Russell Dickerson

"Home Sweet"

Home sweet

[Verse 1]
Touching down, from a six night honeymoon
Sun kissed kids, still drunk on love
Went from, all-inclusive margaritas in Malibu
To praying we could pay rent this month
That doormat says "Welcome Home"
But I think it's wherever I’m with you
It's more than some bricks and stones
No, there ain't nothing like

Home sweet, you and me
Ain’t got much but we got all we need
Wherever the wind blows
Wherever this life goes
Baby, all I know, ain't nothing like, nothing like
Home sweet
You and me

[Verse 2]
Your love is like, a porch swing on Sunday
Just as gentle as a summer sunrise
They say "It's where the heart is", well, mine's with you, babe
Long as I got your hand, I'm fine, yeah
Could be white brick and picket fences
Or some busted AC hotel room
It's all picture perfect if you're in it
No, it don't get much better than
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