Free Bars VOL2 (Public Entertainment) lyrics



Eyy, yahh
Fourth Quarter and I'm back in this b*tch
Got sober and I'm still hella lit
Cold shoulders yeah you know what it is
Can only show yah if you ain't down with the bizz
Didn't flip the script just kept in focus
The road wasn't clear had to keep a notice
If I'm nearly there, don't hocus pokes
But sincerely care with my soul I'm honest

Flow the coldest
Can't decode this

This beat retardant
Godly harvest

Vocal presence
So impressive
It's gifted

Lit like a spliff
Yeah I'm bout to get lifted
Tying my shoe lace to get a lil grip
Applying the tracksuit look at the drip
Looking like road man bout to hit a lick
Bad man tings
We not fall for them tricks

Keep it a Hunnet i'm hunting for money trees
Been a year since i done touched on them flower leaves
Mental health was messed up entirely
Paranoid with a cup full of anxiety

Sleep that I got was nada
Set back and realised that it was the karma
Voices in my head shouting my problems
Can't deny that hit rock bottom

Now look at me blossom

Like I'm in autumn
Feeling so awesome

A n*gga is golden

These are the dark Dayze chronicles
Taught myself to overcome the impossible
Talk about obstacles life is a test
Doesn't seem logical but I gotta pass
Gotta pass my n*gga
No time to relax my n*gga

sh*t is a marathon not a sprint
Gottta keep it fresh like a muhf*cking pepermint

Ayy, look
I wanna eat with the other b*tch
Pardon my french but she getting lit

She got some friends and they with the sh*ts
We roll through the ends got the sauce in the mix

Cooking hard wit the pots and the pans
The studio's the kitchen the fire in my hands
If listen closely you gon get the chills
On top of the world thats how I feel
Like getting top from a thot who got the skills
Damn n*gga i gotta chill..

Hello and Welcome

Freebars volume 2
Take 2 Part 2
This one for the boombap
This one for the real rap
Had to double up, level up and bring it right back

A synonym with facts, sweet as cinnamon I'm glad
Had to f*ck around with that, And show the town the king of rap
When I talk about the city I ain't talking bout Auckland
Talking bout AKL cause i bring the sauce in

Ain't finna f*ck that b*tch raw, ill be ghosting
That's a haunted house b*tch got too many abortions

This a public entertainment, with a bit of placement
Got bars with dedication and the finest will of passion
Call me a Lyrical Assassin, a decimal fraction
Causing minimal impression cause we all know this a classic

Know so many people say don't forget me when you make it
But never share my music motherf*cker yeah I hate that

Know so many people say they f*cking with my sh*t
But never share a pic motherf*cker I hate cap

Watching all my stories like the mother f*cking police
And you think that i don't notice, why you acting like a culprit?
Deep down in ferocious when it comes to instrumentals
That's why kill em, leave dead i studied fundamentals

Fake luv I don't need it
f*ck that go and beat it

If you like it then retweet it
If not just and delete it

Now watch me kick them multiple syllables
Wearing a crown, holding my genitals
Hanging around and giving you a sound
That's lethal and critical

Now i prefer heads from thotties with mental health issues
It's like they've got nothing to live for, that's why i f*cks with you

Trading oxygen for brains, i like e'm crazy and deranged
Cause i'm hardly entertained, by lack of quality obtained
From the quietly and plain b*tches who claim they baddies
Unsure if they ready
Tryna play the game but the players all the same
You can hate all you want but who is there to blame?

Now this is Freebars volume 2 i'm the retard simply providing you
The newest edition with 2 parts sit down and listen
I'm neo in the matrix bout to f*ck up the system
Diamonds they glisten, my rhymes are explicit
This is the business they Jehova ain't gonna witness
Focus on the real and minimise the scrimmage
AKL With the crown i'm the perfect image
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