Paul Overstreet

"Becky Morgan (Cotton Pickin’ Time)"

On a Mississippi morning
My dad yelled out a warning
"Son, you better hit that cotton patch real soon"
And on my way down to the field
As I passed Old Johnson's Mill
I saw Becky Morgan, skinny dipping nude

I couldn't help but stop and stare
Hypnotized, I stood right there
Enchanted by the beauty that I'd seen
And then she gave me a come-in smile
Nearly drove my body wild
And fell down trying to kick off my jeans

On that cotton picking morning
I met up with Becky Morgan
The whole dang summer, I never got to work on time
And in the days of my December
I know I will remember
Sowing oats at cotton picking time

Well, I lost my job that summer
But I guess I had it coming
'Cause picking that cotton just wasn't on my mind
But you don't need too much money
When you got a Tupelo honey
Keeping you cool in the Mississippi hot sunshine
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