"Monster (Cover)"

[Verse 1]
I sleep all day, I prowl at night
Do anything to feel alive
I'm in the end just what you made me
I look the same
But I'm not fine
The master of my own disguise
If you knew the truth, you'd probably hate me

I need a fight
I've got you in my sights
Only one of us will make it out alive

I'm turning into a monster
You'd better run and hide
Turning into a monster
Right before your eyes
My tongue is a weapon and I'm locked and loaded
When you least expect it you won't know it's coming
And I'll strike
'Cause I'm a monster

[Verse 2]
I'm merciless
When will you learn?
Set fires just to watch them burn
I bet you never saw me coming
Delirium takes over me
You're just another casualty
I can hear your heartbeat drumming
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