Bitter Perfection lyrics



Please lord forgive me my past
Ain't nothing but trash
How tragic that I ended up last
But last shall be first
I mean those were your words
How clean that I be
Look I came from the dirt
I mean those were the worst
Hungry waiting I'm for momma to bring home some food on the 1st
Putting in work
Make me the person
She want me to be
I still want her to be mine
Shining I'm shining
No way I'll be buying
I'm prying I'm trying
I'm climbing I'm rhyming
My way to the top

Where is the top ?
Where do I start
Started my rapping
Before they made it lame
I was Hackin in ball
And that crack couldn't slang
Take me to church
Take me to church
Putting in work
Grinding I'm grinding
My grand need a grand
Grand ain't enough
Granny said that's enough
I was close to them that was n*ggas that's toting them guns
5 shots and 6shots your ass better run
Them n*ggas they took me
Them n*ggas they taught me
I can be so much more don't fall in a robbery
Don't let poverty rob me
This Pottery ought to be why I'm a star


Lord give me a trip
Exit the essence
My present ain't treasured
I need a knew me
Need to believe
That things will get better
I just won't get better the cynic in me
I just can not see
The line waiting for silver lining
I'm lying that sh*t bets to be gold
Bets to gold
I'm calling it's ringing it's ringing
Its ringing he put me on hold
He came through before
I'm losing no faith
But the taste of this feeling
So haste I need to replace this feeling of not being filled
Bottled up pain drink these secrets in fear
Bags on my eyes cause the money don't sleep
But the cross by my side lords know that's I'm weak
And I'm entering inside this introspective
The intro to into the bloodiest treasure
Let's measure how perfect you want me to be
How perfect you want me to be ?
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