[Intro: Rckage]
(Yeah, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
(Every time, I call you every night, yeah)
(Every night, yeah)
(Yeah, yeah)
Yeah (Ayy, ayy)

[Chorus: Rckage]
I've been f*cking out my mental, I know I can't deny
She say I've been going distant, I know it's not alright
You call when I remember the times that we ain't fight
I just wish when it's September, we'll be alright

[Post-Chorus: Rckage]
I've been pushing stuff (Yeah)
Throw it higher (No one's seen the sun hot, but it's hard, ayy)
I've been pushing stuff
Or I'm in it, ayy (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse: koi]
I don't got time for the pattеrn (Pattern)
But I'll be therе in an hour (Hour)
I don't got time for the best (Ooh)
I don't got time for the past (Past, yah)
This sh*t been goin' too fast (Fast)
I hope I don't go crass (Crass, skrrt)
I don't need no airbags
I just copped me new Air Max, oh yah
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