Rosanne Cash

"We’re All in This Together Now"

[Verse 1: John Paul White]
Daddy was a Baptist
And your momma loved to dance
You were born in Memphis
But you lived Paris, France

You may lose your faith in everything
Or you may take a solemn vow
But from this day on, my friends and folk
We're all in this together now

[Verse 2: Rosanne Cash]
You may love the carousel
Or the silence of the trees
You may be the last one standing
Or the queen of all you see

[Refrain: Rosanne Cash & John Paul White]
And some rest easy on the mountain
And some sweat behind the plow
But make no mistake for heaven's sake
We're all in this together now

[Bridge: John Paul White]
Night will fall, the wind will howl
All those things we love so well
Empires crumble while we sleep
Oh, but you must have a story to tell

Wake up now
I wanna hear it
Wake up now

[Verse 3: Rosanne Cash & John White Paul]
I love you like a brother
And I don't know you at all
Heard you voice across the wire
And I never thought you'd call

[Refrain: John Paul White & Rosanne Cash]
So, hold tight the sword, hold fast the sail
'Cause we need be taken down
It's a lonely world
But it's our only world
And we're all in this together now

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