Skyscraper (Try Outtake) - 2023 Remastered Version lyrics


​sign crushes motorist

[Intro: isaur]
(don't leave me here)
(don't leave)

[Verse: isaur]
Why you and not me, I ask
No one said it'd hurt this bad
No one told me
I see color differently than what it used to be
What can I feel?
If feeling is not an option
An option
An option

[Chorus: isaur]
When I'm asleep, I'm the happiest I'll be
I chew things
I wish I had
They tell me I'm perfectly fine and I promise them I'm getting worse
I cut myself the other day
To see if I still feel something
But I felt nothing as always
But I found it hilarious this time
So I laughed and I cried
And I laughed, and I, and I cried
[Outro: sign crushes motorist]
You never call, so just leave me alone
And you never cared if I made it home
Yeah, you never call just to see how I was
You never care, so just leave me alone
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