"Fire drill nightcore"

Oh, oh, mmm, mm-mmm
Oh, oh, mmm, oh

[Verse 1]
I've never fit into any category, always deemed an outcast
Since I was in Sunday School and all the cool kids said I was weird
It's exactly the same, they say, "Why do you dress that way?
Why do you act that way? Why aren't you just like me?"
So is that what you really wanna say to me?
You're playin' games with me
Tellin' me if I'm unkind, still you abandon me
Calling me words I'm not, paintin' a picture that's false
You must not know my heart, but I know it isn't your fault
You live in a world in your clutch, you don't get out very much
Livin' in a fake world, full of facades and chaotic behavior
You pull the lever for fun, yell, "Fire," then you just run

Fire drill, what would happen if a nukе just hit?
Would you say bye to your family? Would you post about it?
Fire drill, if it all went up in flamеs one day
Would you give your mom a hug before your house burned away?
It kills, I wish the best for you
And you think I ignore you too, but
Really, I'm tryna live my own life
And be present more, and so should you, it's alright to
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