Famous Dex

"Fully Loaded"

She so...
What the f*ck
Grimes, you see this sh*t
I can't believe my eyes

[Verse 1: Famous Dex]
I walk in the room, I bust on lil cuties
I wanna feel on her booty, she wanna go to the movies
Come to my house and get in the jacuzzi

Doin a hoe she a cutie
I'm runnin' around, [?]
Pop me some percs and get to it, I get me some ones to slap on her booty
These b*tches thinking I’m stupid, I’m f*cking her face and I don’t want the coochie
Ohh, I know you a groupie
Ohh, I saw you a movie
Ohh, you wanna make a movie
I got my slime, he shoot it
Slime [?]
Hot box in a foreign ridin round with a check
They know that I do this

Hit 'em with the choppa 57 just like [?]
Hah, me and my slime ride 'round with 30 hell yeah we do this
Yeah, with Glocks

Run up on me keep a mop
Run up on me it don't stop
I be high off the Wok, the lean
I f*ck on your b*tch she a fiend she sucking my di*k [?]
I call slime he slatt with me

Yeah, I keep the mop with me
I get that hoe out the spot
Hell nah, unless the drops on me
[?] he pass me the drip
Hell yeah, drip drop on me

I get the drip from my walk
Hell yeah, come walk with me
Bad b*tch wanna stalk on me
She suck on my di*k, her brains on me

Hold on Dexter
Hold on Dexter
Yeah, Gotit
Holdup, I'm destined
The Glock on top of me
AR gon' walk on me
Chanel [?] on me
VVS diamond floss on me
Car gon' boss on me with a beehive and some bumblebees
I keep some racks on me
Stack that sh*t up [?]
Lil Gotit, he YSL ape I got the drugs no tangerine

I [?] that b*tch one time [?]
I told her bling bling bling
I'm making a scene
Ohh the diamond my teeth
I got a [?] surgery
Me and slime in the studio
Slime sh*t, Dexter
Dex talk to 'em

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