Joe Purdy

"This Old Guitar (Full Version)"

This old guitar is falling apart
I don't have the money to mend
And this old life is passing me by
Got no ideas how to change it
So if this be the last words that I ever write
Please don't judge them too harshly
And if this be the last breathe that I ever take
I hope that you remember me fondly

Well what can I do?
What can I say?
How can I explain all this feeling?
b*tch in the morning, wasting away
Like a wildfire in the change of the season

It was early September when we hit the ground
We drove to the water and we drove to town
We found more love than anybody ever does
So we just, kept moving
And we saw the colors and the changing of the days
And we scaled the walls where the new soldiers play
They're all too young but they mean what they say
So we just, kept moving
And I wish I had known you when the world was still young
For religious turned reckless, trying to shoot out the sun
And they say we'll be standing when the last war is won
Will we be worthy?


If you were my future id hold to my code
Fold into it and never let go
We'd walk through this land with our message of hope
Just laughing and singing



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