farm off the craggy cliff
At Bantry in an August-blustery Samhain
IRA bomb took out Mountbatten for his Elmer Gantry
(Fake name stolen by Essex in lost Wessex)
Jacob Omnium can write the Ossipovna Gannibal
Column in the Times, here’s my alpha guest list:
Bing Crosby’s Sicilian “brudda”
Bada Bing, Richard Gere and Buddha Bing
Martian Asparagus Amis, King Zuckerberg
The anamorphic Bitcoin twins of Uglydirge
Ambassadors, both gents provacateurs
Drug Czars, the abattoir of stars
Pro Albatross wrestlers (keep it to four)
Pseudo-DionOvitz, Baron Mauswich
And his latest lonely heart attack
(No roamin’ Vishniacs!)
Ganesha given swine flu
Elohim ebola
Jesus down with sneezes
Allergic to double crosses
Dial up a photomontage by Paula Jimenez
Van Gogh reading The Haunted Man by Chas. di*kens
Professor Redlaw angry about poor di*k’s end
James Gandolfini with an escort of Egypt’s top baboons
(Freemasonic final photo courtesy of a “Phil-adelphia ‘Koople’”)
Télésurveillance police municipale, violence banalisée
Tranquillité vacances garanties (dans banlieues gratuites
Surtout à St.-Mandé), General Munro (Fifth Column) tweets
“Korben Dallas cannot meet defeat.”
Seat The Wizard of Gettysburg beside Diane von Furstenberg
Have her whip-wounds treated by the Asian Dr. Who
With a Tincture of Dishonesty, she the first in iceberg preserved
Till it splits in two to spill her out as fashion’s goo
Post-thrown-garter tarentellas, throw her to the fellas
In the mosh pit writhing with totalitarian twits
While Farnham Charlestons, X-arm-kneed, on the mantelpiece
(Boston’s famed balloonist McSorley’s somehow missed)
And tell Last, “Butt not Least,”
Still, sit Last beside the Beast
Western Freedom’s just a stone’s throw away
In the Battle of Plataea a Spartan threw a stone
Hit the Persian general square on his dome
Mardonius killed, Greek general Pausanias rushed in
It all ended Persian-badly at the river of Asopus
And today, radical Greeks hope to ass-soap us

That being sad, we’ll have the ball end badly
Invite the 29 duels of Alexander Pushkin
All fought over slight Olga Larina
The last ball has Pushkin “ballerina”
Beneath a cherry tree, shot as one of Russia’s “superfluous men”
Oblomov’d by “herstory” on a couch by Rudderless Tipling
Or some such author perilously Chekhovian, -
Yes, uninvite Kurt Kreamer-Andersen

Speaking of ladies and their lapdogs
Why not dig up Edie Sedgewick
“End Badly” Andy, who love-killed her
Let her die, stole her style
Later got shot by the gal he defiled
(After Sister or Sor Juana, Solanas and “Waltzing Mathilda,”
Valerie’s Carboard Andy “waltzing” after a “Mighty Battle”)
Andy’s Capri pants Aldo Mori’d in a cookie jar
Robin Williams’ watches cower in an argyle sock
Because Coluche, his avatar, by a truck got smacked
La Moto Braque’d under a Michelin track
Viva, Bike Boy left a Basquiat case
At last Valerie Jean Solanas’ Sc*m Manifesto
Promotes the eradication of all men from “Her” planeto
No more Manhattan “co-managers of the sh*t-pile!”
No now it will be Womyn-hat-on, celeb runway style
No more men’s vulgar ejaculations, “neat-o!” or “Sieg heil!”
Our Jean Val-Jean Stars in “I Shot Andy Warhol,” with Ultra-Violet
Cicciolina avec des pneus, Alessandra Mussolini, Tippi Hedren’s lion
2Pac a Pepper’s Ghost at Coachella goat-shaped Plantation golfing
With Bafomet Google Map and Joe Dallesandro rapper dauphin -
Buried cold in Warhol’s vault behind his Factory face


Walking home the Senator spies Maura
Dancing in the Tivoli fountain
With her clothes on, but with Abadon
What does it mean this shrewd “abandon”?
“The Republican Senator from Israel a Paragon”
That Act should be repealed
I don’t recall voting for that schlemiel
The Senate needs a final face peel
Getting old, this act, this “nation.”
Civilization and this hypocrisy it’s based on
Civilization debases, one man left on
Side’s retired, so much for the bastion
Inning over outing over bring home the caissons
From Baghdad from Helmland and from Khe Sanh


Oh! and do inviteVanity Fair ‘s King Gray Dung Carter
Shoveling dungster-loving Epstein, he’s quite a Bart-erer
Jeff frees up steins as skulls do minds
Yes, – all heads lose their minds, at the last --

Yes, yes, Puck-Arielle, let these pages be the modest stage I’ve set
A snapping, dancing firestorm balletic in its burnt ham wit
Served to inane dunces slit by the Sphinx’s dagger solar ambit
They say in Tanzania chimpanzees have firedancers
Better than our straitjacket flits. Poor Lord Peter Apnea
Thought himself a spider, left without a web -
Let fly, - and in his fall a nation’s necromantic fancy
Blossoming black wisp readings of Wills left intestate
With us to suck the squirt of Hecate’s next pressed breast leak
Harried by autumnal colors, lightning lapels bespoke fraternity
Yet touched us to the quick at Chappaquiddi*k
That season I lost someone to a double game of quidditch
While Henley ‘scaped us through starry windows with fair Eternity
Abiding now in the gossamer of Winehouse Algol Mugwump
Shall we as a nation hew it, this Jamestown starve’s dream of London
With binge-purge Diane and too-poignant Ferguson
In Sloane Square encompassed by a Bafomet’s cussing
As misery would have it in a bear’s paw fern or pelican’s ladle
The fish that flipped out like a tired dredl
Or Jeffrey who clawed his way to the top
To steal it from toddlers wearing bonnets
With no St. Lou’ as ludique guide, no arch Spencer-ian sonnet
No Wainwright Building’s bullet window to kill an Eric
Errant like that vile girl of Metz “burnt at the stake,”
Unhorsed by violent bowman, rein, spit and bloody bit

Yes, cowslip-anthem, mercurial blood-bubble Puck
Twin of Arielle of Dumbassle, make thee hence and fly the coop
Let stars rue your rooster flight to subtle cups
Drunk as a deep dish from a shallow river’s death
And brought thereby to edgy heath, Elizabeth’d
By tickling Seymour and stand-offish Parr
Alice through Elizabeth’s The Mirror
Or the Sinful Soul, (“KP” on embroidered cover
With KAPHR for nations conquered perhaps meaning “KAFFIR”)
Her gown nevertheless cut to tatters left in clover
Like luckless Seymour when his head did shatter
Bloody scalp and ensign pulver’d

Thusly Puck and quickly, act the peduncle to the stigma born
Steady your eager stamen in conundral ether for the Virgin Queen
Crowned by her one Corona in a painting by Nicolas Poussin
Ants shall mark thy anther-dusted path far as Karlsruhe’s
Nighttime inflorescence, there to find Lord Strange
With Cistercian plotters minting finskies, Daphneange
Miranda and Sabrina Guinness, Sylvie Boucsasse
And J. “Bottom” Wildenstein, ivresse at last embraced
“Midsummer Night’s Merde” or Dream defaced
Well! a toast of dew, off you fly with curt adieu, -
And have a care you post bail for Clare’s Irby’s
Bangalore arrest!

But as you fly this atmosphere goodbye
Like poor Branson after his meteoric hayrick fire
Bring back the Demon not some Sasquatch
Fear Caliban, and keep a watch
Recall that Ariel-Caliban anagrams
Aréole BAL I CAN
Or Ari El Bal Icon
PRO-SPEAR-O (“eye” in Hebrew)
Or the Free Masons’ sign
Medieval mother AERIAL PEL-I-CAN
That plucks its AUREOLES to feed its clan
Or something worse, perhaps a soul
Some dark whisper from the diary of Elias Ashmole
BAL IN A Aréole, yes, ball in an aureole!
Elizabeth’s head pox-scarred, bewigged, half-bald
Soprano to Doubting Tom, “in our coy tuss’, interruptus.”

Be Ronnie chastened by this verse, Puck-Arielle
At Karlsruhe Institute there you’ll meet BHL
The greatest mind of the International Date Line
Ovule go then on this Venetian-Marlovian mission
Don’t spend too much time with my double
Poor Marlowe in the city that is sinking
Pollen is the reason we’re all made gay superstitions
So dally not with masquerados
You must return by way of Carl’s rue
Cormaic’s Wain as it was called by Gaels and Britons
Grab this wheeling Big Dipper by its “Hold de Grail” queue
Below your merry round you’ll hear bad German
“Kartoffeln statt Döner” (“Potatoes Not Kebob!”)
Yet potatoes were brought to Karlsruhe by Spanish ensigns
(You’ll find in that land fantasticated aphorisms)
Alas, there is no time to entertain such aphid notions

Here’s a pence, then, stop off for something stöllen
And as we live between lives in no time thrice
From tottering sots to tots on trikes
Here’s the two-fold universe’s one-time back-rent –


For as Zippy the Pinhead
Will someday steal from Prospero’s fishnet
“Are we having fun yet?”




I got da magic number from a track tout
Wrote it down wit’ a charcoal nub
On dis stub of paper stained in a tub
FBI TIPS LINE: 1-800-555-2015
An’ dat ain’ da half, Puck-Arielle
Pete Townsend an’ Peg Entwhistle
Said it best in their Make-out Manson co-writ spittle
“Surfin’ Clover Bugsy Thistle 29 O’clockish Missile”
Junipered by Donovan and Brian Wilson
“The Kids in the Hall Are Alright
“But we can’t pay them crikey’s blight.”
Such a tune it was, such an air
Yet why Carter Burwell’s Carla Bruni laugh
When I told ‘im John Lennon got sacrificial calfed?
Payback fo’ “Don’t trust anyone under 30,”
Jack N’s porcine white nostrils filthy-dirty
Or aristocratic gaffe?

Puck, I am a’feared
Last night I saw a mean white cat
Creeping in poplar moonlight
Four X’s ‘cross its back
What is da meanin’ of dat?

Cat-meaning finds its own resolve
We must seek the Universal Salve
Babylon’s Enkidu lies gored by the Bull of Heaven
We hunt a rare rough poultice to thickly armor
Prospero in the gown of Gilgamesh

And, but still, Puck, maybe we should pistol
Way past Bristol
To da Tao of da 19heaventies
For these times suck
We could get laid by da Marchesa Casati
Or Isabella Blow, meet up wit’ Rakehell
Or Weedkiller, da reverend’s Dom Perignon
Make out wit’ da wardens of Lower Orkney
Bed down wit’ naked moles munchin’ chaplains’ organs
Federico Garcia Lorca them in an Andalusian ditch
While Baron Munchausen shoots a buck wit’ cherry pips
Or Puck, how bout’ dis –
Afghan women in da Second Anglo-Afghan War
Into captured soldiers mouths they drowned em wit’ their p*ss
We could do some dat water-boardin’ wit’ da trolls of CIA-ISIS
If they insist

Dear, drear Caliban, while I sympathize
With your plight, a virgin at age 1,098
Unlike the first woman President of the H. Lampoon
Who won, they say, by a manslide
We must not despair, off to the 19heaventies
We must fly, to the Heavenly Music Corporation
We must not tarry in your prurient imagination
A division of the East India Porkeration


Eno I know he no Rhino
Records blow where R Ramones
PR began to flack: “Money talks
“Nobody gawks,”
In lieu of Arthur, Lucifer Helmore
“Goat’s Head Soup” to “Rescue Emot’”
Stones bookended decade, (both times gun-tote)
FLIR (Forward-Looking InfraRed) used by Roy Adzak
(FLIR found Djokhar Tsarnaev in a backyard boat)
I influenced “Fear of Music” Brian Eno / Brian Owt
Almost MCB to MCA, he died by cancer knout
Debby Harry tol’ me I look good in blue
Then crossed her arms and - pout

Shah Pahlavi, U.S. Embassy shaken-taken
Ayatollah Khomeini-miney-mo
“CIA has got to go!”
Jimmy Carter signed Rendition Act
We did protest we did fight back
But in da end who won da flacks
Wasn’t it Hollywood’s Oscar Pay la Renta
Who on his death bed yenta’d
“Either Disco or I go.”

19Haitis “Never change
“Ron, thanks fo’ da Big Game
“Always be yo’self
“We just da comma in our coma
“’Died Butt’ not 4-got-10!!!”
Margaret Thatcher
Didn’t quite catch her
Testicular attack, blood cataracts
Her reign performance piece hair shellac’d
Mrs. Witch Mrs. Who Mrs. What
I’m against I.T., Time’s Wrinkle
I read in the Children’s Shelter
And decades later
“Banks Too Rigged to Fail,”
Army’s “Arpanet” to internet
Today Parc Malnou
Goodbye boo-hoo
Must be a Baba Yaga sinkhole
Or a straight b*tch tesseract

19neinties, after The Wall
Rise of German Kraftwerk gall
But we like “Tron” after all
The Unstoppable Rise of Angela Merkel
Clinton Eastward, trick-shot from da mirror
“Who da most handsome of Dems all?”
Mirror vespers from mirror silence
“Sleepin’ Hillary by baby’s breath heaven scent
“Beauty sleeps top drawer in a sachet’d desk
“Like sweet Elle Fanning in ‘Maleficent,’
“But after she Victor, You go
“Hillary will “Kill Bill”
“And then state funeral.”
(Historical Note: after Paris Commune slaughter
Victor Hugo to an island ottered
St. Ugo’s Feast in France be April Fools Day
“‘Cabaret’ Joel Grey sings, “Dine on You, Ghouls May.”)
Bill cleaned up da Reagan-Bush econo-mess
But when he heard da mirror speak
Man broke down, right there confessed
Bill tried thirteen times to poison his po’ wife
It all burned up in her Napalm fire in da jelly
Like James Mason’s in “North by Northwest,” da microfiche
Bohemian Grove teapot whistle from a Moluch belly
An’ fo’ his crimes so vile, with evil Epstein rife -
Gotta heart attack really smelly

Post-2000 it all from cow’s end
Not much ‘cept falla mankind
Chemical Brothers Trance inna Magnetic Fields
From bovine ends it all “Year of Depends”
(David Wallace, Infinite Jest, stole basic ideas from me
Published in early ‘80’s Movies Magazine and National Lampoon
“Borges in Hollywood” an’ “UN Newsletter,”
“Burial of the Sardine” in California’s Zyzzyva
But maybe not that other one in Laurel Review
“All the pus*ycats Are Tired,”
David Logorrhea Wallace needed fifteen editors
Stole from a lyrics writer better than “Yellow Ledbetter,”
For which, let’s hope, his neck got fettered
Like our Agent Orange vets “am I da boxer or da bag”
Grommet in a wheelchair made me wanna gag
Wallace da grovelist was a straight tome-hack
Meanwhile, I’m a general crossin’ River Potomac
f*ck Delaware let’s take buyin’ homes back
“Gun Shots Outside Joe Biden’s Home
“Police Suspect Freddie Mac”
“Poor Pay Seven Times the Rich Rate, Slack
Of Subtle State and Local Tax”
Get out da way, name’s Brian McCormblack
“The Beast is Back an’ Eddie Vedder than Ever!”)
Bee Doom, pork plagues, subprime famines
Gotta get yo’ head by Jay Z’s Gwyneth examined
“Consciousness Uncoupling!”
“Scrupulous Corruption!”
“Flaming Wall of Methane Up-Bubbling!”
“Steam Your Vagina while Ironing!”
Might got robot fleas
Wear yo’ red Roman prosto’ wrist strings
Whores wore ‘em to show they up fo’ flings
Wit’ Romans, but they got Polanski’d
Govern mental drone bees fancy
Can’t stay above it now sh*t’s grown ant wings
No Kaballah
No M’Bala M’Bala
Can’t not save yo’ fracas not even Allah
We all in da Galen Org Gala
Werner von Braun a spy that’s why
Like early NASA we all a bit shambolic
Infants born wit’ malware implants
Kidz grow up, fast
Then cannibalize
They frenemies an’ parentemies
They parent theses really feces, got paresis
Like Foster Wallace did to Jesus
In “The Life of Brian” stole his god’s last wheezes


Charlie Hebdo derives from
Charlie Brown is Michael Brown
By Lucy-fer he’s taken down
Snoopy iz da Homeroom snitch
In a Woodstock Nation march Knott’s Berry Farm attraction
Y’all, they got their bloody factions
Charlie look out, da kite-eatin’ tree!
Snagged twelve kites
Les flics, da cops turned out Illuminati “lights”
Took away one cop car days befo’ da fight
Only one car left, Islamic cop in it
Minister of da Interior Cazeneuve
Mysterious Lack of Insight by Claude Rains
In “Casablanca” Peter Lorre shot out a coupla brains
“We had no idea” but way to incite
“Yes, you’re right, Ugarte
“I am a little more impressed with you.”
Nuthin’ done by our Captain Louie Renaults
“Round up da Usual Suspects,” Kaiser’s sosie
Despite a clear an’ present Den-is–da-Menace
Homeland Seek-your-itty (once known as yo’ p*nis)
Ferris Bueller’s “we ate pancreas,”
A kind of sweetbread
So is human brain, dead
Freemasonic sweetbread breath
Rahmbo da “sausage king of Chicago”
Either St. Ugo or you go Iago
Neither Ugo nor Iago
Let’s call the hole thing


Emerging from a fog bank
Counting clouds of Arthur Rank
Kim Philby an’ da Cambridge Five
Band worse than The Curious Onlookers
Tonearm Cobras, Bad Curves an’ The Topless Alcoholics
(“They Saved Santa’s Brain”
Their Boston double-platter bollocks)
Meanwhile, “Beagle Found On Mars
“Exobiologists Celebrate in Bars”
Snoopy drones nestin’ Woodstock
Missiles guided by Lucy Violet Grey
“The most powerful handgun in the world”
“Dirty Hillary” double bill wit’ “Shaft Pump Action”
O’Bombersploitation, .358 b*tch gotta Magnum
Officers off-da-sirs, she gonna frag ‘em
Hillary piece knacked peacenik killin’ children
“They are sexists, so we chilled ‘em,”
Who da enemy, you or Illdom?


“We could join the Free French in Brazzaville
“Like the time we convinced that Russian villain
“To dance the squat prisyadka on the oaken table
“Singing ‘The Marseillaise’ in the Charthouse at Malibu
“Waves lashing the windows a spy’s odd vodka splashings
“’Smoke Gets in Your Eyes,’ FDNY Vulcan Society anthem
“The Charterhouse of Parma, Napoleonic karma
“And we thrown out, checked the wheel well for a bomb
“Like a check-mirror taped to a stick women they are fick’

“Or when we guys p*ssed the grave of the man who wrote
“‘Ten-Thousand Men of Harvard,’ in Old Charleston Boneyard
“Where Ted Phillips lies he was our Burl Ives
“We tried to raise Calhoun by magick incantations Jew and Irishman
“On Christmas Day after turning down the invite by Bill Murray
“Ted starred in ‘The Man Who Loved Cemeteries,’ by A. Gurganus
“Tears Get in Your Fire, that song by Morissey or was it Alanis
“Or Elmer Green, or freedom wearing the idea of color in a dream
“When ‘fun’ meant something other than ‘F.U., Nun,’
“When we were young and bright and often frisked
“Sprayin’ and rhymin’ Garfunkelin’ Simon
“Runnin’ hoppin’ duckin’ hideout 10050 Cielo
“(LA County map looks like Mr. Burns, stay low as Kato)
[email protected]*%) = 12850 in Lower Case, it’s Nicholson’s checkmate-o
“David Lynch “Mulholland Drive” Sarkozy’s fave
“No address always movin’ Zero-Zero Club all the rave
“The only thing we not takin’ is the road
“f*ck Frost an’ horses queer let’s drink Generic Beer
“di*ks shrinkin’ by PCB’s no need fo’ parental fear
“’Anthropocene Age Produces Armies of di*kless Toads’
“Obama Declares Terror No Worse than a Favela Rhett
“I do not consider terrorism an existential threat,’
Meanwhile back in Europe Kerry hugs Hollande
“Sarko-Lande surrounded by an ocean, Marine Le Pen
“Even as Marine life foreshadows Le Pen’s extinction:
“’Most French Want Government of National Unity’
“Only thing of it, I’m Aristide Bruant at Agile, Lapin
“F-n’ Rubadub Guv got off wit’ lock stock impunity”
Landis thing, Landis thing, can’t Landis thing

“Louie, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful frenemyship.”



Read da red-headlines today, oh boy
“Djokhar Strikes Again, (note da French spellin’)
“Batman seeks Stately Wayne Tamerlan,” (fo’ his mensch killin’)
“FBI Knew Tamerlan Killed Two Guys with .12 Gauge
“Let Him and his Bro’ Go On Marathonic Rampage”
Gatsby Epstein seen wit’ Wolfsheim Clinton
Sex-slave Monica-huntin’ o’ just funnin’ kiddin’?
Womyn stutter he done, hedon, hit on womyn
Bill’s Angry Chicks App who’s winnin’?

O’Bomber, Clinton, Hillary
[email protected]
Four whoresmen of Hypocralypse
Sing wit’ sleek morracca-lips
Too bad they missed Brasserie Lipp
Day Mossad or Moroccans nabbed Ben Barka p*ssed
Je suis Charlie Am-morocain
Barka dissident shoulda known
Flag of Morocco pentagram flown
Soldiers’ parades led by a goat
Goat grabbed Ben Barka by his throat

“Occupy a False Flag”
“Chicago Seven Glib in Spite of Gag”
“World Gloomed - According to Hollydoom”
At Diana’s Guy “Fawkes” Charles Not-laugh
Tilt-a-Whirl “torch-ure” subliminal sculpture
Sits above the crash site like a vulture
Charles Laughton “You Tiny on the Bounty”
Able semen Epstein “the better picker-upper,”
Andy swabbed the deck of this ‘52 pickup
Like Robin Williams’ last stolen gag
‘Bout door’s unhinged chokehold, nags
Like Space Ghost on da coast playin’ phone tag
Wit’ an asteroid sulfur satellite gone flamin’ fag
Harpooned Diana haunts Pont de l’Alma
Anti-mines, Louise done march on Thelma
Now she’s a sculpture by Hans Belmer

“Homer-land Sickurity MICT Program”
Mails Isolation Control and Tracking
Males Isolation Control and Hacking
Emails intercept-Ed, data “Snowden”
“Cyber Chief Arrested for Child Porn!”
NSA “CodeMasters” molest our messages
Not Jeffrey Katzinburgers’ Korean massages
Subliminal sex in SKG an’ Disney cartoons
Sowers of Discord, Inferno blood sausages
“Writers Guild Wins Freedom of Speech
“Hollywood wins Freedom to Leech”
Customs at Heathrow
Gave us a Free Throw
“Ghostbusters” hero’
(Apostrophe muled in by Stacy Keach)
“Speedballs” a John Candy spike hit
Unfortunately, kids on da set bit
Plot twist at dis puncture juncture
Childe Harold Cokehead quarreled
Thought he controlled da world
In da end, could not control his bowels
Lesson is – control yo’ noze wit’ a rubber hose
(See also, Eugene Onegin, Ch. 4 verse 44)
That sh*t is John Candy
Stay away from girls named Mandy
“Speedballs” anutha “Second City” spike hit
Anutha load of irresponsible American bullsh*t
Unfortunately, kids on da set bit

“Landis thing, Landis thing!”
Who ya gonna call?
“Brianstorm” on da You Tube
No book he couldn’t whip through
Man snorts per payday two Grammatologies
Makes Saussure an’ Derrida look like world class apologists
No net he couldn’t slip through
His Ramadan-a-ding-dong left NSA lookin’ frou-frou
Two-tie combo, still couldn’t hang tho’
Whatchoo gonna do, Chitty-Chitty bang bro’?
Y’all can’t Trifecta planet’s chief defector
Yo itty-bitties burn up wit’ just a sun reflector


Occupy protesters, police molest us
“The Prisoner” puttin’ on that “Bad Jacket”
(Look it up o’ yo’ be Buddy Hackett)
Neo-Nixon’s turnin’ Occupy against itself
Should be allies
‘Stead it’s all lies
Like Michael an’ Sister Janet
That sh*t’s the planet –

That duel scene in Pushkin’s Eugene Onegin
This time played out in Eugene, Oregon
Teen caught smokin’, cops turn ‘im
Infiltrator perpetrator killed peace movement
Massacre play “Macbett” by Eugene Ionesco
Staged in da coldest canyon in Afghanistan
Silver Star Pat Tillman
Burnt in a friendly-fire
By Special Forces snipers
Bro’ was critical of US Iraqi policy
Gon’ meet wit’ intellectual Noam Chomsky
Boom, Till’s hit, taken out one shot
Army coroner says, “it’s murder fo’ sho’”
But our press be the public’s herder
An’ truth’s a no-show

Fox News announces “no-go zones” fo’ Christians
In Muslim Paris, that bull’s hit, they missin’
No-go zones fo’ deflated patriots
In Afghani-damn missions, Fox be idiots

sh*t’s goin’ viral on da net
You’re next, Vets
Vet against vet
Who fragged Pat Tillman?
Like The Daily Kos say
United we stand - on prosthetic alloy
Divided by drones - we all their toys
Like Helen Latoya, we all got balled
By Paris of Troy caught Achilles by his heel
If he hollers let him go how’s it feel
No unions in this man’s Army
Confederate Strike Force Barmy
Replaced by clones
Prez hisself’s a drone
Bladerunner hired like a Philip K. di*k
Daryl Hannah Barbarellas doctor Genentech
With a Bam-Bam Pebble triple-flip
“The Boys from Brazil” cloned Adolf Hit’
Tony Pellicano out in twenty-fifth
Dynamite an’ jewelry, La Brea Tar Pits
Musta missed “Blunt Force Trauma”
Starrin’ Barracks O’Bomber
General Betrayus bones Paula Goodbroad
After that her NYT popularity soared
Inappropriate behavior like Frank an’ Ava
Tell it to da Commander in Cheat
George Washington
Permanent Confined to “Quarters”
General McChrystal
Dash cam’s Duress Pool
Where was da Press Drool?
Hastings’ car hosed down by a prayer shawl
What a coinc’
Missed by an inch
“He was in Failing Health, flunked out, y’all
“Free tuition fo’ all in Bomb-unity College!”

Future not Utopia
Gon’ be Dystopia
“Americuh a Cornucopi…huh!?”

Could not be dopier

A danger field moment
Touch of da tie
A slight lament
But nevah say die

It be da fall of Rome
Da saddened Hebrews come to Julius Caesar’s tomb twice
People of da Book pay their last respects nice
But Caesar sacked da Library of Alexandria
Burnt it to da ground, y’all
Now Senator Joe Lieberman
Wanna “pull da plug on da internet” law
To muzzle our maws
Man that’s just naus’
Must give us paws

Whoa-OH Whoa-OH Whoa-OH
Jay Leno kill’t “Conan” why?

Whussup wit’ Jeffrey Zucker
Muthaf*cka burn his mutha
Fo’ a few dollar mo’
I’ll be NBC CEO Got-2-Go
“Man from U.N.C.L.E.” on OPM Channel
“Open Channel D” Coco Chanel
Sean Hannity, Hans Solo
Napoleon Solo, Soledad O’B
Four horsemen should be boloed
Like Bhopal was when it got Yoko’d
Whassup wit’ cancelled “Coco”?
Conan’s Ferguson, (Scott), got shot

We need a good buh-spiracy theory:
Like Prez Truman went King Herod
Tried to kill infant Yoko
So Beatles would not break up
Hiroshima an’ Nagasaki da result
Hip-hopshima became a NoGoSaki
Subprime derivatives bomb dropped
‘Hood’s history written by a hip-hop
Mal-Krump Transformer called Evictor
Reparations due black slaves an’ da Irish
Built up everything from here to Tara
Who dug da gold in Kate’s tiara?
African natives enslaved by Boer constrictors
Next they gon’ be smokin’ e-n*gga-rettes!
Human history be sad, need a hip-hopera
Hip-hoperator turf-mimer
I’m da Mary Poppin’-ator
Rappin’ brolley parrot
Kil’t Ralph Nader
She take y’all out wit’ a shady PMS
Sport-f*ckin’ monster-mashin’
Vagina Slims, an after, you got a lady-p*nis

We hate to admit it
But we got attrited -
Women have da power
“Let’s never shower!”


FBI Bustin’ Marathon
For LA sprayin’ Malathion
FIB knew all along
Tsarnaev three friends gonged
Marlowe bangs “Tamburlaine,” hits bong
Chimney made-a Paul Walker’s “Skulls”
Smokescreen Auschwitz Treblinka’d press
Strike Force Piketty sez
The underdressed gon’ get it next
Didier Fassin’s book on dirty cop nests


Same thang, sh*t was dun’ on 9/11
Here be why, it’s all Freemasonic puns
In Hebrew Nine-One-One white devil equals
Pike’s Morals and Dogma Double-Eagle
119 Biblical number of Abomination
Abyssal angel of Abaddon we a bombin’ nation
Read Book of Revelation Verse 9:11
George Bush King of da Army of Locusts
Boston Marathon “victim” lost his legs inside Iraq
How’d he lose ‘em twice whassup wit’ that?
sh*t benefited Harvard
Caught snoopin’ student-teacher emails, awkward
Braised Marathon runner-meat took da heat off
Drew Gilpin Faust loves The Brothers Tsarnaev
Bros carry 3-D-printed Kalashnikovs
That JDL sh*t’s right outta The Brothers Karrymatzohs
Jews say it’s da Age of Reverse Racism
But it be mo’ like Whites on Our Case-ism
History be an anagram in idiom
Telegram of “Chapman’s Homer”
From “Life of Brian” Graham-Gilliam
Of Justice.” No Justice, No Rihanna marriage
Kerry don’ get any cuz he da sucky savage

Yet nuthin’s done
Yet nuthin’s done
Sign up da ‘Wood
Sign up da ‘Wood
Sign’s whiter than James Woods

In Franglais 2008 is deux-mille-eight
And tha’s whut happened Doo-meal-ate
Got a Play-Doh press
Got a Play Dead press
Plagiarism heresy
Evidence hearsay
Cayne killed Gable
“It’s a Wonderful Knife”
Jimmy Stewart cyber-attacked
By “a dope-smoking cokehead megalomaniac”
“Cayne to World: ‘Ripped my client’s eyes out!’”
Ace Greenberg Jimmied da lock at “Bare Sterns”
Playin’ bridge, welfare fo’ da b*tch
Bailout’s not very manly
Lloyd Blankfein ran off with Goldfilled-Sacks
Might as well be sellin’ smack
Lay-men Brothers had a great rack
di*k Fulled, di*k Fold
Great in Rome’s sack

NY Daily News
Blames Rome’s fall on Mayor DiBlasio
Blams Mayor Die-Fastio
“Save da Horse-drawn Carriages
“Say Yes to Gay Marriages”
But no sign-up sheeeeeeet
No mob Fugazi fleeeeeeeet
For JDL might be involved in poppin’ alas poor 2Pac
East-end West-end extortion John Cusack
“Cops stop pumpin’ Grosse Point Blanks
“Two officers down – all over town”

“Bang-bang, you shot me down, bang-bang…”
Musta missed “Chitty-Chitty Bang-Bang”
What a coinc’
Missed by an inch

White-gloved cops turn they backs on DiBlasio
White gloves worn by Free-ma’s-sons
An’ blue their favorite color code
What a coinc’
Called 911 got 9/11 dial tone
Da aprons made of human hide
Smellin’ of formal-JeckelDrHyde

CIA supports NGO’s “Free Hong Kong
“Climbs Empire State grippin’ topless Kate
“Bi-planes circle topless towers of Illin’
“Kong’s black, don’t get top billin’
“Perfect time Kong Die Blastioed
“Students for Freemasonic Cannibals
“March for Total Power of Capital
“Paranoia Grips New York
“City Re-named Powerin’-Oy-Orc.”

In LA-Y-Ferguson, N-Y-Not
Solange tasers fourteen cops
b*tch don’ know when to stop
John McClane scene “Die Hard” elevator
Solange now gotta “Seder
“Circ*mcision of the ears”
The media, bought ‘em for a round of beers
She’s a one-woman Netanyahu
Yom Kippur out nettin’ Yahoos
Sins written on crumpled paper
Soaked up what remained of da LA River
John McClane sings “Bye-Bye Miss a Jerrican Spy
“Russian Spy Booted from N-Y”
Like wit’ Fredo on that rowboat
An’ da horsehead in da bed wit’ pedo’
Make her an offer she can refuse
Spy a can of refuse, off-her like a loofa
In “The Killing of Colonel Klink-hoffer”
John Adams devolution Don Adams’
“Nude Bomb” now a think-opera
“The Brady Bunch Taken Hostage
In Half-Hour Burbank Siege”
Post-Modern multi-culturals
Lookout fo’ multi-vulturals
Philip Glass stole from “North by Northwest” golden ore
“Einstein on the Beach” close to Elmer Bernstein’s score
“Epstein on the Beach” by Phillup da Glass
Closer to reality, “North by Nathaniel West”
Eva St. Marie-Jolie Cary Grant-Clooney Jimmy Mason
Hangin’ from da scalp of George Wassh*ttin’
Or get off da pot Jefferson an’ Sally Hemmings
Defacin’ public prop’ty wit’ they bomb tag mittens


Burnin’ of Cork by da Black an’ Tans
Cromwell killed millions of O’Brien, Flanns
Transformed them into Osiris glans
“I scream you scream we all scream ice cream”
Ben ‘n’ Jerry bigots should be wearin’ “I Heart Cork”
“Goodnight, you Al Jolsons of New England”
f*ckamuthas try “Queue” da highest Scrabble Word
Jus’ funnin’ it be “Hollywood” da highest rabble merde
Ameriduh we spark a “beacon” on da Hill
Mixed race da future, just acacia Goneril’d
Regan, Martin Luther King’s Norman Lear
Produced at da storefront Scottish-Puertoricanist
I’m da first mestizo church organist
Playin’ macaronic “Macarena”
Onna frackin’ schist


AMERICA = “A G I REMA” C in Hebrew bein’ G
G for Freemasons da 33
O’Bama’s the G, I AM ERICA
K-un Jong got a Fear of Flyin’
Buddy Holly Big Bopper
Fear of not dyin’
CIA Jerry Naylor
Hello sailor
He be lyin’

Harry Shearer’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic”
PBUHs radio, Pope Leo X sittin’ on that Ecliptic
Circle cut to feel up the papal balls
Make sho’ he not a girl like Leonard or Derek Smalls
Bok me up on this, Derek, duty calls:
Ozone goin’ fast need to wear Tibetan Yamaka
Carnivalesque, saw Diane Arbus at da Comic-Con
Where PSY shot anutha video
“Mr. Robot’s Rude Rodeo”
Odious goat-eo
Koreans on the roof-eo
K J-un fish fry
Cosby got twelve ‘Rophie-wives
Each one sharpenin’ twelve-thousand knives
“Jape Rape isn’t funny!”
Jackanapes opposed by Jades
“Feminisn’ts: Where is “Brearly Legal” Katie Roiphe?”
Now we must all take James Hunt’s lessons
Stutter disasters, the King’s Peach
Lewis Carroll ruined on da beach
In a river of Pinot Noir from Puglia
The heel of Italy, Camille Paglia
Lynching Cos’ at a showing of Kathleen
Kennedy’s “Milk Money,” who is speech the-rapist
Speaker of the Mouse or Bring Down da House
“Angel Miracle Tries To Make Infidels into Zinfandels
“Alleged Cos’ an’ OJ into Nelson Mandelas”
Master of da black-skinned grape Primitvo
Even da name of da California grape be racist evil
Klon dikes speak out against cloned grapes at “So No Ma”
“Mendocino men do’ hear ‘no’ men dough speak no”
Joan Rivers final screech, no brakes, lookout
Lookout! Lookout! dun-DUN, Lon-DON
Broils Still She Haunts Me Ellen Barkin
And his brother, sat next to S. J. Perelman
At da Signet, he scraped my car door on sharp ice
Drunk on cognac an’ cigar smoke took a slice
You can read about sh*t in Gray Dung’s
Rich People’s Garbage: Different from Us
Peaches Geldorf Duchess of Melba Joanie’s Rivers
Glitter on a seagull’s beak
Pellicano litter-ati Nudge an’ Norbert Butz
“Leo ‘Cheap Seats’ Scalps Academy” not an Oscar Bub
Or Babe, sorely merits an Oscar Snub
Outgrabe, the Oscar nods an-ounced
Lindsay Lohan girl got trounced
Juiced American Princess
“JAP’s Methadone Acting Found to Cause Angio-gram Incest
“Hollywood Docs Say Ingest Is Best”
Scientific American Agency:
Junior Partners : Hunk Hickory Zeke Adelson Eidelweiss and Cruller
Symbol : Le Pen comme carte l’homme pendu
Senior Partners : Harvey, Hardly Dworkin an’ Lon Chaney
Farewell song by Winehouse, Amy

Tho’ in mercy’s hand all da stories merge
Ideas “in da air” bowel purged
It all reduced to a muted klaxon
Joy-juice flattened Michael Jackson
Dude should not have double-flipped
In da shower into Bubbles slipped
Still, when in da buff his tailor was Elizabeth
“Never-Never! Landis-Landis!” Wendy
Darling was quite candid, trashed her Peter
Panic Mary Jo Kopechne’d Corey’s Feldman
Ferguson, Misery, new App “Slashin’”
Da Bad News Bears’ guns still flashin’
Reverend War Neverend
Where it gonna end
“Heaven forfend.”

Where it gonna end


Cut off Van Gogh’s ear an’ def-jam this
I’m da Comish’ of Sony Data-Diss
Sky high, took down Sony
Can take down PSY’s palamino pony
Hacked da NSA
Drunk on fifth of Hennessy
Blacked out da Eastern Seaboard
Time machined 1965, (sh*t wasn’t Igor!)
Hooped NASA into midnight pick-up game
Wit’ those nasty space lames
My B-ball “The Most Dangerous Game”
Suck it up NASA
Put you out to pasture


Dr. Strangelove code EPO OPE POE
What you doin’ in da bed go
NYTwitz Sunday Puzzle?
Why she not fired
I’m takin’ off da muzzle
Why she got hired?
Alessandra S. Manley
Missy Eliot post-hole randy
Girl’s an intellectual Hefty
Bag lady
The Berle of Sandwich
Mrs. Television
Tatty Ana’s genes mixed doggerel an’ Goneril
Not much meat on her subprime ribs
Better mortgage yo’ chix crib
Yo’ gon’ need a corporate drivel bib
Leather drool cup for all da bubs
Co-starrin’ in Harry Reems’ “The Goldman Girls”
Fuk da foreplay I got fiveplay
You don’ like it lick it hit da Hershey Highway
Ev’body else they can Eugene O’Neill
(Get da ref cuz da ref be blind
Line starts at my behind)
“Morning Comes, Eject Her”
Glinda turned green witch
WASP inventor of da typo-writer
Weisenberg Experiment article bleeds
pus*y’s box dead o’ not dead
Read it in Alternative Universe News
“A.S. Dies of Weisenheimer’s Disease”
An’ Ron R Jr. I’m “Columbo” CEO Peter Falk
Gave Prez’s son his start edited his “My Turn”
Now it’s my burn comin’ acha you my subaltern
You “Dream of the Rarebit Fiend” done by Van Cliburn
Gonna find that di-putz b*tch
Column cancelled
Due to glitch
Deadline Justmissed it was the Grinch
In Reverse Hebrew Atbash
Put em’ both together you get
“GG STRICHMIN” implyin’ “33 Degree STRYCHNINE”
In Hebrew-Anglo-Freemasonic G is letter 3
GG is 3-3 is 33 believe you me
An “I” is claw-shape Y
I’m the all-seein’ eye
Of Horus top that equilateral
Triangle, “Damage Collateral”
Schwarzenegger (French Version) 9/11 cancelled
Dr. Seuss strictly “District 9”
Wrote da buddy-buddy book
Greenmail and Hamm
‘Wood optioned, got two movies
“Poison Pill” an’ “Unclean Hands”
Seuss has fled to foreign lands
The Law of Return to Unknown Sands
Wit’ Crazy Eddy, Sirhan-Sirhan
“Can I pencil you in to see Dr. Trance?”
Man of “The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. Terwilliker,”
“The Boy with Green Hair” “Trierweiler Meets Dillinger”
“Dr. Mabuse” (Male Abuse) Corey Feldman in deep cahoots
In liar liar France onf fire
They call it “bobo micmac cohu-bohu,”
Reminiscent of Jack Christmas
Stole Halloween wit’ a hypo isthmus
At da Viper Room, bad exit scene

Pope Leo da Putz
Was a social klutz
Till he went global nutz
Scratched Jack’s baksheesh
On electric Jeeps
Dude can munch
Google search
“Alex Lutz affiche.”

River’s strychnine-grinnin’ in his coffin
Journalists they miss it often
Got Djokhar-sayonara-strict-nined
Creepy slithers in that Viper Room
Mona Lisa, balls have turned blue
Too bad men are not above you
Fed yo’ hubbie Tofana Aqua
Now he B Lugosi’d fella agua’d
86’d by that b*tch
Tower Pisa’d
By a witch
Painting’s painted on poplar board
Sorceresses’ “Most Popular Wood”
Why’s her nose wart in photos airbrushed?
Kill a frog da spell gets shooshed
X-ray shows a whorled face beneath
Strangelove, Kubrick, looks like Heath

sh*t, even Lenny Bernstein stole my libretto
Check it out wit’ Nina, dude stole my “Shoah-as-Orfeo,”
His obit in Time / Newsweek claimed it his last work
Wrote muthaf*cka estate manager a letter “what a j*rk”
(To bad it wasn’t poisoned pen by teller)
Got To-be Bryant Magic Johnsoned by Michael Jordan
I am that good got composers coppin’ Lizzie Borden
Wit’out axin’ me o’ nuffin what da f*ck think I’m Dan Tana’s
Restaurant got sirloin blood red walls hot as Alabama
Brother Mozart in his diary: “I got stilled
By that bad Aqua Tofana,”
Belladonna an’ plants nocturnal
River phoenixed on Halloweenie
Movie stars Don Draper Dondi Rapers
Viper should be Diaper
If yo’ dancin’ bring a bat
Rudin’s right on one thang
Stars be spoiled, they be brats
“’Daily Show’ Jon Stewart Hates Micks
“Slams Islam and Spicks”
What next rant on Afro-Picks?
“Back in Black” no not very
If only he hurry up get buried
“Bin” Laden wit’ hazards bio
Produce da body U.S. Navy
Habeas Porkedus
What gon’ be da next cons, Neo?
Paul Walker Robin Williams refs
The days they died
McFarlane reads fates
In crystal meth
Segment Leno’d
Due to deaths -
Conan played fo’ a Zucker
Who’s next?

Jon Stewart molests minorities
“Catholics all pedophiles
Of kids they take advantage”
But experts say it’s da same percentage
In all classes, ethnic groups an’ from religions’ vantage
NYT: “Rabbis from Hasidic Shirley Temple
“Found To Be Epsteins, Not Einsteins” “Amy Semple
“MacPhantom Appears to Boy Scouts, Frontage Ample,”
“Stephen Collins, in TV’s “7th Heaven” Reverend Eric Camden
“Accused of Giving Girls p*nis Samples”
“Harvard Law School in Violation of Title IX
“Federal Regulations on Sexual Harad Experiment”
“Scorch-E-Z Welds Rear-View Mirror to Panaflex
“Camera for Reasons Obscura Shoots His Own Ass”

“Tiger Woods’ Game Interrupted by ‘Heidi’”
“Cab Calloway Sings to Feds: ‘Heidi-Heidi-Heidi ho’”
“Bruce Jenner Named Governor of Idaho”

Epstein hosts Protestant royals
In Virgin Islands where is Scott Rudin’?
Copped da island on Coral Turpitude
“Sharks and NY Cop Love ‘Girl Meat’ Chewed
“In Talking Shark Show Cop Water Walks”
On “Elm Street Guest House” reality epizoode
Tina an’ Tony O’Blair voted off for Iraqi low blow
Lord Crumley begs others “Let me stay!”
Cancel my nobles subscription
Television a feelgood prescription
“NCIS” solves ‘em all, in fact its fifty-percent
“Let’s be careful out there!” Hill Street Booze
Character’s full name: Sgt. Phil Freemason Esterhaus
Sgt. Love Freemasons (at) Esther’s House
Sgt. Love da Freemasons in da Book of Esther
Ain’ that the Bible’s book of racist slaughter?
Drink a Bloody Mary Tiler Moors
“At least Mayor Yorty brought order,”
Sony movies too all grade C
Kristen Wiig, Brian McCormick, Sophia Stewart
Christophe Valdenaire star in “Scriptbusters: Reboot”
And the Writer’s Guild is Gumby
Amy to World: “the rest is gravy!”

Uma Thurman, ‘Lizbeth Hurley
Ellen Barkin’ up-an’-ATM smokes Jays Perelman
A milder Billionaire Boyz Club Boko Harem
Slave girls easily bought
As da world falls apart
Yet Saudis stoned when caught
It all comes to nought
Shop till you drop
As males’ heads get lopped
Protest female excision
But not male circ*mcision
Judy Chicago’s
Triangular table
Freemasonic strangle
Husbands died in a cave-in
Down in da law mines of New Haven
Now they da mavens
In ermine Napoleonic
Smokin’ boyfriend Barbarella chronic
Takin’ agent speakerphone colonics
Inna sauna they da fauna
An’ da sex? they not gonna

Examples given by Jeremy Piven:
Sony’s top gal stuff ‘Bama up her snit
Way AOL-Time-Gangsta
Housed Sophia Stewart’s early “Matrix,”
Suge Knight Death Row Records
Scott Rudin’s Roshashana Tofana-Aqua soured
Hillary in uniform Boston Whaler
Slam mode, watches “the Energizer” uses her inhaler
Problemo? Pro-whamo! Problemo? Pro-blamo!
I sent in my ex-wife’s head
Won a “Kill Bill” Frisbee Wham-o

Like da opera’s Madama Butterfly
Scott (t)issued a fine “final aria”
His name escapes me in da wee wee hours
Of this mornin’s undercover flowers
Operatic Diana died at Place Maria Callas
It’s a hiss-Tory class project diorama
Da Torch of Liberty torchon tee-peed
Buckingham Palace jacked MI-6 Wi-fi’d
Butt it ain’ over till Slim Shady sings
Duck-billed, “Like a Candle in the Wind.”

Lemme be nice say it fo’ ya twice
Of Justice, we all sighin’ ‘tologists
Sea Org King David Miscavige
Have you ever seen that movie “Savages”?
Yet no heads roll at racist Sony -
PSY rides invisible ponies

PSY-op da Wood, Psy-op da Wood
Gangnam style, Gangland style

b*tch my nickname is sh*t
Cuz tag, yo’ it
Love you to bits
You da witch’s tits
Thorns fo’ nipples
An’ two slits

What y’all call a journalist
Received no death threats?


You’re on a list
Of da morons don’ know sh*t

Yo’ ass couldn’t rhyme wit’ Cass
To save Time
I gotta metaphor mine
All da way to China
Big as yo’ vagina
Y’all got wit
But how da Japanese pronounce it
Throw yo’se’f’s on mah mercy
I’m feelin’ reimbursey
Slap yo’ face twice and make some change
In yo’ politesse, girl Polly Tess
Cracker you wanna try
Brigade d’Intervention (BRI)?
No one gets out “arive.”

I got da bully pulpit
This rap they gonna pulp it
Like that film wit’ Vinnie Cassels
“Mesrine” French Intelligence
Wanted le gros batard to escape
Good fo’ da “snail-eater” biz-nez fake
Prison gate left wide open engraved invitation
To une balle dans la tête
Dances for a moment and then the grand exit
Gunned ‘im down in broad daynight
‘Least Mesrine died in a convertible cash flight
(See also, Balzac’s “The Comedians of Paris’’
An’ da website “Mesrine’s Disguises”)
sh*t da dude got away during exercises
His track suit comes in all metastasizes


1981, year in Dujardin’s “La French”
Marseille Judge Pierre Michel
Real Popeye Doyle caught Brutus Zampas
Pop-eye Evol Oy Il(l) Sutur B
Pop Eye Evil Eye Ill-Suture Be
Popeye Olive Oyl Brutus
Backwards in da esoteric
Mirror occult dinner reservation
For Gogol’s “The Nose”
(See also Eugene Onegin, Ch. 5, verse 31)
My friends now divine aflatus
Taurine Defecation nation
Popeye eatin’ infant spinach
You da collard greens all in it
Wash it down wit’ Red Bull
“Kidz” they are a handful
“Carrie” pig-blood Cary Grant-ful
Judy Judy Judea
Just Shoot Mia
Farrow fallow
“Rosemary’s Baby”
Frank’s son got da baby blues
“5,000 Slaves on Albion Shores!”
Muslim Russian Asian slave trade it all ignored
Some say it go all da way up to Mr. Windsor homo essen Ate
On Humbert Path Humbert Road Sandringham Estate
Takin’ in da scenery found Alice with Mr. Toad
Wild ride in Israel no law ‘gainst slavery
“I Did It My Way without Wavering”
Only Palestinians built da highway
“Killdozer” dug da colonizers’ dieway
2,500 civilians killed, most recent count
Open “Sesame Street” paved to da Mount

Read da red-headlines today, oh boy
Man it’s a Stars in Bars Bugler an’ Homer’s “D’oy!”
In Hebrew Atbash “D’oy” means “Door/Enter Eye,’’
“John Lennon Shot Chapman Hits a Homer”
“White House Turd Burgler Found To Be a Pyle of Gomer”
“Innocent Derrick Hamilton Set Free after Decades”
“March on Selma TV Cameras Blacked Out by Brigades”
“Racist Cops Gon’ Give America AIDS”
“Hurricane Let Outta County Dade”

All negative press be doin’ is spreadin’ “Allah Akbar!”
Reglement de Comte de Bouderbala

Why’d Paris police lighten security
Just befo’ Charlie Hebdos got January’d?
“Charlie’s Angels” shoulda put up janissaries
Turkish Sultan’s “Auspicious Incident”
6,000 janissaries drowned in a cistern
f*cked wit’ da Sultan now it’s his turn
Fo’ Marine Le Pen (FN), Sarkozy (UMP)
F’n’ Eric (von) Zemmour, Deport Arabs in One Big Dump
Hollande an’ Sarko
Wit’ they French Pheno Barbie Dolls-o
Carla Bruni an Paul Muni
Ex-wife Trierweiler unleashed
Growlin’ cuz got no baksheesh
Hubby met wit’ her 11/9 noon
Not a good omen hubby was foamin’
Dorothy Lamour’s ‘’Brotherhood of the Spoon’’
Lampooned in “The Road to Bali by Way of Zanzibar,”
Sarkozy-Hollande, Hope an’ Crosby
Marine Le Pen, Dotty Lamour
Don’t miss da super finale sequel
‘’’Le Wife-Riot’ Club Paradise from Planet Paris
“Napalm-Bomb-Capable White-Nosed Bats Quelled
“In Paris Suburb’’ Y’all should have yo’ lead examined
You just plumb line crazy like “surveyor” K in Kafka’s Castle
Da gang that couldn’t toot straight
Driverless cars Wi-fi shackled
Drones to be run by football tackles
Kouachi Brothers were known to da state
Fo’ years followed closely coulda been Maced
‘Stead they were let loose straight out da gate
Like Tamerlan Djokhar killed two friends straight
FBI let ‘im go they had da goods man he wuz da goat
Took a Muslim to save 30 Jews at Hyper Cacher
Sub-zero nerves, locked ‘em in a freezer
Muslim cop shot outside on da street
How can you tell da freezer from da frozen
“France Commits Cop-acide
“Mass Surveillance Not Effective
“Info Overload GCHQ Defective
“Ed Snowden Wins Info Stripper-CIA-NSA Trifecta
“Julian Assange Wanted fo’ Dissection
“Needle Found in Haystack Dept. of Corrections.”

Arrested fo’ too many quotes
From Ta-Nehisi Coates
Quote quota they got my goat
It’s G - reek to me -
In Freemasonry G is 3 is 33 Degree
Slang word like torn “dungarees”
“Importance of Being Earnest”
In Hebrew Atbash translates as
“Importance of Being 330”
In Hebrew Atbash 330 = ShL = “Shill,”
330 zero drops out = “Importance of Being a 33 Degree Shill”
Why they stilled him at Paris Hotel 33
Speakin’ of unzipped dictionaries
(Bad events bring out da wurst in us)
Pharell Williams Miley Cyrus wreckin’ us
Shia in Sia’s Now-I-See-ya
Leotard-ophile retarded veejays
Robin Thicke nekked as a bluejay
Hump-wrestlin’ surreptitious girlz
EMpTy-V reduced to non-nutritious Berles
Cowboyz an’ cowgirlz
Stirruptitious flirtz
After all is said an’ done there been that
It’s still sicko schizo, skinz v shirtz


Mike Deluca’s hot as a socket
Wearin’ Amy’s prom locket
Got a rocket in both pockets
Window-window situation
Full-frontal Santa Claus von Bulow -
Spike Lee’s comment, “A new low.”

Amy’s gon’ star in “CEO-patra”
Scott Rudin, tootin’, comin’ at-ya
Marc Antony the newd Sinatra
Sings in da choir Julio’s Iglesias
Everyone wearin’ fall of Rome fashions
Lord Freddy Krueger haunts
Elm Street Guest House taunts
“Freddy Kruegers Corey’s Feldman!
“Crown Heights smokes Black Bud Melman!”
Elm Street Guest House
You’re a guest
I’ll take your silence
For a yes
Oprah’s first “Interview”
In Ladies Home and Garden
Shout-out, “I loved every minute of it” (!)
Like in “The Player” Lyle Lovett
One-hands that fly –
She’s not on the No Fly list
Keep yo’ mouth-fly zipped
What, Coke-y Oprah squealed
Feds called in -
Luciferian -
Scorch-E-Z jailed
Die-Cap makes bail
Mark Wahlberg Fail
Pee-poles pulled in
You the Masons’ carrion

It’s Luciferian
It’s Luciferian
Lucy burned the roast again
It’s Luciferian
No one ain’ gon’ stop it
Not even Sharpton-Farrakhan

Brad still thinks dead Farrah can

Brangelina CIA could be doin’ drops like Jerry Naylor
Tinker Tailor Soldier Naylor, ATF Brian Terry
DEA Rip-Crewed Brian O’Conner
Car H-E-double-hockey-struck Brian Griffin
Like Merv in that film by Steven Martin
Elevator scene Solange lethal injection
That ‘70’s Talk Show Host cut folks in sections
Speak of the devil Marky Wahlberg Seth McFarlane
Missed same American Flight on Nine-Eleven
What a coinc’
Missed by an inch
Mark didn’ miss that Viet “gimp.”
Goodbye, Mary Stu
Hello “Entourage,”
Mark Execu-Produce
Ari’s “Hemorrhage.”
“Cocaine-related Masonitis
“Found to cause Lewy-Parkinsons Vasculitis”
TV, film gods have clay feet
Argyle socks, then six feet
Capillaries dilated, gon’ be visitin’ Buster Keats
Angie’s got two clay teats

“Cunning Lingvall caught in a free-fall
“Man Bites Dog, Kuntz Stalk Geffen”
“Older Man Seeks Locked-in Syndrome,”
“Schumacher Socks World
“In Blink-Morse Code
“Sez He Knows Who Killed Roger Rodin!”

The poor get poorer the rich get b*tchier
Kardashian bought her PR snitch ether
Spent two bill’ on girl’s butt-injects
Looks like a queen ant Latter-Day Insect
It all Don Ameci media circus lichi
Nut-job Duchess of Alba veggie grocery
Anagrams fo’ da king in hosiery:
Hung by her vocal cord wit’ just da slightest urgin’
Duchess of Positif “dyed” wit’ hair so bleachy
Last words, (reportedly)
“Ol’ b*tches marry butlers, kinda creepy.”

Mad Max Mel Jodie Foster drinks Gibson neat
Father of her children da Paraclete
In Henrik Ibsen’s “3-D Thunderdome”
‘Wood’s version of “Frenemy of the Sheeple”
Only thing is Torvald played by Red Buttons
“Did you hear? Torvald leapt from the steeple!”
Now da world, goat’s head-buttin

9/11’s “Let’s Roll!” a palindrome of people
Meanin’ “L L Twin Tower Gold Steal”
“Or” in Hebrew meanin’ “gold,”
Let’s Roll Twin Towers’ Gold Mission
$40 mil in gold still missin’
Ain’ Peter Loomis truckin’ humus
Bush/Cheney caught in da Baf-room
Dey be smokin’ humans

“Sons” is “bars” to Hebrew scholars
So yo’ sons drink “sons” at bars ‘n’ parlors
Ain’ no gelt in Annexican dol-lars
Bush and Cheney they made out
Like that dog Bandit
In da You Tube cartoon “Clutch Cargo” and it
Ain’ gon’ be televised to be candid
Bottled city of Kandor Congress banned it
Why Masons call theyselves “the Little Bears”
Yo’ sons drink queers at “He-brew ‘bars’”
But don’ say that in “Texas, Par’s.”

Buddy Holly flies Mason to Moorhead
Plane bangs down, drilled in da forehead
Big got Bopped, Buddy’s head lopped
CIA popped, replaced by Jerry Naylor, cop
Agnes Moorehead cross-legged, mantelpiece
Gary Cooper, stonemason, “The Fountainhead”
Final scene, World Trade Center
Henry James’ The Golden Bowl
Bowling ball outta da gutter, star called Al Gol
Rahm-bo north, south be Limbaugh
Ferguson calls you “Little Black Sambo” -
Better scram, bro
Cops in personnel carriers
Samantha an’ Darrin Ebola carriers
Married by a Justice of the No Peace
Michael took chill-pills called Falderol
His last concert a success all-in-all
Black hat Texas Panhandled it
Drained da Cajun swamps an’ fumbled it
Louisiana left in badass dark, red candles lit
Katrina stopped da car to take a leak
All over New Orleans’ jazz Sikhs
An’ by the by, CIA killed Kim Peek

Buddy Holly why rap stars take bus tours
Don’ wanna end up heads over Masons’ doors
Oscar Wilde dropped at a Paris hotel
Like Robert Palmer in perfect health
Life cut off like by a mohel
Hotel bill “paid” by Hill’, he go skewered
By some lame crawled outta Victor Hugo’s sewers
Hotel ram’s head above da entrance
“Wallpaper goes I go entranced”
Bosie the boil that Oscar lanced
Boy was a “Bad Douglas,”
OW’s last words (fo’ real) “f*ck this.”


While Englund (sic)
Slept wit’ Ol’ Vic
Pee-Wee Herman played “Taps” for Nick
“Herman” is Hebrew Bible code for Celtics
Unfairly cut short by Doctor di*k
Nicked At Night Judy Garland napped
Amelia Earhart was mis-mapped
Marilyn got herself capped
By Dr. Greenson an’ Menninger’s crap
Jesus in the manger sapped
Is that Geffen gettin’ lapped
By midgets in they ‘naps?
Elm Street Guest House App

Geffen lost 20 to 71
Goyfriend younger 50 years, count every one
71 Azoth, that can’t be fun
Azoth the Universal Solvent
Derives from Hebrew Atbash 7-ought-1
Equals O-A an’ in Reverse it’s Z-Th
Put that togeth’ got A-Z-O-Th tea-H
Like molasses to a moth
What’s up with Zayin b’Ayin (House of 77)
Free-ma-chronic alchemists ain’ sayin’
Means in Israel “di*k you in the eye”
77 for Freemasons means “Punish’”
Thoth tell you what be Azoth:
It’s a vitreous humor
Slit eye’s ocular fluid -


Balcony scene, “Chien Andalou”
Buñuel knew what knives can do
Azoth’s what alchemists see through
Da world turned upside-down
Inside eye’s atrium
Leaden world into golden mind
Be all alchemy on that balcony
No man it’s butchery


“Circ*mcison City Commission
“Decision Approves p*nis Excision
“Obama for it, Masons, Rabbis “saw” it
“Mohel mo’ hell, why in Englund (sic) it don’t sell.”
“Twilight Zone” chopper down, fatal collision
No illusion, Landis not boozin’
Two ‘Nam kids double-sorrowed
Not gon’ see Vicmorrow
“Kim Phuc f*cked by Napalm Golem”
Landis walks
Falcon snow-man insults black presidency -
Walks Scott Rudin free


Enter, Color Guard, Assembly Singin’:
“We could build a snowman in the meadow
“And pretend that he is Michael Brown
“He’ll say Am I Buried
“We’ll say No Man…”

“Turn off that jungle music!”

sh*t! sh*t, sh*t, sh*t!
“KO, No, America Not Knocked Flat
“Bout Lost on Points
“Governor Nixon Buh-points
“TKO Invest-duh-gation
“Grand Jury to Nation:
“TKO’d by OJ’s Kato
“Technical Kop-Out.”

Cops killin’ bros above the Texas cyclotron
Self-cleanin’ oven left da spin cycle on
It all The Tao of Grand Jury Bullsh*t
Even Steven Hawking can’t explain it
The Eight-Fold Way Johnny Wadd’s pain-di*k
Cop uses it to choke black man to death
Jury buys “checkin’ his dental health.”
Black man rapes white women three
Pole up his ass, hung from a tree
OJ won because he had mon-ee
Glove didn’t fit that sh*t is fun-nee

Cosby fits goat pentagram
His evil eye, the telegram
77 fo’ da Masons means “Punishment”
Cos’ be 77 now he da Masons’ lunchmeat
Model Agency “Pimp-lication Comedy,”
Who likes to watch
At ‘Wood’s coffee klatch?
Producers Guild on CCTV
Almodavar’s See-See TV
The Goat Channel, NBC

Seinfeld drinks his coffee cold
Cosmo Kramer Comedy Club
N-word times four OMG that’s ug’

But America still loves they Tracy Morgans
So much so he’s donatin’ organs
They’s a waitin’ line all whites, Chinese
Fo’ Officers Ramos and Liu’s kidneys
Take-out orders Freemasons first please

Sign up the ‘Wood
Sign up the ‘Wood
Coulda shoulda woulda
I’m yo’ Be-There Buddha barracuda
Sign up the ‘Wood
If only Clooney could

Ronnie Chasen, Ronny Chasin’
Tina Brown Prince William chasten
‘Wood by techniques proven Mason
Carson’s car outsida Chasen’s
Cost him a bundle, pedestrian trundled
Look out twirled, rumbles in that jungle
Give me the goose bumps
Pedestrians as speed bumps


Dark Mother Hecate Day
He-Kate Will, what a co-inc’
Day Ronni Chasen ‘86’d
A good year for Ronnie Reagan
Royal ‘gagement ‘nounced November 16
11/16 in numerology
Is 1119, the year Knights Templar founded
Freemasons claim it, night car impounded
Duchess of Lamebridge
Sips her coffee cold
Royal baby George
Breughel da Younger
Y’all gon’ be engorged
Like Russia at da royal org’
Kubrick by “Hollywood royals” Olive Oyls
“Save me, Popeye,” from Brutus (Amy’s goyls)
White House to Walker, “f*ck da horse you Rodin on,”
The medium rare is the message
Human clone meat served up as sausage
Pop-o-Rocks, see, stay away from da royal weddin’
Quit yo’ belly-achin’
Oh we pop y’all, signed Satan
Oh, an’ Hollywood?
Stop yo’ Ronnie Chasin’!

F-up’d the ‘Wood, F-up’d the ‘Wood
F-up the ‘Wood, F-up the ‘Wood
F-up the ‘Wood
That’s cold


Brinsley Ramos Liu
Who caused it, why you lie you?
F’d-up the ‘Wood
That’s cold
Eric Garner made ends meet
Bro’ had six kids to feed
Answer? Chokehold deed
No-tax tobac’ cancer conglom’ –
Big competish from Big Bad Pharm’
Eric not a Bennifer Garn’
Cops form one big blue swarm
I can’t breathe means I can breathe
Send dead flowers blood-red wreaths
White No meanz white Noze
Black No means white Noose
It all malice aforethought
Alice she be store-bought
This gun be sore sought

Bust up the ‘Wood
Bust up the ‘Wood
Gonna bonfire this holly good

Selznick, Double-O, O-scar L. B. Mayer?
No both men stank
Never did sh*t to help Ann Frank

New book sez ‘Wood Jews neva showed they anga
To “der Paper hanger” -
“We can’t Klamm the German market
“Over some bombin’ mutha-Fokkers
“Kil’t a couple outta Yonkers
“We don’ care H killed someones
“’Long as when it’s done
“It’s just ‘some.’


Kubrick paces eyes wide shut
“Places everyone! Make yo’ nut!
“Studio can’t cannibalize, eye got final cut!”
Three days later, Azoth’d in the gut
Universal Solvent
Get thee to a convent


“You got to bury bodies
“To pay for all the hotties
“Call-girls like Blue Dahlias
“Love strong John Wayne
“Gacys, or at least they Tony Laceys
“Any Hall will do.”
“Carole Lombard L. B. Mayer-murdered
“Pretty head Bulgakov’d offward
“Plane crash in Clark County
“Freemasonic bounty
“The Margarita Mastered
“By those studio bast*rds
“In da mouth-shaped county of Nevada
“Near Marquis de Sade-a
“Clark Gable’s last Masada
“Producers they just gotta -
“Lombard’s neck a fountain
“Fo’ Moses smokin’ on that mountain
“Clark X-ray visioned Aaron Sauna Soakin’
“Amy Paschale and her co-CEO croakin.’
“It Happened One Night
“Gable wept Mayer slept
“Lombard felt her final fright
“’Landis thing, Landis thing!’
“Long as when it’s done
“There’s just ‘some.’”

Carl Laemmle was the Man
Saved a thousand Jews
Was no dictator-capitulator
Brought them to Decatur
Illin’ oy, Illin’ oy
Carl didn’ cap ya later
Brought them to Decatur

Sign up da ‘Wood
Sign up da ‘Wood
If only Sony stood

Producers fear they own
Revolution of the D-girls
“Let pay-for-play-ers
“Mass murder hangers-on
“Selznick, Mayer
“Mad mumbling Hamlet
“Alas, poor Oprah
“Get thee to a ‘soapera’” -
“Tho’ young lass Ann’s of da brood
“Frank’s not from Hollyblood,’”
She’s not Hollywood royals’ tease
Tho’ she bring in royalties

Whut did da Australian hangman say
To Irish-Aussie anti-hero Ned Kelly
When Kelly called upon God
With his final breath and fall?


What did Charlie Manson say
To cellmate Son of Sam
Just befo’ da gas flow?

“Either ‘der Paper hanger’ goes or I go.”

The ‘Wood got more pussies
Than a pet store fulla puppies
Run by loser Eighties’ Yuppies
Yesterday’s news
Tomorrow’s boos
Y’all done lose

Double-O Seven bankers’ heaven
Double-O Eight, Ocean’s Eleven
Greenspan an escaped Not-see
Neo-ex-con Uncle Milty
Freidman playin’ Hasbro Yahtzee
Wit’ Vaud-villains Bush an’ Cheney
Crazy like A Foxman
The Giant Rat of N. Sinatra
These Boots are Made Paul Walkerin’
An that’s just what they’ll do -
Geffen Kuntz-halls stalkin’
Borges tracks poet Philip Larkin
“Pee-Wee Herman Sought in Mexican Lair”
It’s a situation bombedy
Swallow Drama-mine-a-day
Y’all done lose

Adelson means “Wolfson” or “Adolf’s son”
Eidelweiss - shenanigans
Not very nice – call Father Finnegan
“The Sound of Music” Julie Andrews sings
These are a few of my least favorite things:
In Chagall’s “Fiddler on the Roof”
Why da church a Christian doof’?
Saw da head open let’s have a look
Abe took his roof off
To John Wilkes Booth
Fiddler on da Roof, da “ol’ sockdolager” sooth’
Updike’s comedy of banners The Coup
Just a Dutch treat goof
Black man’s revolution written by a poof


Sheldon Schumachered Switzerland
Skied to sacred Swiss accounts
Created by Ashkenazis
Before the Anschluss “asked for” Nazis
To hide $ from German tax-man-Stasi
(Now in banks Nigerian)
Now everybody uses ‘em
It’s “Gentlemensch Agreement”
Starring John Galliano
(That dude is moultin’ into Bert Lars von Trier)
Gregory Peck skiin’ from Hitchc*ck’s “Land of c*ckaigne”
Into Renoir’s “Grand Illusion,” Queen Grace’s
Car snakes ass at Devil’s Curse
Like Carol Lombard’s plane
Like River Phoenix at his Oxbow Incident
Cause of death, snowblindness
There goes Her Royal Highness, -



“Welcome to the 77th Academy Awards
“Queen Grace of Monaco, Grace Kelly
“Will be receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award
“And her ‘Devil’s Curse’ hairpin marriage annulled
“By Papal Bull
“Under the fabulous Blackfriars Bridge
“In sunny ol’ Big Benland, London
“Home of hot cross buns and Gunga Din
“Remembering racist Rudyard Freemasonic Kipling
“GUNGA DIN anagrams into NIGA GUND
“Down into NIGA G DUN
“We all, white an’ black, gon’ be they din-din.”


P-2 Lodge snitch
Bricks in God’s Banker’s pockets
Never tried it don’t knock it
Robin joke-robbin’ “Sybil” Williams
Coluche, Robin’s French comic simulacrum
Read L’Accident: contre enquete
Coluche cartoon flattened by a truck
Right smack in his Resto de coeur
After receiving by post a bullet and “you’re next,”
French gov wanted him hexed
After running for President against Mitterand
“Sixteen percent of voters intend
“To vote Coluche Palais resident
He is the candidat bleu-blanc-merde.”
Truck driver veered into his lane
Not a wince at Coluche the clown in pain
Ministre Bérégovoy “suicide” with a police revolver
The social pact we have dissolved her
“33 ‘Suicides’ in Two Years at France 1 TV Station,”
Strange number 33 must be headhunter corporation
State terrorism state terrorism re-state terrorism
Reminiscent of “hit and run victim” Terry Gilliam
We all Freemasonic “fish” in they “Imaginarium,”
State terrorism state terrorism re-state terrorism
History is written by da Waltons
Stolen by ‘Wood icons
Buried beneath acorns
“Hide da goods
“Bring home Kevin Bacon.”


Heath Ledger’s funeral
His brother actors shoulder ‘im
Now his light’s just cold an’ dim
Who was skulkin’ after him?
McCauley Culkin or da Olsen twins?
No man da police, da Freemasons
Jack N, “I warned ‘im!”
Shoulda armed ‘im


Speaking of a slow-motion Holocaust
“Grapes of Wrath” Alfred Newman scored
To “Potrezebie” tune Alfred E. Newman whored
Zyklon gas chemical warfare chlorine
Storing researched by Germans Boring
German-Jewish pince-nez Fritz the Haber
For killing his own given a captain’s saber
Packed off to Switzerland as der Fuhrer’s savior
Umlaut lout, give up a fat shout
White supremacists wearin’ aprons
Anders Boring Breivik on his lunch break
Made a big fuss for far-right’s Zion
Killed 77 Socialist kids on Utoya Island
Like if Michael went postal on Latoya Jackson
Saxo wrote Harry Potter rap for King Valdemar
Far right far left now it’s far MOR
They all his subjects, victims of King Valdemar

CROSS-CUT, AMERICAN Center for Disease Control (CDC):

2001, Ivins at the CDC
Sent Amerithrax to TV
Ebola Lindberged to Liberia
Obama to Sigh-beeria
“Kremlin Crimeas Ukraine!”
Who killed Bob Crane?


Putin On da Ritz
Takin’ off da mitts
“Putin Sore at The CIA Times”
All da tiffs The Grey Slit prints
“Hillary Berates China Censorship”
Censors snip, news anchor Rupert Grint
“Hill’ Laughed Off Stage by Chinese Bigwigs”
“Hollande Forbids Free Speech
“At Pro-Free-Cheeps March
“Government Crackdown on Mouths”
Angry Beaks an’ da Hedwig march
Wit’ Big Bird fo’ Preserve they Ortolans
Kristen Wiig busks, does Bjôrk doesTaylor Swift
Thank god not topless in a Kaballah kilt
M’bala Harry Styles magic Allah strings
That spell out words in Kibbles flings:
Russians not “the rebels”
Ukrainians “white devils”
Forced out they President
Now he’s Ed Snowden’s co-resident
Russians protectin’ their southern flank
From NATO encroachment
All governments psychotronik motel hell an’ breath mint
Germans got theyselves a lightnin’-causing satellite
Yo tourists Europe’s not “Drink up it’s Amstel Lite.”
NGO’s? CIA’s ho’s
Arab Spring? CIA bling
Who got it right? Saudi King
Orange Rose revolutions?
CIA “colored folks” last ablutions
1940 US oil-embargoed Japan
Roos’velt knew Pearl Harbor happenin’
U. S. Navy broke “Jap” codes long b-fo
Fleet’s gangbangin’ by “Nip” Zeroes
Yet no FDR postwar hangin’
December 7, Two-oh-fourteen
A date that will live in Amy

Harvard lawyer Alan Dershowitz
He fo’ Condoleeza’s rendition of “towelheads”
Girl’s the Great Nation-Molester Americun’
Did her doctoral on gas fields of Kazakhstan
US Army now Commandos Neutron Tampons
Claw yo’ back with climbin’ crampons
Dersh’ penned the first ’01 pro-torture op-ed
9/11 the Great Civil Rights Cop-Out
Dersh’ mashed yo’ Civil Rights into Drivel Rights
Only Black Caucus and Net Set protested it
For all that torture we got sh*t
Not even per diem o’ monkey points
Guards killed Guantanomos, oink-oink
“CIA to World: Sit On It!”

Water hoarded
Global Bombing
Global Warming
Glacial Profiling
Facial recog’ robot dialing
Indentured servitude
Martha Stewart’s waiters in the nude
Scott Rudin gon’ be they din-din food
Gape-jawed nape-mawed
“Joan of Arc” actress Jean Seberg
Also starred: Godard’s film “Breathless,”
“I can’t breathe” (an’ it’s Meth-less)
We “The Young and the Restless,”
Jean-Pierre Melville’s “Les Samourai”
White-gloves on, edits out Jean’s eye
On da floor of “The Whistling Room”
Dupont’s “Foxcatcher” wrestling gloom
Gon’ feel some guilt...someday soon


Choke-hold on the President
Ferguson protest morgue residents
Alan Dershowitz renditioned
No COP release, just CO2 increase
Weathermen decide they gon’ cease
SLA in Philly greased
Panthers’ Hampton sent straight south
For havin’ his own self’s Chrysostom-mouth


Jean Seberg’s hero hogans tortured
By Masons CIA FBI and the unusual suspects
“Jean Seberg…should be neutralized,”
FOIA: FBI memo to J. Edgar, 5/6/70, (CHIEF ONLY, EYES)
No cameras please obscure her face
Not invented then a can of Mace
Signed LeBeau an’ Major Hofstedder
Girl pregnant by a Big Black Panther
J. Edgar planted stories in Hedda’s Hopper
Gossip Walter Winchelled, then the coppers
Kidnapped, tortured, raped, an opera
Eleven days later, Seberg’s body, Renault found
St. Joan of Arc in Paris stands gold-den gowned
A wild surmise with eagle eyes
Like a stout vulture
Silent on a speakin’ carrion


In Hebrew NINE plus ONE plus ONE alphanumerix
As 365 - days in a year’s Orouboros
What a coinc’ George Sorrows
Made Malaysia dolorous
Consumers rioted
Chinese dieted
Musta fo’got the Kryptos day code
Now it’s just a history net-node


“FBI Shot First at Waco
“Burned Eighty Kids Deader than Deadlier”
“Federal RICO Racket Spanked by Roger Federer,”
See Page Six CIA, MI-6, ISIS-tortured innocents
9/11 lies ordured US innocence
St. Joan of Arc Jean Seberg
Pregnant by a Panther
Freemasons clip those with longer anthers
Jean, they lost they moral compass
Our Glorious Leader Slim Shady Wampus
Big Man on Grampus
Like yo’ hero Scoobs
You don’ bereave it?
You Tube “National Security Alert,” believe it
They even got a 9/11
Co-conspirator to give up some
Yet bullsh*t’s done
Co-bullsh*t’s done

Read “Pilots for 9/11 Truth” website
That sh*t reads like a p*ss-storm plebiscite
Makes Vlad the Imp Putin
Look like an imp-POTUS to impeach Rasputin
Obama at his apogee
White House Fort Apache
“Gable Kills Cayne
“At Alamo Theater Chain”
Appointed Military Atta-shay
Sony stars in “Beau Geste,”
Props up that Aaron Sorkin pest
In studio parapets
Yet bullsh*t’s done
Co-bullsh*t’s done


Meanwhile, back at the Ofay Corral
White Devil news anchors get sex oral
Congressman Sonny “Sony” Bono
Skis into Mr. Bill’s Yoko “Oh no!”
Politicos the seventh sons
Of Argentinians
Adopt Lon Chaney
Richard “di*k” Cheney
Their B-movies, they just slay me
Rolling Stone retracts, rolls uphill
“UVA Controversy Rape Faked”
“Land sake alive! Go step on a rake!”
White frat boys like Strawberry Shortcake
Got mo’ strawberries then girls abortions fake
Campus blacks wear ‘fro straw boaters
Sippin’ chocolate egg cream sodas
That campus needs a lashin’
Fo’ they stupid fashions
Same thing with religion
Believe and you a pigeon
In a sect and tough
Get gut-shot by ATF
Umpteenth Century Literature
Professor Smattering’s signature
College of Lack of Knowledge
University of the Unacknowledged
Invisible Man go tell it on the No-Ledge
Took a final recourse in Suicide Studies
Was a slam-dunk ace taught by Dr. Fuddy Duddy
Professor Smattering an’ his Assistant Luddites
Deconstruct that sh*t, Post-Mod Klingon Ur-dikes


“Peter” Graves
Foreskin shaved
Barney builds cheese-radios
We all in Camp X-Ray Stupid-Gitmo
Femocrats fo’ Torture
Former Hippies for Political Ordure
Billary Al Gored-ya
Clinton caused September Surprise
Dem’ di*k Fuld “di*k Full di*k Fold”
CEO of Lay-man he wuz apprised
By FBI his bank would fall
Clinton pal took a six-month world golf jaunt
Why? To cause Bush econ’ ta tank
Hill’ landslides November ‘08

In Florida swamp Jeb’s whiskey
You winsky fo’ a finski
Monica she’s back-insky
If only we could vote
But ------- nope

Now white cops make race an issue
Tear gas it’s a j*rker
For the bad berserkers
Break out the Fritz Habers
An’ pass the cops they sabers
Like in Potemkin, Dostoevsky
A cop charge can be pesky
Civil War II
Comin’ a-choo


We’re Comin’ Up
Better “X” that prenup
Maybe it all maybes
But I don’ wan’ no babies
‘Cuz this world got rabies

Karl Rove White Housed double-dome
Bohemian Grove Rupert Moluch’s home
Got da fire in da belly
Open window, getting’ smelly
“Dearly beglovèd
“We are gathered here together
“In a witches’ coven
“To put a cowen in the oven
“If there be any Simon Lagree
“Who has reason to prevent this barrage
“From takin’ place, please stand
“So we can zipgun both yo’ ‘nads,”
In a single clip, style Mosul Islamabad

We three stops past Barking
Lord Ganesha now the Bar King
Lord of the Bling-Blings
Got his gimlet on Emma Watson
But Hermione’s got her hiney
On Harry Potter’s tiny
Rupert da Grint
Made off wit’ da mint
Unda metaphysical pillows
At da Buddha’s p*ssed Hotel
Now he meta-criminel
Lord Voldermort’s got gout
Now Rupert’s got da clout
Murdoch got his tail docked
By that red-head went off half-c*cked
Caught snoopin’ people’s poopin’
But Ed Snowden’s tapes?
Still bloopin’

Like Jesus Christ
The Romans iced
Got more palms an’ hay
Than Easter got Sundays
On da eighth day rang his mojo
Look out Notre Dame
They comin’ afta lames
In this the End Days
Burgers burnt at Wendy’s
Our freedom’s fried
We the human clone-meat
Jehovah we comin’, we gon’ meet
US-Europe da hippo sent to Crete


The hippo sent to Crete
Denied it was a creature
Because it sported human features

When questioned at Cretan customs
It scraped and lowed and mooed and bowed
To the customary doubts
Employed the usual nostrums
It japed and booed and soiled and howled

But turned back once, turned back twice
The poor hippo was turned back thrice!
Mr. Customs in his uniform so fine
Wondered aloud if hippos could be humankind
“Do you have a sparkle in your eye
“And a waltz inside your feet?”

“I can gargle, and I’m very good at sleep!”

“Can you fiddle
“Nail-bite nibble
“Do you even think?

“I can dribble
“I’m all middle
“And occasionally I blink!”

Turned back each time and much less nice
Nothing worked, not even hippo spice!

“Can you sing
“Do you speak Twaddle
“Can you cook while reading books?”

“I can swim
“I can waddle
“I can fish without a hook!”

“It takes more than that!

Finally, and with a voice KA-BOOMING
The hippo on two legs stood there LOOMING

The tired Customs man glared
Then stared and stared and stared
He did not care
Like a Duchess made of ice
He wasn’t very nice

Then suddenly Mr. Customs
Stamped the hipposterous passport
Shouting to two tubby assistants
Who’d fallen asleep in their drool
(Two little guppies had snuck in
To swim inside their nostrils
Till the assistants felt a double-trouble tickle
Ending with a sudden sneeze of fishy trickle
The guppies didn’t want to tumble
Into just anybody’s middles!
They safely hopped away into a barracuda’s muzzle

The assistants snapped awake
Blinked and waddled
Through their nasal muddle
To gape at a hippo on two feet with a hat
Standing there quite befuddled
As Mr. Customs shouted with a great big snort
“Let him through the back door quick!
“Like you two Cretans claiming to be human

Whoa-oh Whoa-oh Woah-oh
They comin’ afta lames
An’ shaggy hippo japes


It all easy as Tax Form E-Z
Z in Hebrew, “Weapon, To Cut Off,”
Like Kim, Z works her butt off
Why E at the end of vowels
Influence verbal bowels
Sumerian Pictogram
E a five-thousand-year-old
Erect phallus drawing
F upside-down triangle yawning
F-E-mal-E sums up sex
Sumerians say with F-E
Who gon’ get some next
Got a Jonathan Wild surmise
Gon’ be stout Cortez
Silent, on abecedarian leks

“Emma” Analemma Anal Emma Kate Beckinsale
Gettin’ summa George N Knightley
Three weddings an’ da gypsies’ funeral
Three Analemma criss-cross dates
Three Analemma criss-cross mates
Robert Walker Farley Granger
On that train criss-cross two strangers
Frat house pranks
Ain’ no Tom Hanks
As Roland Gift
All the Fine Young Cannibals
Playin’ at the Apollo
Jim Lovell ate Kevin Bacon
Took a Swigert Jack
Apollo XIII cancelled
Ran outta astro-snacks

Sliced white bread
Cut off da crust
Bleed to bloody death
Black bread’s gon’ up be dead
Pumper-nickel-plated barrel
Crackers hold that gun’s handle
April 12, 13, August Thirty
FDR poisoned, by April Twelved
Diana died near Aug-Three-Oh’s belfry
Paparazzo took Joan Rivers selfie
Analemma criss-cross August Thirty
No doubt about, that hit wuz dirty


Michael Brown mo’ bullet-griddled
Than the Wainwright Buildin’
Got four foreheads fulla bullet windows
While Barack, Nero, stands there, fiddles
Chagall’s “Fiddler on the Roof”
Ain’ that da troof
Mon ami Chagall’s my Amen corner
Admits that he’s the “wall-painter” coroner
Pretty as “Miss Saigon” poster
In the pages of The St. Lou’ Cipher
Story ‘bout we all just lifers
Better say yo’ Pater Nosters
“Ricky McCormick’s Mystery Code”
Like CIA statue’s Kryptos load
Ferguson Ricky body limed, the first one ho’d
Veiled threats Okay
Veiled Beyon-say No Way
White lies, “O-tay!”
Black lies, you flayed

John Brown lies a-moulderin’
Inside Peter Graves
Welcome to “Press the Flesh
“Embrace the Mess,”
Where is John Tesch?
Deep in Misery, J-Law MO-jo’d
Meat Jody Foster’s Hanni-beau
Wit’ that mask he Lecter
Wonder if he liked her

Got my G-dar
On da Zohar
“Fox News, this here’s Radar O’Reilly”
Really gon’ rile me
New Years’ Revolution
Drink up news pollution
Sham-pain Illin’-oy
Television killin’ joy
Happy New Fear 2015
“No one by Double-oh-sixteen
“Will be left alive.” - Gov Nixon

To Ferris Bueller f*cky Buller
Cool Hand McLuhan
Fox News mewlers
“The medium is the mensonge,”
The “Te Deum” goes unsung
There is no God butt god
An’ she named Kardashian
G. W. playin’ us like CIA’s “Great Wurlitzer”
Kim wet her trombone with a Pull-it-sir
Buttrenda Starr yo mo’ than ink n’ paper
Yo’ mo’ than Abe Lincoln’s sapper
Hungry like a maneater
Like the white guard at black Ford’s theater
“We journalists just missed it”
Goodbye, you kissed it
“WME tail-ent Agents Somehow Missed Cos’” (!)
America, just fist it

Augusto Pinochet, Salvador Allende
Vladimir Lenin, John Reed in the End Days
La vida es slain, yo
Agents don’t agent, writers don’t write
Studio with no dough, give up da fight
NYT editorial, “Was it not Tubal Cain
“Gave birth to Mad Bill Gaines?”
Intellectual Hefty sandwich baggies
Zip-lock the mind, preserve yo’ sanity
CIA four-poster boy, P. J. O’Dork
Republicans’ Mork
Mindy sez Save the Manatees
Yet she marries Sean Hannity


This just in
Douglas Kenney killed in a Chevy chase
James Deaned off a cliff
By Natalie, ‘Wood, what if
Moby got di*k’d
By Captain Rehab
National Lampooned by a bunch
Of SOB’s “They killed Kenney!”
Maybe he got Hawaiian punched
Laid there in pain fo’ three f-in’days
“Take over, Kato, I’ve got a hunch!”
“Quincy M.E.”
Episode 86’d
Chevy did da b*tch
Left ‘im in a ditch

His hip-hopera
No Madama aria

Torture terror Qaeda no Ralph Bunche
Isis name of Ibis statue on Hyde Park’s Serpentine
Harvard invented Napalm befo’ 1949
Firebombed Japanese cities wasn’t just Kim Phuc
Irish tortured, hunted fo’ they skulls they say “fook,”
Frederick Douglass Sojourner Truth
She smoked a pipe he taught Duluth
Bin Laden flattened but not 4-gotten
Had nuthin’ to do wit’ ‘01 Manhattan
WTC Pentagon, “It’s Space Invaders!”
Bin first denied it
Could not decide it
Took credit for the infidel
George Tenet’s sweatshirt
Raul Castro Fidel berserker lurk
Johnny Casino Animal Farm last scene
It’s not “Lassie” French-kissin’ Fredo nasty
Who killed that memory of Che Guevara
Fidel his back-stabber?
Moe Green a one-eyed Horus
Knocked-up a girl from da chorus
Nobody gon’ bring Che back
Abracadab’ cut ‘im no slack
Like Johnny Fontane
At the Copacaban’
Killed two Irish tenors
Paid the “house-painter”
Two thou’ an’ some tenners
Miss Vengeance comes in many colors
Hemorrhaged his juke box, Don Corleone
Horsehead in Epstein’s bed not Tea Leone
Behin’ every great fortune lies a crime
Fontane upped an’ fled federal confines
FBI at the wed’
He wuz all broke up
Half in the bag loosened the gag
Like Shaft on his final scene payphone
Made his bones
In the Game of Thrones
Bullet through his Atlantic City
Man that was sh-


SCHOOL backwards spells LOUCHES
At least for Harvard’s scaramouches
Now introducin’ Drew Faust Bargain
FBI shill good at arguin’
An’ da lady’s sidekick, Doctor of the Law
An’ Master of Guffaws
Cass “Son of Dershowitz” Sunstein
Supreme Court near-nominee:
“Conspiracies Are Dangerous
And Should Be Federally
Controlled” - you dangerous you troll
Professor Dangerfield
Who writes yo’ material?
Dersh’, give Crimson journalists
Face time wit’ yo’ class
sh*t’s beneath yo’ Cass
In Hebrew “Dersho” meanin’ “idiot,”
Charlie Chan three-peat
“Second son’s a nitwit.”


Joan Rivers, Prince Charles’ licensed jester
Allegedly murdered by Uncle Fester
“RU-486? it was Joan’s first trimester,”
Our prim anti-Prynne name of Hester
Pricked by a Hawthorne
A Star Is Boring
No mo’ vocal cording
Joan insulted Hamas and Shoah victims
Not to mention unmentionable sickdom
Prince Charles’ lady friends
Joan called them ho’s comin’ up wit’ lady bends
She shoulda notta mentioned saggin’ Betty Grable’s fins -
Boil, royal, toil and trouble
Why Joan bit off a shady end


Cass what’s under yo fedora
A Hasbro hula-hoop
Or “Torah Torah Torah”?
“Professor, the Phoney War callin’ from Bora-Bora…”
Yo’ book Nudge is THC poop-fudge
Rather read scoops of Drudge
Cass, Samantha’s Power addict
Claims he wrote The Declaration of Dependence
On Jefferson’s Constant-tootin’
Thinks he’s Superman
More like Frank Wuppermann
Got Samantha Powers

It’s the tenure track rat packin’
Take a back seat see the ack-ack-action
They fo’ da Phoney War
Good fo’ Bush-Clinton-Gore
Create a common enemy
An’ call ‘im Eminem an’ they
Unite the Peephole aroun’ da Anti-Muslim Caucus
Hollande say, “it’s da Muslims hurt far worse.”
Maybe true but on da other bandaged hand
ISIS got 20-20 Ex-gay vision
Philip K. di*k crushed in a collision
Jimmy D’s pure dork sausage
Up his 00-heaven
Sicko once tried to kill me
Wit’ Hadaka Jime
Neil Sedaka Jimmy
“Naked Strangle” hold
Wit’ they “Flame…ON!” bold
They be lamin’
Think da final light shines out they Cass
“Meat Depress”
Wash it down with punks steamed
“I’ll have a West Wing
“Pass da Cranberries
“Irish band a condiment
“Fine Young Cannibals
“Pogue(s) mahon
“Waiter, this frank is sandy,”
Who killed John Candy?

Eric von Zipper
Win it for the Gipper
Ray-gun O’Bammer
Clickgun, where’s Trigger
Cosby, he’s Bigger
It’s worse than Wolfowitz-Pearl
Wearin’ neck towels, hands-out
Runnin’down Green Zone halls
Like Thatcher’s Fawlty Tower
KA-BOOM, “Neo-Con Got Steam Punkt.”
What’s in the trunk, krump?
Man that sh*t is bump
MI-5 p*ssed they panties
Rendered aunties
Worse than Wolfowitz-Pearl
Actin’ on information scanty
They straight gormless manatees

It’s “reported” Through a Scanner Darkly
News anchor Charles Barkley
Smashed da plate glass window
Spat at a heckler, technical fowl
Yo Barkley, who killed Barnaby Jack?
White hat hacker at the Black Hat
Wi-fi’d pacemakers made ‘em jump
Wi-fi’d insulin pumps made folks slump
Jackpotted ATMs by malware an’ RF
Crash an’ Cash, Black Hat Conference
Black Irish be our Sgt. Swa-Healey
“Dead of an O.D. an’ pills” -
No man, bein’ too smart kills

You Pin the Zipped Head
Chagall unscrews the Crip’s head
Man got butt “Two Brains”
Steve Martin occult reference
Head’s gonna need some Bufferins
Hollywood got Washingroomed
‘Wood filled with fixer goons
Tony Pellicano dropped some “fish”
Was it OJ paid his pelican bills?
Musta been green in that home’s fist
Kilgore Trout, Lensky’s duel in Russian mist
Hemingway’s Last Supper a shotgun shell
FBI dogged him straight to Hell -
When we gon’ lance that Pat Tillman cyst?

But I don’ mind I ride a Harley
‘Cross a page fasterthanCharlieBarkley
Got mo Rhimes than homegirl Shonda
Gonna buy her show a brass ballz chimichanga
Girl, Al Stanley’s over sixty
Now we gon’ see if she can write her way out
Of an Old Betty White Bag Hefty
Mr. Grant not be there to make it deftly
Girl gon’ be buried wit’ doggie bag lefties
Girl put da fun back in funeral, me attend? F.T.!

I’m a dissident refusenik
In the Ghoulish Archipelago
Paprika’d Tanganyikan
Wore his Nikes leakin’
A David Rockefeller
An Archimedes seeka
Unfortunately in a heated beaker
I’m a population displaced
Up da volume in diss place
Up da volume in Dis space
Hollywood you reeka

No noose is good news
No news is ‘hood noosed
Say Reverend Sharpton-Farrakhan
His twin bro’ be Abraham Foxman
Through Philip Glass Charles Barkley
“Queer cohorts” in a dark blur
‘S like that Marx Bruthas routine
Leo McCarey’s “Duck Soup” mirror scene

Racism’s ZTUPID = DI PUTZ, Era: Obscene


In da US like in Cuba
Best say nuthin’ you might get Martin buboed
Plagued from fear to ear-regardless
Of yo’ color o’ yo’ age, Negronymous
Jones “In Living Color” da singin’ agronomist
Taxi Driver 911-day got hisself just missed
Name’s Lloyde England
Lamp post hit, “lost his spine,”
Began to whine on One-One-Nine
Later on, admitted it, he ain’ no hero
Blast of the Mohicans Robert Deniro’d
Pentagon lamp post hit taxi but not a dent
‘Cept da Prezident
See “National Security Alert” on You Tube
Get off yo’ ass ya cable boob tubes
13 witnesses, one Paul Krugman
“Quincy W.M.E.” right as Jack Klugman
“CIA K-Y’d da Pentagon
“Plane came in an’ went again
“Color: Joel Silver, had a Charlie Sheen,”
Security guard saw it
Up close, Pentagon heliport
Line up said facts and rake a belly-snort


White folks black folks we all da same
Jean Seberg, Fred Hampton
Breitbart, Russert, Valerie Plame
Masons think eye’s in yo’ palm
Hampton, Malcolm, Martin bombed
Susan Lindauer ass-sylumed
Sibel Edmonds FBI-slammed
Jorg Haider in his Phaeton Wi-fi jacked
Fascist nut by Israeli assassins carjack-cracked
Meanwhile Jeff Spicoli must’ve just slacked
“Return to Sakharov Island,”
Dude, I’m bummed
Watch it on NSA the Prism Channel
Got mo’ color bars than Terrycloth Flannel
Poison poised Miss Saccharine
Vicki Morgan silenced again
This time by an acronym
NASA our space MASSAH
Ground zero Tracy Morgan sidelined
By that insult after injury
Satellite Rosetta “Temple of Philae”
Harpoons asteroid for white lillies
Like da opera soap “Aryans’ Hope”
Starrin’ Anders Breivik what a dope
Edgar Allen “Fall of the House of Asteroid”
Masons gon’ be Pretty Boy Floyd
We be enslaved
By the veriest Knaves
Bad as Second Manassas
Don’ pay no taxes

No noose is good news
No news is ‘hood noosed
Bad as Second Manassas


Amy Rascal CEO of Sony
Now GTO of phony
“Amy Data-Dumped by Disgruntled Employee!
“Stealth Promo for ‘Interview’?”
Shouts The Hollywood Deporter and Buh-riety
But not, “Who Ankled the Shots at USS Liberty?”
French-Algerian-Jewish TV personality
Eric Zemmour in France’s media:
“We should deport all Arab immigrants.”
But French black comedian Dieudonné
Fo’ a “Hate Speech” got b*tch-slapped:
Sketch was Ariel Sharon on Hitler’s staff

Fortune sez, “Ari Emmanuel’s a lunatic!”
Mayor Rahmbo’s son rear-chokeheld by a stick
But he no “Sambo” so on the sly, it’s fixed
Michael Richards, 33 De-gree seig
Heils the N-word at his anti-N gig
Sarah Silverman “I love Chinks!”
Jon Stewart disses Irish
If comedian be Italian, Jewish
Slap on the wrist, no big newish
Slap on the face
If a different race
Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart
Michael Richards
What’s up with slap-hap’ b*tches
When did Hate Speech
Turn the color black?
Hollywood calls blacks “schvartzes”
Why there no “Nate Speech” choruses?

Racist Giuliani ghoul-iani’d
Empire State carpaccio’d
America by blizzards snowed
Tongue of Queen Hel b*tch is cold
“Klone Dike Descends Past Chicago”
Pascalgate all over Gawker
Salon and The Newd Yorker
Doug Feith and Nathan Pollard
Got they bad selfs collared
“Good grief, Michael Brown, we Captain Dreyfus
“Persecuties like Shoah victims given Typhus!”
Man, that Wailing Wall know how to holler
Louder than Paul Robeson after
Wife left lipstick on Rasputin’s collar
But Israeli hospitals threw out Ethiope blood
Even though it be Kosher, Holy City a racist ‘hood
Holocaust ain’ no Pollard
Get over it, spy collared

Amy knows who killed Paul Walker
But torture Homey, Aim’ gon’ be no talker
Yippee-ki-yo mutha-Fukiyama
That’s a tsunami water-boarder
Walker knew CIA birth control doses in da salt pills
Typhoon Haiyan aid workers CIA shills
Put poison in da poor’s rations
Auto-asphyxiation nation
Secret war against da rabble
Permanent sterility fo’ hardscrabbles
“Give us Jim Belushi!” be a fat-ass Barabbas
The rest is all boo-hoo Boko “furkini” tohu-bohu
Google-Sat-Map’s Yogi Bear and Boo-Boo
Walker died 28300 Rye Canyon Loop – oops!
Homeland changed the crash-site address
Whut next on “Big Brother” Bruce Jenner in a dress?
On the net Wiki Google Nettin’-Yahoo censored
“The Simpletons” Homer Simpson got hisself profiled
By Google Sat Map control freak Froot Loops
Masons mess da Goog’ Maps somethin’ awful
Check it out NASA sat App
While at work yo’ take yo’ catnaps
Wiki secretly’s patrolled
By Google-heimer net trolls
Homeland Securilapse

“Brianstorm” Arctic Monkeys Fast and Furious
Auto-graph seekers nast’ and curious
Who be the next Brian to be murdered?
By April Twelve, called Sunday Quasimodo
Anutha Brian bit by R. Mutt an’ Gurdjieff
Speakin’ of Duchamp an’ other artist chimps
LHOOQ, qui cyber-humped
Michael Hastings’ brake pumps?
The Fonze, Maynard G. Krebs, Dobie Gillis illin’
The Professor, Roy Hinkley, L’il Buddy Gilligan?
Who chilled Michael Hastings?
Chilling effect from a chillin’ defect
Installed by cyber Jack-the-Gipper rejects

Second verse same as da hearse:
Who killed pacemaker-hacker Barnaby Jack?
Hacker wore a white hat not jet black
Wi-fi’d Hastings took a pasting
Near 6606 Melrose Ave., C-4 basting
An’ 666 North Highland Ave., a Wi-Fi Beasting
What an address-coinc’
Missed by an inch
Hastings burned bare on a Google Map crucifix
Black body charred, ‘dentified by fingerprints
Paul Walker’s tree no dent no burn
Musta been the Grinch
Who stilled John Hughes, Russert, Breitbart?
Wasn’t Lisa’s slight Bart
Fearless Leader an’ his Cubs’ cheerleader?
That no seventh inning stretch
Yeah like that di*k “Fletch.”
Mob took out Gandolfini
Near da Vatican’s Castel Gandolf, eeny
Meeny miney mo, catch a mobster
Last pho-to, James between Egyptian death god baboons
Enters a crypt, Phila-delphia (“Love of the Brothers”) lampoons
Freemason criminal couple took that pic, gadzooks!
What a coinc’
Pic’ of da lynch


Aim’ Rascal coulda been a Supergal
But Krypto-night housed her fight
Now she’s Dennis Rodman’s pal
b*tch needs COLORADO anagram
ODAR O’ LOG and a gram
In Hebrew C is Big “G”
Smokin’ sh*t Beyon-say Jay Z’s
Det. McClane elevator vid’ pink ha-zee


Ben Affleck built a panic room
Now he E. Garner’s panicked groom
Runnin’ from da Boston Mara-BOOM
di*k’s gone girl, got big bazooms

Meanwhile, Catholic Chris Farley got 666’d
Hollywood Walk of Stars at ‘Wood Bl. 6300
Got X’d just befo’ Xmas at 33 the age of Jesus
‘Wood, why 3 sixes? the Beast be us


David Frost MS Cunard Line the Queen Elizabeth
2013 Aug. 31 Frost died same day Diana did
Poisoned by Diana Rigg
Not far from Joan Rivers’ gig
John Steed sinks Brian O’Goner
“Hoisted on Frost’s own connard,”
Richard Connell’s “Most Dangerous Game”
Count Zaroff to host “Dangerous Fame”
“Frost / Nixon’’ cost Frost his sun
Nixon’s frost cost everyone
“’Survivor’ show cancelled -
“Ancillary rights bungled
“Co-production fumbled
“Bumstead, get in here!”
Amy Dagwood deadwood
TEMP-ur-a culture
di*k “The Gorilla” Fuld
Pariah penny stock shock-jock
Jacked and Chilled
Took the $ ran up the bill
When will he be politely killed?

Prime Minister Magwitch Thatcher
Tony O’Blair Oligarch Cameron
“The Queen purred down the line
“When I gave her the news” Scotland’s
Sturgeon, Salmon, both cooked up fine
With a bit of lemon
Miss Salmon, Mr. Sturgeon, a bit of Union
Jack the Ripper Eric von Zipper
Put some butter in and a dash of gipper
London speaks Russian Boris Johnson
“Crimea takes Brixton
“Everybody’s a binner!”
Hoist the vodka drink a Joan Collins
What a coinc’
Sons lost six inch

Across the pond
The Atlantic Gulch
Global Warming
World turned 2 mulch
Gormless arming
Perpetual warring
Polonius be illed
Polonium stilled
Paddington “the Little Bear”
Likes trains up his rear
Things are bollocksed
River phoenixed
I’m da hand scene
In “Deliverance.”

Who stood to gain? Cops say
Qui bono’d River’s Bottom
Who stood to gain?
B.O. Leo got three of River’s pix
Wasn’t Spartacus
In that next-to-final scene
Leo wearin’ T-shirt Je suis Abdo
Or Ronnie Chasen-ed after “Burlesque,”
Cops: “Musta been a black and angry teen”
You Berle-esque

Alas, poor MCA and 2Pac
Goodnight, sweet princes
You died befo’ yo’ rhyme
Life’s a bitter lime
Diseased befo’ its time
Let flights of Angies
Sing yo’ to yo’ weep
While we the castle keep


“On Boo-Berry Hill”
By Jeff Free Upstein

Huma an’ Hill’ ran up da Bill
To “Fletch” Ep-stein of Werdna
Andrew fell down
An’ lost his crown
And Bill came tumblerful after

Huma Abedin Anthony’s Weiner
Tweeted selfies of his peener
His pants fell down
He lost his crown
His peter came tumblin’ after

Monsieur Republican Guillotine
Lopped off a Libber-teen
Lewinskied down Mount Herman
Got away wit’ political incest
Cos’ he’s fo’ FEMA-liberation

Jean Renoir lost his illusion
Had to stop production losin’
Used up da ice in Gladje-Frusen
Hollywood sho’ be confusin’
But not so much as Washing-boozin’

Hillary knows Booty v Barnaby
Famous case, sailors seen da ghost of Booty
Devil chased ‘im into Hell, 19th Century
Tripped over da lip of Stromboli
Widow sued so somberly
She lost, (witnesses numbered thirty)
Moral of this sad story:
Po’ boy Bill
Came over da Hill’
No Accounts amount to nil


Star whackers chasin’ Randy Quaid
Freemasonic killers trackin’ his housemaid
In da getaway car he an’ girlfrien’ got da jitters
Play a game of Scrabble while da world titters
‘Whackers kill change da star’s Last Will
Randy hidin’ cross da border not a hassle
Didin’ wannabe square burger at White Castle

“Ten Highest Word Scores
“Wit’ Eight Scrabble Tiles
“Sums Up Recent History”
Jacquard (333) invented da loom
Led to computers by Chutzpah (333)
(333 plus 333 = 666)
Wheezily (324) Highjack (315)
Quixotry (315) Mitzvoth (315)
Brezhnev (315) Quixotic (306)
Hangzhou (306) an’ Flapjack (306)
Adds to 2015 Chinese Year of da Randy Flagon
Sold to Klondikes at da Big Dipper Wagon

Hey man why no Ladies Dragon
No high-powered women heart-attacked
Just men who stoke Bush-Clinton-‘Bama’s flacks
Suddenly they Hillary-Bush-Cheney-Barack’d
Stabbed in the back and rat-a-tat-tat
HBCB’d not Debby Harry CBGB
Rip Hill’ to shreds She Be G, B’
D. B. Cooper solitary Alcatraz’d
Breakout rap sheet parachute pzazz
If da sharks don’t get you, Devil Taz’
Who killed Jimi Hendrix wit’ an OD fix
“Taxi Driver” didn’ save poor Belushi
Ace Greenberg, Private Eye
Pimplicated in the ‘08 Biz-aster
di*k Fuld but got a Blankfein
“You talkin’ to me?
“You talkin’ to me?
“Well I’m the only person in this doom…”

What happened to Paul Schrader
Last of the Lost Ark Raiders
Snowed downh-illin’ like in “The Player”
Snakebite paddy-whack
Give the dog a bone
Gov Nixon lissens in on evybodeez fones
Public got sicka Sixties’ head-cokes
Puked Three Strikes Yo’ Out Go N Git Smoked

Schrader seppukued his Big Fat Career
“The Dying of the Light” very light sleeper
“I’m not Rappaport: Inside the Remake”
No need to pay, Paul, keep the gate
Dead Christian baby thrown down da chimney
“Partridge Family” film found by stunned family
Rapper porte J. Edgar Poe, quoth the Raven
Nevermore a maven Amen I’m leavin’
Y’all won’t find me in Vineyard Haven
J. Edgartown or Martha Pinioned
Try Exclamation Lake
Gon’ be yo’ final take
Hand gon’ yo’ hand shake
Then da Leo snores


Schools cut out tongues
Of the very young
Anthem’s sung
From teachers’ bungs

“America buys new anthem
“’The Star Spengler’d Spanner’
In da works, written by Justin Bieber
An’ Patches the Clown
Rainbow Warrior Mitteranded down
“Save River Amphibians
“From the Namibians!”
Leo Die Cap ecologist
Gon’ save da poison Pufferfish
Phoenix River you are mist
Arsenic down his cochlea -
Better than a nuclear
River strychnined by a bear
Fiddlehead Fern cooked in a thimble
Homeland Security’s first lame symbol?
Pinkeye in a pyramid
Horus peerin’ down
What’s with that NY shmira sh*t?
It all Sauce Ferdinand
Bullsh*t painted on Hawkeye surgeon’s pinion
“Falcon Crest” with Lubavitcher minions
Frederick the Great
“Falconry is Fate.”

I thought it was Will Charles and Kate



Ain’ no moral to this story
‘Cept life is Deadward Gorey
Only diff’? in ancient times
They had mo’ rhymes
Corrupt courts like Naples’ whores
Black man freed after two score
Freemasons walk
Y’all Bob Mapplethorped
Dunkin’ fo’ an apple
In crabapple Snapple
America the Baffled
Border thwarted
Raising walls in Arizona
Raisins in da solar
Raffle got some molars
Punched out handful
Face contorted
Or so reported
“Facts distorted”
Molars make good dice
Snake-eyes, roll ‘em twice

Mo’ pussies in the ‘Wood
Than “The Wood’-man” in two pussies
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon
21 Club Christians by Satan bakin’
33 Obama Hillary Jebediah Reagan
Duh ‘conomy’s run by Donald Fagin
“Land Sykes, call Jarndyce & Jarndyce!”
In room 2022 Nancy anorexic
Ron dies Terminal Dyslexic
Wizened by Dr. Alan Heimer
“Dissed, hex, hic!
Sinatra, Satan, sold many DSK’s
In with the Fisc’
Out wit’ tenor micks
Never did a perp walk
Brought mob money laundered
In his Hello Kitty (Kelley) luggage, money squandered
Ron freed the Russian-Jewish mafia
Like Cyrus of Babylon so they could off ya’
President’s Taste of the Onion Speech
Brought tears to his Ides
Declaration of Depends
United States Constipation
Tea Party vs. Tease Party He-ice-t Party
Tongue-Twister garbled
Prez lost his Demosthenes marble
But there’s somethin’ plent’ mo’ horr’ble
Buckingham Palace Sandringham Estate
Screws skulls to wall

Mo’ Larry Curly pussies in the ‘Wood
Than Seven –‘Leven Slushies could
Mo’ pussies in the ‘Wood
Than Pearl Harbor seamen sushi
Put yo’ hands up, Charles Foster Kane
And his Sallay Suzies
This gun is Guchi

Sign up the ‘Wood
Sign up the ‘Wood
If only Sony stood
‘Gainst disgruntled ‘Wood
‘Gainst laid off cyber hoods

Gruntled Dis
Employees p*ssed
They passed over
Amy’s Range Rover
Speed bumped off
Turn yo’ head an’ cough
Amy’s finger fickled
Yo’ fo’skin slit BPUH
Maltese Bipp’d
Metzitzah b’peh
Suction Rabbi Oral
Her pleased

Becuz’ those frackin’ cyber-pirates
Blocked by Sony’s NAND gates
Caused Oaklahoma-to-Oakland frack-quake
Balaclava headgear turfin’ poppin’ mimin’
Got angry buyin fool’s gold iron pyrite
At “sexism sale on aisle nine” Buy Rite
Silicon Valley
Sortie and sally
Stealth malware
Wiped CEO gal’s rear
Unicorn horn’s torn from a Narwhal

Dis grunts
Sony punts
Allen Funt’s
“Candid Camera” stunts
Only tourists drive past IMAX near Gower
“All the Boys Love Mandy Lane”
“All the Girls Love Andy Vain”
Head-shape of Islands Andaman
In Arthur Doyle and on “Conan”
The 24-hour Cannibal Channel
Chief Thief Mike L. Reese
Author Ed Conlon Officer of the Piece
My Last Supper funded by da Po-lice
Ben-Evil-Lent So-Sigh-Itty
Bitty “Ben” (“son of”) sung by Jackson in that rat movie
Judas Is-“Carrie”-ot shut down that p*sser Sony
Name of island, Coney
Kewpie dolls can –
Or was it Ari-kiri
“Liaison, Kyrie”?
On “Hit”ler’s mountain eyrie
King Ludwig McDuck
“Hit”ler need be deloused
“Gilmore Girls” name of Nevada cathouse
“Leave It to Beaver”
Wall-y immured needs a cleaver
Why they call kid “Beaver”
“Cask of Amontillado”
sh*t’s high-grade Colorado

Or was it the FIB See-Ya
First time sh*t is good
Both sides the body politic:
Reason to attack
Promo for our flacks
Who dumped da coiled dada
A kind of false flag Intifada
In Sony halls so say-crud
CLOSE ON: Power naked
Scientology Temple Celebrity Center film
Amy Semple in a silver nitrate kiln
“Harry Potter Pooh-Bears A. S. Milne”
MacPherson doin’ Charlie Chaplin Foster Kane
On Hearst’s yacht with Jimmy “Bailout” Cayne
“I never snorted Rogaine!”
The Monarch bays through a septum’s wane
Man’s last word sacred yet profane
Bridge scene, “Richard III”
Hoarse whisper - with a dying fall



The State Department of Sony
Pentagon Brangelina’s Burner Barn
Mexi-cago rip crew yarn
Angie’s cosmetic chicken pox
Paparazzo turned into lox
In Micky Cohen’s Deli, bagels and Glocks
Finagle-boy Geffen’s shicksa goy
Chi-town (not anymore) Mayor Rahmbo Emanuel
Operation Northwoods Manual
WME William Morris End-devour
WME repped Bill Cosby til Two-oh-12
Uh-oh! “W hat M y E rror?” “Pudding” elf
My T-Fine on that prison shelf
Ripped script “purchasers”
Hollywood’s den of thieves, Lurch a sir’s
Hat grabs an skull open sesame, CLOSE TO REVEAL
The Unusual Suspects of Island Scriptsteal
Ari Emanuel DUI Bloody Mary-Stu Mark Wahlberg
McFarlane who freed three hostage Stooges
ISIS for its Team Six feral urges
Now we be watchin’ Preston Sturges’
“Hail the Conquered Babylon”
While our hero prattles on
‘Bout sad press purges
Russert, Hastings, David Frost an’ Breitbart
Four horsemen of Erin Brokovich
An’ that blackface Djokhar
Did Bush, Obama impersonations
Died of “super jet lag,” did ‘Bama favor
Presidents’ precedent: Bram Stoker
Brian Williams’ “Ari’s scorched earth policy”?
Brother Rahmbo will “pull it!” on the polity
WTC Masonic WTCh-ery
Manhattan E-W streets Stonehenge sunset history
One World looks like a whitewashed pyramid
Half-painted by G. W. or St. Tom Sawyer
Mob’s “carpenters” dispose of dead bodies
“We’ve Only Just Begun” an’ other oddities
Diana’s “sawyer” an’ Dodi’s “house-painters”
FEMA’s telegenic fainters
Fallin’ from One World praise it to da rafters
PBUH Islamic for “Praise the Prophet”
Diminished to “Poobah” just to mock it
What you think, they not gonna sock it?
World One sun, reflected eye of Horus
Still no Greeks in a growing chorus
Neither is there Chuckles Norris
He got shot by Natasha’s Boris
30 Rock, Hudson, End Days Doris
Pass the Clorox
Bleach an’ Borax
Brain cell that holds a cold September day
One-hundred jumpers, the fire or The Way

Catch “National Security Alert” on You Tube
9/11, Pentagon, KY-lubed
We in the NASA 119th SAROS cycle
71 Azoth eclipses zodiacal
Clooney, Mason, not a word
Damon, treason, must have heard
Affleck’s “Argo” Naylor’s turd
In Brad Pitt’s palm the eye of Berg
Mad Magazine 9/11 fold-in FAA GR-ID
America frack-foldin’ FCC GIRD
Jim Jones’ Kool-Aid psychotronic cult
Steven Bridges hung from Satan’s Bridges
Killed by jet lag on 3/3, who the b*tches
Work for top 33 Degree? Trigger finger itches
Mr. T, George Peppard sprayed by Fergie’s snitches
TV CIA–controlled, news anchored by David Spayed
Goliath Scott be Rudin’ President: “He’s a spade!”
Obama no response to vile insult
Freemasons say we all gon’ get culled
Each Presleydent the public lulled
Stealth Promowood
Stealth Promowood
Stealth Promowood
Hamlet shrieks to high heaven hell
Den of Mark stinks like “high” mavens, YELL

TWO-oh TWO-oh YOU Owe $ Fifteen

Election upcomin’
Both sides got plenty nuthin’
“Sony Party Debates FBI Party”
Tea Party got no smarties
The United States Constipation
Declaration of Depends
First time Good Ol’ sh*ts
On both sides da body politic:
Reason to attack
Promo for our flacks

What’s black ‘n’ white
An’ read all over?

Amy an’ Barack’s
Weddin’ bed covers

Virgin Branson
My, he’s handsome
Better take a hansom
“Chantilly lace and a Napalmed face
“Buddy and Big Bopper aced
“Don’t talk back.”

Amy betta buy a bodega
Yo’ frenemies had theyselves a kegger
Served up cheese from da Island Smegma
Now you gimme-gotta-Gotti
Pray to Haitian voodoo god Inna Gadda
Da Vida Pik-a-chu an’ Poke-a-mon like a Lego Legba
CEO Lisa “Miss Piggy” Henson
Only lost Sony money $two-billion
An’ it’s a “and then some,”
Makes Amy look like she Armageddon fencin’
“Italian Stallion Pulverizes Ensigns,”
Aim’s gon’ be in super Cali’ frail Jill lipstick
Ex-peeled Alba Duchess -
Girl be ex pee-alley ‘trocious
Sent to bed without no sup
Aim’s ready fo’ her close-up

Sony’s Lisa Handsom available on Yo’ Tube
Girl got her Boobs Tubed
I’d love to fraggle that Sgt. Rock
Made it on her second back
At The Harvard Lampoon
She can pogue mahon
Pee-pole movin’ in
Pee-pole movin’ out
Amy losin’ billions
Of her dollar clout
“Ghostbustiers: Reboobs”
Starring Sony’s Adolf “Hit”-ler
Scott Rudin an’ Granma Whistler
Anutha Bette-noir Middler
Lina Wertmüller
Re-makes “Ferris Bueller,”
Brian Williams NBC News Wanker:
“I Am Amy’s Elvis-baby Rising!”
National Bumcasting Corporation
Who killed the scenes with Ernie Hudson?
Blackactorbusters, you like da Coens’ Munson
Amy “Racist” Riefenstahl
Re-edits “Freddy Krueger”
Madoff wit’ Fonzie’s Ponzi money
Blackfriars Bridge honey
Hidin’ in da bunker
Wit’ a mutha-clunker

Rhymes I got a killion
“Interview” sucks Sicilians
Let’s give it da boot
Franco’s such a snoot
Seth Rogaines hairy hogans
God of darkness hung a loogar
At Granma Grauman’s he be da golden booger
Tony Perkins hotel too bad no shower scene
Water drains too bad no Toluene
James Franco still playin’ dayd
Hacktor needs a womp upside da hayd
Sony got hacktored
On da “James Franco Factor”
Speak of da livin’ dead actors
Like da “Archons” episode on “Star Trek”
Six o’clock Temps Clair Landru
Guillotined on a Paris map
Influenced ‘‘Monsieur Verdoux’’ (Charlie’s Chap’)
(Portrait closer than ASAP)
171, Pas sage Landrieu
Near Pont de l’Alma
Diana’s haunt, Club Albacore
Linea alba “My Last Duchess”
Preggered up by a p*nis on crutches
Full moon tonight uh-oh she’s sore

What a coinc’
Missed by an inch


Epstein, Andrew
Ghislaine, Maxwell
Pas sage St.-André
Taken away on Satan’s dray

Second British Invasion
Same as the first!
Brought Beatles’ Ebola contagion
Hysterical, we hang, together we bang
Orgone Box, Wilhelm Reich, R. D. Laing
World goin’ out wit’ ‘Lesters, Bang
Robert Maxwell Charlie Hebdo’s “Mr. Mogul”
Did it wit’ a Mowgli ogled
“Oh Mogul, you’ve done it again!”
Magoo an’ Murdoch got ‘way wit’ sh*t
“’The Simpletons’ a great big hit!”
“Mr. Epstein can you sign my mitt?”
When they gon’ keel they accuser
Demanded money fo’ they abuse her
Alan’s Redshowitz “won’t stand up in court”
Tell it in “Bud Cort”
Better call Phoebe Advo-Cates
Girl rents a hot video
Explain yo’ case to Judge Reinhold
Work that gavel, Judge
Dersh’ hires Cass Sunstein’s Nudge
Martha Stewart, Drew Guilty Faust
No help not even Mighty Mouse
“The Cosby Show” Miss Huxtable
She’s handicap-accessible
For Epstein’s Andy Capp a Jezebel
But she’s the wrong color: visible
Fill out da form y’all
At I’mnasty International

Our planet’s been molested
Trees planted, polyester
Rich are hated ‘cept fo’ Hugh Manatee
Changed his name, advice of his manager
Claims to be the people’s candidate
But today, Hugh lives in Mandalay
Only honest Kafka’s Klamm is Kim
Future of the world
Lookin’ kimchi dim

Yet Katie Couric cheerleads dudes
High school gunners snipe up da ‘Wood
Rahm the sign up West Hollyblood
Ramonage that chimney, drain da public sump
Interview Lydia Lunch, assassinate Forrest Gump
Get thee to a gunnery or a model’s runaway
Writer for Dr. Ruth Westheimer former IDF sniper
Sexologist just missed targets wearin’ diapers
“Always young males, blame the NRA”
Not snippin’ surgeons, guns p*nis substitutes
Unconscious anger, “I’m the 8th old man I’m ‘enery
Injury the VIII I am.” Analemma 8-shaped like a noose
Aroun’ Place Bobby Sands at Parc Malnou
Park Badly Knotted, where’d da town go to?
Boko Haram wiped two towns off da infra-red
Homeland Security French Intel wiped Parc Malnou
Whuts drawn now ain’ da real town it’s Khartoum
Hebdo twenty minutes from Paris near Disneyland
Hom.S. changed that Google Map silly goose
Parc was befo’ a subliminal sicko Dr. Seuss
Streets on da Google January 2-zip-1-5 not even close
sh*t, this The Butter Battle, or “Father Goose”?
Ministry of info
Ministry of Infaux

Delfeil de Ton criticized Mathieu Pigasse
(No relation to Kardashian’s)
In Nouvel Observateur, of Charb’, (editor of Hebdo)
“He dragged the other editors to death,”
Now 54 arrested for exercising Free Speech
Everyone except Hebdo himself impeached
Who’s next da Pope
Punched his mother-insult out
Silk verse not worth a sow’s ear
The Sonytanic Verses
Everybody livin’ in ‘Wood-to-Paris fear
sh*t we all locked in The Goulag Charliehebdo
It’s like some priest-exorcised orange-flavored banjo
Took by da spirit of L’il Black Sambo
Br’er Rabbit playin’ ‘Duelin’ Djangos’
Tracy Eminem wrapped in candy spangles
Spike Lee does white movies subtitled by da Bangles
Whiter than Polish gov’ in a blizzard’s Mickey glove
Whiter than Nikola Tesla’s white dove sicky-love
I seen some immured Leonardo Graffiti he be sprayin’
“Iz Paris Bombin’?” inside da Crystal Palace cave-in
Solzhenitsyn he could eat sin, Dostoevsky
Mornin’ he “executed” grabbed his Asbo
Laughed so hard, read himself da Patriot Act Up
Fake Cop Riot Act or Is Dat de Facto
Three-Fifths Bompromise
pus*y Riot turf-krumpin
Golden roof of red-faced Kremlin
Putin knocked up RU-486
Chagall fiddlin’ on da church’s roof
Seems like art, propaganda, whut iz da troof
“U-571” Enigma broke by Poles not U.S. or English
Why England entered war to save Poland
Not in John Bull’s strategic interest
Led to disaster at Dunkirk
Brits over-expanded couldn’t cover flanks
Like Spy an’ dat dumb Kurt don’ know crank

Ben Gurion dabbled wit’ da Buddha
Ariel Sharon ate snack locusts
(Shlomo Sand, pages 85-86
How I Stopped Being a Jew)
Tirade or a tie raid
Lynch mob wit’ a slip knot
Can’t un-tirade it not even Mingus
Wit’ all eleven fingers an’ hands humungus
Depends from which government they dun’ hung us
Mussolini at da Pentagon
Decorates a lamp post
Taxi Driver Rahmbo?
Brianstorm’s fat ammo

Stand up an’ salute
False flag in cahoots
Moroccans tortured on our dime
“Saudis Behead Sorceress
“Crowd Stones Adulteress”
International Lord of Crime
Jeb Bush next in line

Here da hundred-proof
Evidentiary post-script strychnine no goof:
Day after 1-7 sh*t happened, midnight January 8-9
Top French Police Commish Helrick Fredou
“Shot hisself” wit’ his service revolver
(Often a sign of Freemasonic involvement
No powder burns on da man’s hands)
Fellow cops say, “He died of depression, burnout”
Shot wit’ a bullsh*t straight through da earn-out
Suspected foul play pay-off copout, b*tch
One year earlier da previous Keystone Kommish’
Found dead in his office shot in da head
Found by Helrick Fredou now he be dead
Mirror image occult flip it both men tread
On dangerous areas in top cop investi-gays-shun
Strange Twilight Zone when cops be Masons
Helrick workin’ on Charlie Hebdo
Now he’s wit’ Gandalf an’ Hobbit Bilbo
Baggin’ two Commissioners
At a convenience store-like straight-massacre
Death of vicious caricaturists
Good fo’ Sarko good fo’ Hollande
Good fo’ Marine Le Pen da FN Golem
Allowin’ France to shut down freedom
“You cannot free dem”
From da Gilligan-otine
No mat’ whut you do
We still rhymin’ an’ Bastille-in’ –

What a coinc’
Missed by an inch
Musta been a film
By David Lynch
I got mo’ rhymes than
Joan Rivers’ “Blue Velvet” cords
“Polanski Extradited by the House of Tracy Lord”
He’s set to remake “Le garcon aux cheveux verts”
Starring Dean Stockwell an’ Zazu Pitts
Harry Dean Stanton an’ two Jesuits
But don’ bet on big boxin’ it
Jacques Prévert, scenariste

sh*t’s Luciferian, Helrick Fredou’s
Body found 1/9 2015 in a hell rick, he a Fredo
Wa’n’t spaghetti afraid o’ 119 Abomination cop funeral
Knights Templar founded 1119 AD
Freemasons claim they the Templars’ heritiers
Only thing positive, Fredou had no lady
No flights o’ pool-peein’ putti to cry ‘im to da grave, he
Be William Shatner Captain Kirk breakin’ dialogue strange-
Ly Re:nonsense Man “house-painted” by Angela Miracle
Put a red coat on
Merkel at da march
Place Bobby Sands
Da halo circle
sh*t’s Luciferian
“South Park” be Trey’d
At One Freemasonic World Trade
Kenny yo’ ass straight-saved


Take a busby to Buckingham Palace
Bearskin hats Ursa Minor with aforethoughts malice
Huntin’ L. Carroll’s Snark-KransCrânes RX Alice
Falls asleep brain in a jar Solange Black Maria Callous
Formal-DrHyde Missed her Jeckel
Dress Ball invite for Cinderfella
“Prognathic” skull Greek word means “Fo’ eatin’”
Irish skulls hunted fo’ Great Britain meatin’
Protestant power elite got to Arthur Rack-‘em up
“Medicinal Cannibalism,” Skulls snap ‘em up
NightVision Goggles invented to help Draculas
Read Dr. Sugg befo’ Grinch pluck yo’ oculars
Man that would Sugg
Sony pull da plug

“Jews, when you gonna open up Brentwood?”
Town’s McFarlane-phony
Seth anti-Semitic like Tolkien’s Ent Wood
Tho’ he got a point Ent don’ sell to Goyim
They own da airspace drone patrolled deploy ‘em
“We ‘Saw’ Your Boobs” sung by Boob McNutt an’ William Saroyan
Cartoonists move in there goes da Jim Naborshood
McFarlane don’ live in no Hobbit hut dude
Song celebrates Elmer Smut’s “Film Score Symphony”
PSY rides an invisible pony

‘Wood takes Stan Laurel Drive
Leaps off da H in ‘Ollywood
Peg Entwhistles in da day-fo’-dark
Played Hazel “Clay” Cousins in “Thirteen Women”
Left fo’ dead on da room cousins cuttin’
Like that story, “The Whistling Room,” only guttin’
Hazel (dowser) “Clef” G-O U SINS, girl gave up nuthin’
G is 33 Degree Owe You SINS Hazel Key
In Hebrew Code C is G, like in Da Vinci
She figured it out, scared her Y B SOC
Y B SOG-gy after sleep, what’s it COS BY
Tide is neap, Mar low, rising oceans
Chrysostom flow, can’t ‘ford debt, Goshen
Gone, her scream France’s Scott off-Key
Killer never found o’ let off wit’ a smack
He da Beachwood Canyon sandalwood mack
Reminds me of anutha Cold Case in da sack
Producer Don Simpson’s head found pill-cracked
Died January 19th, 1/19, Revelation 9:11
The number means “Abomination”
Angel of Destruction swept rug, DNA, nuthin’
“Deface-in’ da Crowd” a bombin’ nation
Bruckheimer skips rope an’ twirls
Batons of NK Party whirled
Head of state still spinnin’
Like in “da Scottish (Ferguson) play”
“Burn ‘em, ‘Wood!” hath come to dunces inane
Studios burnin’ double entry wolfsbane
Flight 777 disappeared Chinese gon’ 7th heaven
What in Japland happened? me no speak Sony Vanish
“Pencil in Guber-Peters fo’ a guillotine-Shampooin’.”
“Sea Ice Melts, Methane Hydrate Sea Gas Eruptions
“Vacuum Bomb the World, Angel of Abaddon Rising
“The Prisoner” bespoke jacket, Patrick Mcgoohan
“On PrisonPlanet island, who wins last episode
What da see-saw he-said she-said
Grey area showed:

But even with Amy’s neck stuck out
And in da hands of Kim


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