"​clout original"

(b*tch, I'm driving drunk)
(I'm like, "Ho, for what?")
(Put that b*tch in what?)
(We gon' take the what?)
(Yeah, yeah)
These hoes f*ck for clout, huh
I got all this clout, huh
Yeah, ayy, yeah
That sh*t off a cloud, huh
I be on the cloud, huh
They wan' f*ck for clout

b*tch, I'm drunk as f*ck (Yeah, ayy)
And my ho wan' f*ck my other ho (Yeah, yeah)
They be les' as f*ck (Yeah, ayy)
Yeah, I got b*tch f*ckin' on a roll (Ayy, yeah)
Yeah, yeah, yeah
They wan' f*ck for clout, uh, clout, ayy
Yeah, yeah, yeah, ayy
b*tch, I'm driving drunk (Yeah)
I'm like, "Ho, for what?" (Yeah)
I've been sipping drugs (Ayy!)
Diamonds on my front (Yeah)
Diamonds on my front (Yeah)
They wan' f*ck for clout (Yeah)
I might f*ck the cloud (Ooh)
I might f*ck the cloud (Yеah)
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