"Bringing Me Down (Hykuu Remix)"

[Verse 1: Ruelle]
It's just like you
To go and wear me down
Down to the core and all that's left is an empty battleground
It's just like me
I'm always keeping score
Back and forth until it hurts and you can't take it back now
Oh you're bringing me down

[Hook: Ki:Theory & Ruelle]
(She's nothing to me)
You're bringing me down
(You are all I need)
(I'm begging please)

[Chorus: Ruelle]
You're bringing me down
Oh you're bringing me down

[Verse 2: Ruelle]
I'm caught in between
All your empty words
And all of the things we've done to erase who we once were
You can't look back
Once you're this far gone
You can't see the end when you can't even tell what's right from wrong
Oh you're bringing me down
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