Jesus, I Heard You Had a Big House lyrics


Bill Gaither

Jesus, Jesus, I heard You had a big, big house
Where I could have a room all of my own
And, Jesus, I heard You have a big yard
Big enough to let a kid run and roam
I heard you have clothes in your closet
Just the right size that I wear
And, Jesus, I heard if I give you my heart
That You would let me
Why, why You'd even let me go there
(Would You let me go there)

Jesus, I heard about mealtime
When all of Your children come to еat
I, I even heard about a grеat big table
Where every kid can have a seat
And, Jesus, I heard there'd be plenty
Of good things for children to share
And, Jesus, I just want to tell You
I'm sure looking forward to going there

Jesus, I heard that in that great big house
There's plenty of love to go 'round
I heard there's always singing and laughter
To fill the place with happy sounds
And I've been thinking that a friend
Who had planned to give me all that he's got
Yet, before I even met Him
Well, He sure must love me, love me a lot
(He must love me a lot)
Jesus, I understand
You sure must love me a lot
Thank You, Jesus
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