Wish You Well lyrics


Brent Faiyaz

[Intro: Brent Faiyaz]
Darling, I don't wish you well
When you ain't with me, I want you crying
I know it's wrong, but
I just gotta be honest

[Verse 1: Drose]
My trap jump like Jordan (Trap)
She cute but that b*tch boring
Off a perc I'ma f*ck then I'm snorin
Lil b*tch let me hit in foreign
I can't wait til we blow and we tourin
[?] when I'm pourin
He got shot he need more than insurance
Spend the night I be up by the morning

[Verse 2: BBG Steppa]
And the opps ain't shootin they boring
I get the drop on a opp I'm soaring
f*ckin his b*tch but I gotta record
And we f*cking right next to her daughter
This lil b*tch ain't got no morals
Opps fast but we almost caught em
This lil b*tch ain't got no morals
Opps fast but we almost caught em

[Verse 3: Drose]
Drop a diss what you thought you was funny
Saying my name but ain't getting no money
Back in the day all them n*ggas was hungry
And still to this day all them n*ggas is bummy
Drop in a pool pit pick it up being clumsy
Telling a b*tch what you did you a dummy
I'm on a K with [?] it get sunny
Don't hang with them boys cause them n*ggas be [?]
She left her car double park it was [?]
And it's a shark let me out now I'm runnin
[?] they comin
[?] go tight he whoop like it's nothing
n*ggas be pus*y and dodging the beef
Who got Irv S Block on the streets
Walk down gang we ain't shooting [?] deep
[?] getting free me
[Verse 4: BBG Steppa]
S Block got Irv but we got Newark
We keep sliding like this sh*t a sport
Getting chased by the boys throw that sh*t [?]
Kill a opp broad day I ain't showin remorse
We keep shooting till our fingers soft
Love what b*tch I ain't trusting no hoe
Parked us a shark came back it was gone
Dumb ass goofies lying in they songs
Thought sh*t was a game till he seen the G
Masked up [?] rollin 4 deep
We just came outside [?] finna meet
Grrata now his head where [?]
We tryna slide but they duckin the beef
They don't be outside like they said they be
Don't ask where I'm at b*tch I'm on the B
f*ck all that brim sh*t throw up the G like

[Verse 5: Drose & BBG Steppa]
Now they watching my pockets I can be a rocket it's one in the head when I c*ck it
Then we [?] I'm a problem he think he tough I'ma drop em
All the opps they hidin and we gon be slidin but somehow them n*ggas still droppin
[?] lost in my pockets you outta pocket what the f*ck I would like boxing
I'm big thug in my city [?]
He hang with us [?] 50
Back on your head they gon slide out a hemi
Tryna kill me a n*gga just bought me a 50
On facetime b*tch just popped a tittie
Suck my di*k if you ain't f*ckin with me
You n*ggas is blood I don't f*ck with a silly
I'ma keep going hard for them benjamins
Free the homies who back cause they innocent
If he falls [?] gotta finish him
Look around and make sure it's no witnesses
He wanna talk we gon put him on citizens
That's on bro and you know I ain't missing him
My father died Lord know that I'm missing him
I'ma kill opp n*gga for dissing him
Why you tryna play with a thug
If I act up I ain't getting no tud
He dropping songs but ain't getting no buzz
n*ggas be dissing get turned into drugs
Oh he dissing [?] we gon fill him with [?]
Now he in the dirt with the mouses and bugs
Where his momma think she need a hug
[?] my hug wish a n*gga would
[Outro: Brent Faiyaz]
Darling, I don't wish you well
When you ain't with me, I want you crying
I know it's wrong, but
I just gotta be honest
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